Lumia 650 and 735 listings removed from the U.S. Microsoft Store

If, for one reason or another, you were hoping to get your hands on a new Lumia 650 or 735 at the U.S. Microsoft Store, you'll want to look elsewhere. Rather than simply stating that they're out of stock, the U.S. Microsoft Store (opens in new tab) website no longer even has listings set up for either phone (via Neowin).

It might not come as a shock to see the Lumia 735 disappear from the Microsoft Store (it is a little long in the tooth), but the Lumia 650 is actually the newest Lumia phone on the market, having been released in February of 2016. Still, previous signs indicated that Microsoft was gearing up to phase out its Lumia line at the end of 2016, and this is just further evidence.

While this may be the end of the line for the Lumia 650 and 735 at the Microsoft Store, the AT&T Lumia 950 (opens in new tab) and Lumia 550 (opens in new tab) are still in stock and relatively cheap to boot.

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  • R.I.P. Lumia. Microsoft really ruined the brand after Nokia built it up
  • Yeah, they should of kept the name on the 950s and advertised them as well, then the market share could of kept growing like it was under Nokia.
  • Surface phone will be the same, it can be premium with superB HW but who will buy it? Some Micro fan boys, nobody else. People will stick to Andro/iOS. The whole LUMIA series should be alive and gaining more and more market share but the opposite is true. Sad. and BTW: Surface phones will create a new category = not a phone, but not a tablet either... so I think Micro will shut down the W10M project and the Surface things will run a clear W10 version. Surface will have ARM cpus with x86 support so the app gap will be gone. It wont be a phone, wont be a PC it will be something new. Is it a good idea? Lets wait and see. Iam sceptic.
  • In small screen devices with ARM CPUs, I believe that Win32 apps will only be used when connected to a larger external display, i.e. in continuum mode. It does not make sense to allow those apps to run on such a small screen.
    Even if MS do allow Win32 apps to run in the mobile shell, how does that get rid of the app gap? Most of the mobile apps missing from the Store do not have any Win32 version.
    For this "Surface phone" device category to succeed, MS still needs UWP to be a successful platform for app development, unless they want to get rid of the "phone" part completely.
  • The thing is, if you could get a mass-marketed phone that could handle win32 or win64 software, the app gap would REVERSE. PC software I believe is Microsoft's Holy Grail. They get that on a phone? Android and IOS will be the ones playing catch up. Don't have that one OMG gottahaveit app? Install an android virtual machine program (there's a few out there) and you're done. I can't tell you how many jealous looks I got at work with my Surface when people realized I was running steam on a tablet. Since then, quite a few surfaces have popped up around work, and a variety of other windows tablets. My boss once ran out cheering because the higher ups said they were going to replace all the ipads in the office with surfaces, HP tablets, etc. this year. That's big. That's crazy big. Just to be clear, my employer uses a LOT of ipads. Imagine if Microsoft could do that with a phone. The other thing is many apps are making their way to windows 10 even WITHOUT windows phone. Things like home automation, smartwatches, games, etc. The ones that aren't have unofficial support, such as Hue, Pebble (RIP), Nest, etc... many of which have integrated Cortana support. Okay, so x and y startup in San Francisco hate Microsoft? So what? There's other programmers and fanboys out there who want to make a quick buck.      
  • @Asmit De; Agree and that's the problem of which I state in a different section on this site not  long ago. The Nokia team had the wp market growing because of their ingenuity and years of experience in supporting Nokia phone which was one point the top phone on the market. By cutting them, Microsoft essentially cut the cords of the mobile sector tied to consumers and the OEM partners kept themselves away even though we do here about one here or there supporting wp.  Yet, as time move forward Window continuity with Redstone, Creators and those to come will be crossing many lines and categories that will allow an entity to take and build perhaps a 6.5-7" phablet because of processors, memory and storage will be such these devices will almost be as powerful as a mid range laptop yet will still be able to fit in our pockets.
  • It's about time they remove them. There are more out of stock phones listed than in stock ones making it annoying for shoppers to even find one.
  • There are plenty on Ebay.
  • No phone for Verizon, few options but to go to Google with Nadella's boot print on your pants.
  • Well, there IS one.... if you don't mind paying $1.6k for a phone and want one a truck could run over....
  • I just clicked the link and it says the 950 is out of stock
  • then buy a white one
  • Glad I bought it on thanks giving day.
