Mid-range Lumia 730 launches in India for INR 15,299

In a press event in New Delhi, Microsoft announced the launch of Lumia 730 in India. Unveiled at the IFA 2014 in Berlin a while ago, the selfie-focused Lumia 730 is the dual SIM variant of the Lumia 735.

The Lumia 730 features a 4.7-inch 720p (1280 x 720) OLED ClearBlack display. Powered by a 1.2 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 400 processor and 1 GB of RAM, the device packs in 8 GB of internal storage expandable up to 128GB using a microSD card. The phone features a removable battery, and changeable shells.

The rear camera is a 6.7 MP shooter with ZEISS optics and includes LED flash. The front camera, incidentally, is one of the best front-facing cameras on any smartphone (yes, call it a selfie phone) – a full HD 5 MP wide angle camera.

In India, the Lumia 730 will be available in orange, green, white, and dark grey colors at an MRP of ₹15,299 (US$250) starting from October 6. There's also 1TB of OneDrive cloud storage available free for first 6 months, and chargeable thereafter at a minimal ₹125 per month. The Lumia 730 is a great mid-range device at this price, and should find many takers. What are your thoughts on the device and the pricing?

Abhishek Baxi
  • Bang on...!! This price aint bad m getting one soon B)
  • Bang on target!!!
    Well done MS for getting the price right FIRST TIME.
    Was getting sick and tired of Nokia's failures to price devices.
    Good that Nokia mobile businesses is part of MS now.
    So what's next?
    1. Remove Nokia branding.
    2. Move away from Nokia brickish design
    3.High end Surface phone ?
  • L730 pricing is great, what are taking about?
  • You are hilarious dude :/
  • This time they didn't mess up with the pricing...very perfect price and I'm getting one for sure...tired of my tiny L620
  • Agreed, perfect pricing foor L730. altough i would love 2 more phones to be launched at around 12k and 18k... so we would have phones with 6k-9k-12k-15k-18k and 830 shoud have been 21-22k...  This strategy has perfectly worked for Samsung... a phone every 3-4k difference. I will be most probably using 2 phones. WP for productivity and daily driver so that i dont have to look at Android's ugly interface through out the day. Android phone for apps and Games so that i dont have to miss any important apps coz of WP's lacklustre store.
  • Same here!! ;)
  • Heehaw .. .Time to upgrade from 530 to 730 ............
  • And the price wins my heart. Going to get this phone this week for sure.
  • It'll come down to 12 -13k in 2 months. Lol wow yes
  • No way.. Price will not go below 15k you can take example of Lumia720. And 15k is perfect price for such a good phone like Lumia 730.. It'll bang the world...
  • *Sigh* It will be about 20-21k in BDT :(
  • BDT?
  • Your neighbour country...Bangladesh. BDT-Bangladeshi Taka
  • the price is good of 730 but 830 should be 25000 ₹ atleast.
  • I guess it would be less than 25k....
  • Its announced look at article before dis price is 28799
  • If you ask me the Lumia 830 should have been around 22K given that HTC Desire 816 is priced 24,450 and has slightly better hardware configuration. Microsoft need to get their pricing strategy right with Lumia 830.
  • comparing it to Desire 816 is not fair because 830 also packs a pureview sensor and sensorcore which the Desire 816 lacks
  • On the flip side, HTC actually has a fully fledged app store....
    Microsoft needs to be hitting price parity, especially when the hardware configurations are roughly the same.
  • But the desire runs android and isn't comparable.
  • Ya you are saying Absolutely correct but my friend bought HTC desire 816 for 23 k ...I am a big fan of Lumia phone but its a great phone to have in that price range...
  • Wut so you sayin a phone can't be compared to different ecosystem to check if its worth spending money Wow! 
  • Very good pricing... Right on target....
  • Good price waiting for the price of 830.
  • Hey man ..!! Price of 830 has been announced look at the article before this price is 28799
  • But the price of Lumia830 disappointed me a little. It shoupd have been priced around Rs. 25k
  • ya man sure,its just i did'nt get the notification.
  • Rs. 29,000.
  • Awesome!
    This is going to be the perfect upgrade to my Lumia 620 ^^
  • Maybe a perfect upgrade for my 710 also
  • And for my 520..
  • And for my 525
  • And good upgrade for my N8 !!
