Listen to alt-J on Xbox Music and watch Gotham on Xbox Video this weekend

There's so much good stuff on Xbox Music and Xbox Video. How do you keep up with what's new and worth checking out? You don't have to; we'll do that for you. Every Friday we'll grab the hottest albums and singles on Xbox Music. We'll also let you know what movies and television shows are out to watch on Xbox Video. It's the weekend, and we'll help entertain you.

Xbox Music

alt-J – This Is All Yours

alt j

Indie rock band alt-J has just released their second studio album. This Is All Yours has been highly anticipated by alt-J fans since the band blew up over two years ago. Work began earlier this with track Hunger of the Pine released as the first single. Give that one a listen and also check out the track Every Other Freckle to get a taste for this album. To be honest I've been listening to it all week and like it a lot. The band didn't move too far from their original sound, which I like. [Rock]

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Lights – Little Machines


Canadian electropop musician Lights has dropped her third studio album. You can grab the deluxe edition of Little Machines on Xbox Music. Check out the single Up We Go to get a feel for Lights. Be warned, it's catchy in a way you don't want your friends to know. [Pop]

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Xbox Video

X-Men: Days of Future Past

X-Men: Days of Future Past is probably the best X-Men movie ever made. I loved every second of it in theaters. The movie comes out soon to rent, but you can buy it today and own it on Xbox Video if you can't wait. [PG-13, 2 hr 11 min]

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Gotham is a new TV series on Fox. As you'd expect, it takes place in DC Comics Gotham where the best superhero ever lives. But this show isn't about the Bat, it's about the people and the city before Batman came onto the scene. Episode one is out, but you can grab the season pass on Xbox Video. [Unrated]

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