  • Lumia 650 was premium kind of look phone it would have been better if they would brought it with at least 2gb ram and 5.5inch screen.
  • That doesn't make sense. It would offset the 950. The way how they did it was best, IMO. 
  • Wow, very shocked about the 650 already being gone. It hasn't even been a year! Also it doesn't help that it was shared that the Cricket 650 has officially reached EOL. As for the 735, this probably means that people on Verizon have no new options at all for a Windows Phone. What a bummer. Looking at the site, I noticed that the unlocked 640XL is also gone too. Just wow.
  • Did MS at least show a disclaimer recommending users to switch to Adroid or BoreOS?  Nutella approves this message...
  • I dunno.  I have to use iOS or Android (BYOD support), and after a few years poking around on Android, I landed on an iPhone 6S. iOS may not be exciting, but it works and is quite consistent and stable. Also, once you adapt to Force Touch, it's really a great addition for interacting with the phone in meaningful ways. Unless Google bakes the same concept into Android, you won't really get the same results with such a feature on Android, and even then it will probably take a while to take hold due to fragmentation. I wouldn't mind using a Windows phone again, but at the end of the day, I really just need something that does all the things I need. Most people probably don't feel that passionately about their specific devices, but rather what said devices can actually do for its users. Excitement is what worked in 2007, when people didn't have very specific expectations and the bar was low. Today, MS has a massive uphill battle to fight. 
  • Yes they do. Just go to any of their stores to see that!
  • Sad day. Always disappointing news when It's wp news from ms.
  • It's not that bad
  • How is that not bad?
  • Change of direction all right, toss it all out with no replacement(s) in sight?
  • Why not just cancel Windows Mobile devices ? Remove everything and all thing related WM from the market NOW! It's 2017 and the same things that happened in 2015-2016 continue to happen this year.   Just move on!
  • That is what they are doing. They just aren't announcing it so they can move their current inventory.
  • Got a 650 when it was $99, ended up being defunct and that was Dec 1st. Sent it back requesting an exchange but hearing this tells me “good luck on that”. They’ll wait another month w/o responding to my emails or giving straight answers, when I call/online chat, before breaking the news pfft! Anyhow, bought another from a different source and at least it works
  • So MS, why still bother keeping the OS alive if there is no hw to buy and there is no plan to release new hw this year? I really don't get what the hell they are doing with mobile, they are chasing away customers, developers, oems and business partners. To what end? In another year there will be no ecosystem or infrastructure left, even if they release the most innovative device in the world, they will have to start from scratch again.
  • That's the idea
  • They answered this question directly. They need to keep LTE and ARM support in Windows and currently Windows Mobile is the best way to do that. Once WOA is ready, they can drop WM.
  • they will drop wm, once Woa arrives, just like RT
  • and the worst news??? There is absolutely no sign of replacement phones in these ranges....
  • I don't really get all these movements Microsoft is doing 😕
  • Me either makes no sense at all
  • Your forgot to add "I don't really get all these backwards movements Microsoft is doing" Don't understand this either. How is wiping the slate clean of existing with nothing concrete in the works helping the platform?
  • Yeah indeed! In the end, we'll believe that Microsoft is getting paid by Google and Apple not to promote it's mobile ambitions 😛
  • The Windows Mobile platform is dead. What do people not get about that? They are concentrating on W10 proper and getting it on ARM.
  • All Windows Phones have been removed from all carrier stores in my area. Only Android and iOS to be had.
  • Do you mean in general? or a specific set of carriers? I still see the Idol 4s on T-Mobile's website. Edit: The Idol is apparently "web exclusive" now.
  • Don't know about the other major carriers, but the AT&T store I visted last week had zero Windows Phones. 
  • Wow
  • That makes sense. Most of their stores didn't know anything about it, anyway.
  • so for any Verizon customers, this is the nail in the coffin at this time as there are no other choices for on Verizon for Windows 10 Mobile devices. Verizon = Google bed and always has been.
  • Yeah, my Icon is starting to slow down and lose battery.  I'm trying to decide where to go next.  Probably have to take my line to AT&T and away from my family account. 
  • Why would you do that in order to use a dead platform?
  • Because the OS still meets my needs and preferences just fine, it's the hardware that I'm worried about long term. I get one of the newer phones and I'm set for another few years.