  • and my iphone 6 plus :D :P (kidding,lumia 720 and 920 user here,hate iphone)
  • And for my 620 again
  • +520
  • For my galaxy tab 2 Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • For my Lumia 720
  • And for my 1 month old 630 :D
  • And for my car..;)
  • And for my fridge too:)
  • you'll keep using your old microwave... upgrade that too...
  • I'd suggest to take a peek at these 1.Spice UNO,2.Moto G(2nd gen),3.Moto E  Lumia 730 is a pretty good deal but again the ecosystem spoils the fun & some minor sacrifices like glance,rear camera(same as older gen),app updates,Bugs(xbox music & much).
  • Oh pls... Don't comment on the ecosystem nd pls don't compare it to those phones
  • Waiting to see the price on Costa Rica. Lumia 630 for $200 (expensive for you guys but cheap for us). This one should cost $300-$350!
  • 1 TB One Drive space free too
  • WTF?? Is it true?
  • All Lumia phones announced today will come with 1TB free cloud storage for first 6 months. Followed by Rs 100/month price point onwards
  • I'm certainly not gonna use that but that is certainly a +1 in its specs
  • 15k?? Unbelievable price.
  • Perfect pricing for lumia 730.come on Lumia 730 grab some market share.
  • I'll help.. Personally will buy 1 and also have 4 of my friends lined up
  • Perfect price I was expecting 16,000 but at this its definitely the worth
  • Awesome
  • __ _ _ _ _ __ __ ____ ____ __
    ( ) / )( \( \/ )( ) / _\ (__ )( __ \ / \
    / (_/\) \/ (/ \/ \ )( / \ / / (__ (( 0 )
    \____/\____/\_)(_/(__)\_/\_/ (_/ (____/ \__/
  • Hurray! That's the price I got L720 when released but it was through a coupon. And I guess if I get a coupon it will be lesser than that.
  • Respectable price
  • Well, at least its ok price .
  • You want something lower than this?
  • I was comparing with 830 which is a little bit overpriced
  • So it's the 830 that's overpriced, not the 730
  • Yup
  • And u did not get the point in Ikishor's comment?  
  • Awesome pricing, this will be the next best selling wp
  • Ooooosssssoooooommmmmeeee
  • My Lumia 520 on sale.. Buying 730 now... :)
  • happy upgrade. My 720 still is working for me. but i wanna save money for a good laptop or suface. laptop is imp for me
  • I would go for it....720 does not have 1gb ram or dual sim....hope i can exchange 720 for 730 in nokia store
  • Exactly! I'm hoping for the same! :D
  • +720
  • Bang... Best price cheaper than L720
  • Price for 730 is ok but 830 is very much expensive in India. It should be around 23k-25k and no accessories announcement for 830. Whats the use of it?  People should wait for price to get down. 
  • Wow wow wow super
  • Availability anyone??
  • Tomorrow onwards.
    Go and get one!
  • 6th October
  • This price is unbeatable. And the sales will skyrocket... Hopefully.
  • But there is no glance screen in 730
  • The only negative point, also the missing camera button, though a worthy upgrade for my Lumia 520
  • Yeah, because of OLED (same as Lumia 930).
  • no glance,no camera button,no capacitive keys not "upgrading" from my 720 still a good phone nevertheless
  • And no wireless charging. But 735 has.
  • It is not due to OLED. My Lumia 1020 has both AMOLED and glance.
  • L930 launched in India @ ₹38649
    Will be available from Oct 15
  • source?
  • Does it come with corning gorilla glass screen????
  • Gorilla glass 3 with clearback display...
  • Any news of Lumia 735 launch in India
  • Lumia 735 is not for India, only for outside India
  • Yep currently.!! 4g ain't available in every state here to have 735 coming up..!!
  • Thanks for this update. When will 730 available for buying online or stores. Please anyone can update this.
  • The article says October 6th.
  • Wow, I'll buy it, any online store for a preorder???
  • Great pricing,wow, this is gonna be part of my WP OLED experience...I wish they didn't cut back on Dolby Sound but anyway its a good deal..
  • Quite good at the price.....should be costing a bit less especially on online stores.
  • Hope it comes to the Philippines soon. That price is very reasonable. :)
  • I think "very soon". Because it'll launch tomorrow in Thailand.
  • अच्छे दिन आ गए। मेरे कहने पर चार लोग ले रहे हैं लूमिया 730.
