Listen to alt-J on Xbox Music and watch Gotham on Xbox Video this weekend

There's so much good stuff on Xbox Music and Xbox Video. How do you keep up with what's new and worth checking out? You don't have to; we'll do that for you. Every Friday we'll grab the hottest albums and singles on Xbox Music. We'll also let you know what movies and television shows are out to watch on Xbox Video. It's the weekend, and we'll help entertain you.

Xbox Music

alt-J – This Is All Yours

alt j

Indie rock band alt-J has just released their second studio album. This Is All Yours has been highly anticipated by alt-J fans since the band blew up over two years ago. Work began earlier this with track Hunger of the Pine released as the first single. Give that one a listen and also check out the track Every Other Freckle to get a taste for this album. To be honest I've been listening to it all week and like it a lot. The band didn't move too far from their original sound, which I like. [Rock]

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Lights – Little Machines


Canadian electropop musician Lights has dropped her third studio album. You can grab the deluxe edition of Little Machines on Xbox Music. Check out the single Up We Go to get a feel for Lights. Be warned, it's catchy in a way you don't want your friends to know. [Pop]

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Xbox Video

X-Men: Days of Future Past

X-Men: Days of Future Past is probably the best X-Men movie ever made. I loved every second of it in theaters. The movie comes out soon to rent, but you can buy it today and own it on Xbox Video if you can't wait. [PG-13, 2 hr 11 min]

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Gotham is a new TV series on Fox. As you'd expect, it takes place in DC Comics Gotham where the best superhero ever lives. But this show isn't about the Bat, it's about the people and the city before Batman came onto the scene. Episode one is out, but you can grab the season pass on Xbox Video. [Unrated]