  • Unless Microsoft starts killing services and apps on Windows Mobile when they drop support. WP8 is even losing Skype support! I wouldn't trust any Microsoft product after they discontinue it. It won't be long before even Microsoft apps stop being compatible. You know you will have the best of Microsoft available on iOS or Android. That isn't the case with Windows Mobile.
  • Nothing has changed on that front, really. Windows Phone was never more than an afterthought on Verizon, and even on AT&T, where it had its strongest presence, no one in retail ever pushed the platform. Instead they went out of their way to ensure people bought anything else. Retail employees HATE Windows, period.
  • yes, couldn't agree more, last time I was in a AT&T store guy at the device desk said windows? thats a dead OS. Seems like their stance was, you fool get with the program.
  • Last men standing...
  • As far as I am concerned the rumored surface is just that, a rumor. It's the telephone equivalent of vapor ware.
  • Whya is anyone surprised about this? MS made it clear that they were shutting down the Lumia line and getting out of the traditional smartphone business.
  • You have a great point, but it's stupid to remove phones without any new ones to come.
  • New ones are never coming. Microsoft is done with the phone market. What is so hard for people to understand? They might be back for the next paradigm, but the current one is lost.
  • I don't know if you've noticed, but "Microsoft's phone strategy" and "stupid" are pretty much synonymous since Suckya Nutella took over.
  • It was a garbage fire well before Satya took over. Balmer failed to create a compelling platform. Satya is correct to kill it. They need something new and revolutionary.
  • Feels like WebOS only with a deeper hole to fall into before the bottom is hit.
  • Palm had the smartphone world in their pocket, yet so many dumb moves, they ended destroying their market. Blackberry had it, dropped it, has never been able to pick it up again. They do Android Microsoft, should have talked to Blackberry, and maybe the 2 of them could have picked the enterprise market.  Isn't that what microsoft is trying to do As long as Dumbass Nadella is running the show, it will fail, on the mobile platform. If the think they can get away, with 1 or 2 phones, again their out of their minds. Even Apple offers more choice, and Iphones pretty much work, out of box. People want that! Win mobile, easy setup, but no phones, people will go to Android, just for the huge amount of choices. MS, needs more phones, use the 600 and 800 cpu series. Make Low/Med/Hi end phones, and Advertise!!!!!! One more thing.  Satya Nadella, you're fired! Security will escort to the door. Your personnel objects will be mailed to you, at your cost. Pls. return all Microsoft products you are currently using from Microsoft. If you fail to comply with any of Microsoft requests, at this present time, and in the future, regarding your dismissal, you will be contacted by our legal office, and charges will be brought againest you.   Sincerly All Windows Phone Users, and Microsoft, if they smarten up.  
  • With stock prices at 2.5 times what they were when he took the reins, he's not going anyplace.
  • Windows phone will never be popular. People just don't like the WP7/W8 interface, I mean Microsoft skipped W9 in order to distance themselves from W8. They needed to go back to the drawing board after WP7 flopped. They needed a new interface and strategy then, but they were too busy trying to be Apple. The Apple strategy doesn't work when you are trying to attract manufacturers and carriers.
  • RIP Windows Phone... too bad, If Microsoft cant even keep current models on the's just a matter of time... Funny, everyone one I knew, all 40 of them I suggest to Windows Phone all have moved on to Android or iOS...I blame Microsoft for not doing anything to support the OS (and OS updates dont count)....
  • L730/735 is one of the best budget phone Nokia ever produced. Thanks to M$ ruined the phone with win10.
  • Nokia just realesed a "new" smartphone, Nokia 6 and is about to launch a flagship Nokia 8 (Supreme) both running Android. I really don't like Android and even less the way Google does business, but I won't pay the absurd of an iPhone, and for romantic reasons I might give a try to this new Nokia when my Lumia 925 dies.... Lets see what MS will do untill then.
  • They really need a mid range budget 730/735 successor. Actually, Nokia was so good in keeping the line of Lumia phones. I don't know what I'm going to do after my 730 dies. It's nearly two years, and battery life has become worse, and apps on Windows 10 still aren't up to the match to that on other platforms, except a few third party apps. iOS would be my preference, but I don't feel like paying so much on a phone. Android is a big NO for me. Just hate it. Maybe I always will. 😂
  • Got my 650 at the doorbuster price of $80 last month. So far, so good 👍.
  • I sold my L925 for 50 euro and bought a L650 for 100 euro, bargain! really liking the 650 now running very smooth and snappy
  • It looks like the Lumia 650 is back in the Microsoft Store.