  • hope u market lumia well in yoyr family and relatives. in my family my dad,me and my aunt uses lumia. my mom doesn't understand tiles so she has lagdroid and u now ehat here experience will be.
  • My mom, my gf, my close friends, 6 of my classmates, 8 of my hostelmates use Lumia. I convinced them all in a year.
  • You should be a salesman!! :)
  • Exactly my thoughts!
  • Wow! You should join the sales department at Microsoft mobile india
  • Yo! I'm also buying one :D
  • Super price
  • Right phone @ Right price...thanks to Microsoft..
  • They screwed up with 830 pricing , it should have been around 20-22K...350$ is fair price for 830.It wont sell here at this price.
  • Price for L730 is good bt L830 bad....
  • You mean the price not the phone
  • Yup
  • Selling onwards?
  • Great... It will come down to 12-13k within 2months .... :)
  • Lol..but I guess it wont for 730 cause this is gonna be a hit phone...I think 830 prices would fall down quick...
  • Exactly, even 520 is available at 8500-9500 , except few months when it is available for 7000-7500.
  • If the phone sales going well, the price will be stable.
  • Gonna buy 730 for my gf on day 1.. Unbeatable pricing by Nokia/ Microsoft
  • Waiting Saudi Arabia
  • You want one? I will bring it for you in December :P I'm at India, in sha allah will come jeddah December 20th (if it is not launched in ksa)
  • Amazing price!!
  • Is it in stores yet? . Definitely my next phone :)
  • No not yet
  • Write article about #Lumia930
  • Microsoft should have taken ₹2000 more but have to give glance screen, dedicated camera button, Dolby digital sound
  • and capacitive keys dont forget capacitive keys
  • Ya dude no dedicated capacitive keys but you can scroll it up from bottom though, so I consider it as good bcaz you can get more space on screen.
  • Wait what.. It doesn't have Dolby sound enhancement??? Shit I was considering this to buy on this diwali but I listen music a lot... Feeling sad now .. Even no dedicated camera button *crying
  • Grabbing one soon
  • Oh shit. It's too damn cheap. I would have waited for it and get it. Anyway I am happy with my 630 but the camera is very bad. Feeling unhappy.
  • Same here, except camera 630 rocks
  • Yes
  • Microsoft must copy design of some chinese phones i mean to make the camera rotating , there is no need for 2 cameras if you want selfie phone , just look at this Gionee Elife E7 Mini : http://www.mobiletor.com/img/15-4-2014-65.jpg Also check design of this phone Oppo N3 , comes with rotating camera too : http://www.go2android.de/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/oppo_n3_teaser.jpg  
  • Nokia did this a loooooooonnnnnngggggggg time ago. Very, very, long time.
  • Which phone?
  • Nokia N90 first camera mobile with Carl Zeis Lens !! ;)
  • Did that have a rotating camera?
  • Yap. A rotating screen actually. But, they had the same concept. Nokia had n90,91,92,93. All with rotating screen and 5700 with rotating camera. Those phone are really old. Really.
  • Great to know!!
  • The price is good but there's no Dolby sound enhancement. I listen to music a lot on my 720.
  • atleast it has equilizer and surround sound option
  • It has SRS.
    . Wow now I don't care about Dolby
  • I have Dolby on my 1020...
    I switched it off as the enhancements just didn't sound that great.
    I wouldn't make a buying decision on the basis of this phone not having Dolby...
  • Microsoft has got this one right. I look forward to this being a topseller for MSFT. Can't say the same for the 830 though.
  • I was expecting a 735 also for 4g... But it seems I will get rid of my Lumia 625 n get 730 this deepawali
  • Any news on when this phone will be available in Market / Online?
  • 6 October
  • Wow... Perfect pricing. Buying.. Buying
  • That is around SGD 320, hopefully it will be around this pricing when launch in Singapore...
