Nokia 710 UK

We've already covered the Lumia 710 landing on British shores soon enough, but according to the Nokia Lumia Momentum Map (for world domination), we should be looking at a date of February 1st. Three UK is one carrier who has made public their plan to stock the 710, and have the status set at "coming soon". 

Sporting a 3.7" display, 5MP camera and 8GB storage, the 710 is the baby of the Lumia family with the 800 and 900 the "beefed up" brothers. Although the specifications don't match the high end handsets, it does sport a 1.4Ghz chip that will ensure your Windows Phone experience is top notch.

Should you be looking forward to the 710 (review) and reside in the UK then the wait is almost over for you to snap on your favourite back plates and rock out with the Lumia Windows Phone. We expect other major UK carriers to jump on board with Three to provide further choice for customers.

Source: Nokia Lumia Momentum Map