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  • Really liking the new alt-J so far. We'll see how it ages after a few more listens. But hey.. so stoked for the full SBTRKT album to come out next week. There's a few singles off the new album on Xbox Video right now if you want a sneak preview.
  • I'm excited for sbtrkt as well. Hopefully its a matured taste of their earlier stuff but if not that new ODESZA album is killin it for me.
  • Gotta check out this new album. Loved the first one. Breezeblocks blew my mind when I first heard it!
  • I loved Alt Js first album, but this new album has like 6 good songs and the rest are simply horrible. I didn't want Tibetan Chant music, I wanted an experimental indie rock music.
  • When is GoT S4 coming out on Xbox Video?
  • Buy The dvd ? How come you still waiting for Xbox to offer it ???? Please tell me at least that you watched s4 already:o
  • Be a spoiler for him. Please please! :D
  • Well, you've waited long enough to have read the books yes? Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Listen to Cheek to Cheek!
  • Will do!
  • Yeah, I got really surprised when I realized I liked this album when I first listened. Bennett is a legend and Gaga, well, she's singing like an angel. Good album
  • I'd like to recommend Cheek To Cheek to everyone here as well.
  • "This album is unavailable for listening at the request of the copyright holder. We’re doing our best to make it available to you." Thanks for helping me bang my head against the bars of my cell again
  • I didn't think they could top "an awesome wave"....they effortlessly did
    Amazing band...
  • indeed.. still feel Breezeblocks hitting me :)
  • "There is so much good stuff in Xbox Music and Video..." that is not available worldwide. •_•
    The sadness...
  • Gotham shows promise, some moments were cringe inducing (like E Nigma and his riddles) but others really worked well (Gordon's character and the guy who plays Cobblepot). So long as they don't continue including unnecessary villain cameos for the sake of it everything will be ok. Oh and they need to get Zasz in the show as a main adversary sober rather than later, live that guy.
  • I thought it would have been crap...but happy to say I see it like a realistic viewpoint of the crime centric Gotham we all know and love. I would've liked if some of the older characters were introduced, like mr freeze, as the little poison ivy and cat woman were kinda lost on you you said though, penguin was good, if not awesome
  • D
  • Fun fact about Alt-j: their song Fitzpleasure was featured in a Nokia Lumia 928 TV commercial and that's how I learned about them.
  • That song is about gang rape
  • Don't blame me. I'm not the multimillion-dollar corporation that used it in a commercial for my product.
  • Me too. Through Nokia's ad that I got to know them. See? This is one of the things I LOVED about Nokia's ads: Getting to know new bands. Even Lumia 930's ad uses a very cool song from a band I never would have heard of if it wasn't for Nokia. I just hope that the music selection crowd from Nokia was not axed on these last firing spree...
  • I also really liked the song they used in the Lumia 925 commercials showing off the 6 lenses.
  • An in the other hand you have Microsoft using "I wanna see you be braaaave" on every freaking ad. I mean, nothing against Sara Bareilles... but you know... yeah.
  • @coip Believe that was called Something Real by Koobra.
  • Thanks! But no thanks Sam, Xbox Music sucks!! I probably use any of the superior apps, Spotify, Beats, Lahat.
  • I hear ya. Its hard to spend money for music that goes through an app that is so bad, you know it probably wont be around much longer.
  • Xbox Music Pass is really good value though.
  • Honestly, I find Xbox Music usable. I'm aware though that I'm in the minority here (as in the only person in the entire world), but aside from the loading time (which has greatly improved), it's absolutely fine for me.
  • Did you notice how rating jumped from 2.8 last week to 3.3 this week for Xbox music app? Weird but true...
  • Nothing is wrong with XBox music, besides the more people who use an app provides a better marketing advantage. Nothing is wrong with competition either mind you, so keys hope MS gets that the competition is kicking it right now and that they need to shape up, real fast...
  • Gotham is so good! You will like Jim Gordon in only 27 mins of the show
  • #truth - he owns this show, thru should have just called it Jim/James Gordon :-)
  • How about red dwarf tv show... Definitely a recommend
  • how about ressurection?
  • XBOX Video updated today u can update now...bug fixes and improvement is there
  • Still can't remove many of the free sample tv shows I tried and did not like.
  • I don't understand, I got nothing on Xbox Videos... Is it a paid service? All I see is my Video Collection
  • What exactly are you asking...? When your are in the app, you can pivot to and fro the collection (your sideloaded stuff or stuff bought online) , tv store, movies store, spotlight section, to the online catalogs where you can buy (SD-HD) videos, individually or a a season pass, for shows yet to c come out you worked just have then in the collection for you to download our stream when they do come out... So unless you own everything you see....
  • If Some old and classical movie are free on Xbox video
  • Why pay for it there I have a pvr now
  • Its just not fair that X-Box music is not available for India :(
  • Does anyone know when Legend of Korra season 3 will be out in Canada on Xbox video?
  • How did you set the group name for the tiles on the start screen?
  • This may be a dumb question to everyone else, but which app did you use to get that Music and Video line break? That's sweet!
  • Dedicated folders in Windows Phone! Grab Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1.
  • In the article picture it's showing a divider between the tiles. How did you do that? Is that an app or a feature on the phone?
  • Windows Phone 8.1 update 1... Coming soon or get into the preview for developers program. Ability to create and label folders on the start screen
  • Why would I pay to watch Gotham on Xbox Video, when I can do it for free from the 'Fox Now' app? Granted I don't have the option for a season pass but, with a brand new show I have 2-4 weeks to watch before it drops off the list which is plenty of time for me. I think this weekly article would be better served highlighting movies and free items. Or at least things that aren't easily available free in another app. Also, I just saw the commercial for XMen:DoFP being on demand before disc release. What annoys me is that they highlighted or named all options EXCEPT Microsoft ones. Why are they still slighting us like that?
  • Hey ! Where is the equalizer of the music player ????????!!!!!! And with 8.1 update the xbox music have major problem when the song skips to the next song, makes a sound like a broken disc. Big disappointment