List of Rainbow Six Siege Showdown Pack Skins

Rainbow Six Siege Showdown
Rainbow Six Siege Showdown (Image credit: Ubisoft)

Ubisoft has kicked off its latest mid-season event for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, delivering an experimental Wild West spin on its first-person tactical shooter gameplay. Slated to run from July 2 to July 16, the Showdown event pitches a three-versus-three variant of Secure Area on the new Fort Truth locale.

A healthy pool of cosmetics also accompanies the event via premium paid "Showdown Packs." Featuring 31 exclusive limited-time Wild West-themed skins across ten playable Operators, you can be the battle-hardened outlaw throughout multiplayer. We've wrapped up all Rainbow Six Siege Showdown skins, available exclusively this summer.

Showdown Pack All Headgears

Showdown Packs feature ten limited-time headgears, headlined by legendary drops for Alibi, Caveira, and Maestro.

  • Melon White for Alibi (Legendary)
  • Voodoo Bandana for Caveira (Legendary)
  • Sheriff Black for Maestro (Legendary)
  • Wide Brim for Twitch (Epic)
  • Rodeo Dahlia for Ash (Epic)
  • Western Helmet for Rook (Epic)
  • Cowboy Classic for Maverick (Epci)
  • White-Brown Cow for Kaid (Epic)
  • Hardee Monocle for Glaz (Epic)
  • Frontier Man for Capitão (Rare)

Showdown Pack All Uniforms

A further ten accompanying uniforms are available within Showdown Packs, with two legendary items available for Maestro and Rook.

  • Heavy Ornate for Maestro (Legendary)
  • Leather Motif for Rook (Legendary)
  • Bronco Saddle for Kaid (Epic)
  • Burgundy and Chaps for Alibi (Epic)
  • Saloon Vest for Glaz (Epic)
  • Rugged Ranger for Twitch (Epic)
  • Plated Brazilian for Capitão (Rare)
  • Rawhide Outlaw for Maverick (Rare)
  • Dark Cowhide for Caveira (Rare)
  • Rough Denim for Ash (Rare)

Showdown Pack All Weapon Skins

A variety of existing firearms also received the Wild West treatment, compatible across the roster of ten Operators. Skins are also usable outside the Showdown character pool if sharing weapons with included Operators.

  • Cowherd for AUG-A3 (Epic)
  • Rip And Patch for R4-C (Epic)
  • Sleek Pattern for Mx4 Storm (Epic)
  • Barter Interest for OTs-03 (Epic)
  • Copper Barrel for LFP586 (Epic)
  • Old Satin for F2 (Rare)
  • Silver Jet for M4 (Rare)
  • Bounty Seeker for ALDA 5.56 (Rare)
  • Barn Guard for PARA-308 (Rare)
  • Gunslinger for LUISON (Rare)

Showdown Pack All Charms

The Showdown event only brings one limited-time "Flipped Coin" universal charm, accessible across all in-game weapons.

  • Flipped Coin Universal Charm (Epic)

All Showdown Pack items are available until July 16, exclusive via these premium paid drops. While all players will receive one free Showdown Pack in celebration of the event, the full collection requires the game's premium currency, R6 Credits.

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