List of Rainbow Six Siege Showdown Pack Skins

Rainbow Six Siege Showdown
Rainbow Six Siege Showdown (Image credit: Ubisoft)

Ubisoft has kicked off its latest mid-season event for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, delivering an experimental Wild West spin on its first-person tactical shooter gameplay. Slated to run from July 2 to July 16, the Showdown event pitches a three-versus-three variant of Secure Area on the new Fort Truth locale.

A healthy pool of cosmetics also accompanies the event via premium paid "Showdown Packs." Featuring 31 exclusive limited-time Wild West-themed skins across ten playable Operators, you can be the battle-hardened outlaw throughout multiplayer. We've wrapped up all Rainbow Six Siege Showdown skins, available exclusively this summer.

Showdown Pack All Headgears

Showdown Packs feature ten limited-time headgears, headlined by legendary drops for Alibi, Caveira, and Maestro.

  • Melon White for Alibi (Legendary)
  • Voodoo Bandana for Caveira (Legendary)
  • Sheriff Black for Maestro (Legendary)
  • Wide Brim for Twitch (Epic)
  • Rodeo Dahlia for Ash (Epic)
  • Western Helmet for Rook (Epic)
  • Cowboy Classic for Maverick (Epci)
  • White-Brown Cow for Kaid (Epic)
  • Hardee Monocle for Glaz (Epic)
  • Frontier Man for Capitão (Rare)

Showdown Pack All Uniforms

A further ten accompanying uniforms are available within Showdown Packs, with two legendary items available for Maestro and Rook.

  • Heavy Ornate for Maestro (Legendary)
  • Leather Motif for Rook (Legendary)
  • Bronco Saddle for Kaid (Epic)
  • Burgundy and Chaps for Alibi (Epic)
  • Saloon Vest for Glaz (Epic)
  • Rugged Ranger for Twitch (Epic)
  • Plated Brazilian for Capitão (Rare)
  • Rawhide Outlaw for Maverick (Rare)
  • Dark Cowhide for Caveira (Rare)
  • Rough Denim for Ash (Rare)

Showdown Pack All Weapon Skins