Lumia 710 Windows Phone launches today in the UK

It's official, well... more official than it was. The Nokia Lumia 710 (our review) has launched in the UK and is available from a number retailers and carriers (some are still pending availability). Should the Lumia 800 be not within your price range, or you'd rather have the 710, then today marks the day where you'll be soon able to get your paws on the handset.

As this is a simple reminder of what's coming to the UK shores, should you be looking for a SIM-free option there's always ebuyer (opens in new tab) that's stocking the 710 for £250 (inc. VAT) and will be available for delivery in just over a weeks time. Let us know in the comments if you're looking to purchase one for yourself or if you're looking forward to the 900.

Source: Windows Phone UK

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • That's the wifes birthday present sorted then.
  • O2 pricing it pretty well at £200 on PAYG.
    Stick in a Giffgaff SIM and you're sorted.
  • That's pretty well priced! Ebuyer are charging £255 for a SIM free version
  • O2 PAYG phones are locked to their network - unlike ebuyer which is unlocked.
  • For the difference in £50 you'll be able to buy an unlock code and still be money up.
  • Yep, still waiting for something of 900 level specs. a Titan might be the way forward.
  • I just got a white 710.. I have big hands and this thing is perfect on my hand..goodbye hd7
  • Got one yesterday on o2 for the mrs they were selling it a day early
  • Where can you get the colorful backs in the US?
  • My window code ?