  • Wow..exited with the pricing...come on ms...bang bang fr diwali...:)
  • All I am worried about is Microsoft screwing all the current WP 8 and the new 8.1 devices by not upgrading them to Windows Phone 10 ( or Windows 10 may be ) like they did with previous Lumias on WP 7. If they repeat that mistake this time, I will NEVER EVER trust Microsoft ever again in my life. Please Microsoft, if you are listening, don't do that to us. Please
  • Dey will never do dat yaar dat z not an shitty company dats a big company dey already anounced dat we all r getting the updates and also it z not an android n as samsung if u buy a grand den it will only have jellybean it will never get a update of kitkat but where as ms it will give updates to each and every device
  • Of course Sanju I agree with you, MS is a huge company thats why the title " M$ " suits them more. but u see they are sometimes very nonsensical about their product upgrades. WP7 and beginning of WP 8 was the time when this platform was just emerging, and they had to struglle alot to make a good user base. yet they simply ruined their chances by not upgrading Lumia on WP 7 to 8. just imagine, a person who bought a brand new phone  ( Nokia Lumia 900 ) which was out just 2 months ago for a premium price and wasn't able to upgrade it to the latest software. How he would be feeling and do u think he would ever trust WP again? Another thing is that, I agree, alot of Android smartphones ( made by local companies mostly ) do not upgrade to the latest version too, but u know the thing is that those phones do not become utter useless and supportless for that reason. alot of android apps and games still are compatible with the a few older generations versions, but not in WP case. This thing was an utter disaster from MS side, i really really wish they do not repeat the same mistake again. Counting from now, till April 15 ( likely date of official release ) they got almost 5-6 months to work on windows 10 ( or WP 10, we don't know yet ) to be optimized and stable on the current wp devices, going as low as 520 ( a few apps and games compromises are acceptable, but not being able to get the latest version is DEFINITELY NOT! ) . And if they don't, mark my words, even Tony Stark can't save them.
  • Even 520 ll get windows 10. Don't worry
  • hahahaha lets see i'm not even sure if my Lumia 920 will get updated because of older processor & you're talking about Lumia 520 Bhai abhi thode mahiney me Lumia debian ya Denim ka rollout hoga woh wp8.1 update 1 h woh update ke fayde bas Lumia 1520,930 aur thode se 830 ko h baki sab ko bas nam k liye update mil rha h.
  • Dude buy a Android one phone atleast you have a guarantee for 2 years of update in short 2yrs means u'll get atleast 3-4 updates with newer functionalities not for just name sake i'd say buy Spice uno or wait for the next set of Android one powered phones to be launched probably after 6-7 months or else buy a Moto G(2nd gen) u get the latest Android version as of now the next android version is guaranteed & u'll minimum get 2-4 updates or even more.
  • Dey promised dat dey wont repeat dat senario again so i trust windows and at dat tym dey r new to phones platform so dey have no idea wat to do now windows have developed alot if dey wanted to repeat dat senario again den dey will never giving d windows 8.1 to every device even lumia 520 also have got cortana and abt android dey wont even change if we compare to jellybean and kitkat wats d change in dat der z no change der z no reducing of backgrnd runnings apps mine z lumia 525 i run 100 apps in my phone it never lags wit a class 10 sd card one day windows will be number 1 phone and if windows patched up wit google den no one can stop windows from the market it shld be lyk windows G phones wch can support google apps maps etc etc so dat dey can do d best and by cortana google should be defaulter rather den bing dey two shld mix up and get fukdup apple and atlast i dnt thnk windows will repeat again yaar
  • Wow, $250 is €200!! If only the lumia 730 would be that cheap
  • The price is the same when the 730 announced. €199
  • Yeah really thanks to MS for launch at great price....
  • Awesomeee specs and awesomeee price now it can even beat d market of moto g and moto e absolutely cool price yaar i love microsoft and nokia
  • Is this really happening??? 15,299??? Really??? Wow Microsoft!!! You've never failed to win hearts!!!
  • Great price for the 730. Definitely buying it.
    from wen are the phone available in india
  • From 6th October. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Nailed it :D Ohh! Thank you so much Microsoft. 830's price is a bit high though :(
  • At this price, I declare this phone 4 times better than iPhone 6. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Good price; nearly the price of Xiaomi Mi 3.
  • Congrats microsoft..atleast u made a sense this time by keeping price at what it should have been.I bet this will be the another flagship phone for microsoft..
  • First time in the history of nokia I have seen they released a phone price correctly accordingly to the market...thumbs up Microsoft...now start giving as much of ads u can in Newspaper and tv.. Marketing is the place only now Microsoft feels dull....
  • Is there any provision for exchanging with Lumia 720 and paying the difference some what?
  • I also wanna know the same
  • Perfect pricing
  • That's a really good price! Cheers to you people in India. I hope it releases soon here in BD and the price stays the same as in India. Hoping to Upgrade from a Lumia 525. Can't wait! :D
  • Now, launch it here in the Philippines, too, MSFT! Come on!
  • I am shocked!!! Perfect price!! I was expecting something around 18000
  • Can I exchange with Lumia 720 ? If yes how much I have to pay ?
  • I hope that's the same price on Brazil. Here almost all phones are too overpriced.
  • I dont think that there is a removable back cover. I like its unibody design.
  • what abt the Lumia 735 m waiting for it. The 730 doesnt support wireless charging n doesnt have LTE connectivity :(
  • I already have 625 and now I'm going to buy 730
  • Oh great, i think Lumia 730 will be my first Windows phone then. Waiting for the sales :)
  • Going to upgrade my sexy 720 to super hot 730....... Correct price MS
  • Great features for great price
  • Is there any exchange offer from Lumia 720 to 730
  • Gonna get It on 7th
  • Guys I can't remember but does 730 have glance?
  • Nope, it does not.
  • Priced well compared to 830...
  • Exact price point!
  • Excellent price IMO just hoping for good pricing in middle east for both 830 and 730
  • The 6.7 MP cam is pureview right?
  • No it isn't but it takes great pictures even better than most of the 8mp cameras
  • now i gotta sell my 5 day old 630 for the super hot 730 !!
  • Good job Microsoft.
  • 730..I am up for you :-) 525..do I have any buyer around??..:-P
  • this might have high number of sales like the 520 (Y)
  • hope they have some exchange offer of some sort for 720 users :P
  • I don't like the pricing of Lumia 830 and should be 24 k.... But for 730 , they did some great for the ù user like me....I m using Lumia 720 and I am definitely going to buying this....
  • Absolutely amazing... Gonna get it first thing in the morning at 6th
  • Its a bang bang...gonna sell my lumia 630!
  • Lumia 730 nice upgrade for my Lumia 530  
  • MS really launch 730 and 830 VERY FAST. Only a month after announcment. 730 has a great ad, perfect price and fast launching. Hope the availability is GREAT too. Dont make people who wanna buy this phone is moving to another smartphone just because the lack of stock.
  • Which colour should I go with guys:/
  • Green or orange....
  • I already have a Green 620, so I'll go with orange this time ;)
  • Waiting for Lumia 735...... In India.....
  • No it wont come anytime soon.!!
  • Is 735 available in India?
  • Anyone want my 630 dual SIM for 6k? I'm so getting this.
  • Heck wit android u cannot run d apps as many u can lyk or u cannot keep d apps in phone as many u lyk it alwayzzz lags if d apps are more no changes in lagging whether its quad core or octa core etc etc in kitkat etc etc dey nly make small changes dats it not as d windows 8.1 makes better dnt talk abt android rip android y actually android need 3 r 4gb ram y haaa in 1gb of ram i run 100 apps and never gets lag so forget android frnzzzz
  • Although MS hasn't priced the Lumia 730 ridiculously high for the kind of features it offers think they should have targeted Moto G 2nd edition price of 14k which would have made 730 perfect bang for money
  • 730 is already cheap, its expected price was around ₹16-17k. If someone wants to buy 2nd gen Moto g, go ahead. But stop complaining about 730's price. It wouldn't have been better
  • Microsoft has priced it quite perfectly... But it is still 2000 more than moto g which has got similar specs.. And moto g has 16gb internal storage with memory card support compared to 8gb in Lumia 730 (with memory card support). Microsoft will be able to increase it's market share if they price it around 13k
  • Buddy .. L730 has 5 mp has front camera ... And 6.7 mp rear.. With carl zesis lens ... Plus it comes with brighter display.. Nokia enhancements.. Nokia mix radio... 128 gb micro SD card support... So I guess paying ₹2000 more pays off herr
  • buddy i am well aware of L730's specs. I am talking with market perspective. you are talking about its camera and mix radio all that.. let me remind you, its OS is not as flexible as moto G's. 
  • Take my Lumia 720 and give me this phone
  • Lumia 730 price in indore lunch
  • Gonna be a hit
  • does lumia 730 supports all android apps or not?which 1 is better,windows or android? Pls rply me frnds...
  • Introducing the Lumia 730 Dual SIM. Designed for a better Skype experience.
  • Really aswom phone