Manila 2.5 landscape now available

For those using custom ROMs and who have been flashing with HTC Sense 2.5 (aka Manila 2.5), you will surely have come across one of the major limitations of that version of TouchFLO: it can't do landscape.

The reason for that is that Manila 2.5 was built for the HTC HD2 aka 'Leo' and because that device doesn't have a physical keyboard, HTC never designed it to do landscape.

Of course the fact that Manila 2.5 was built to run on a Snapdragon CPU and the lack of landscape orientation hasn't stopped anyone from using it, namely due to all the cool new features (Footprint, Twitter tab, Shortcuts, etc.).

Luckily, XDA member Rotastrain has stepped in to finish HTC's work by releasing his 'fix', which involves Mortscript and a few other files.  He's even released a Chef package to easily cook into ROMs. (So get on that Chefs!)

While not perfect, this certainly extends and fixes one of the biggest drawbacks of Manila 2.5 for many of us, so kudos to Rotastrain!  Get it here.

Phil Nickinson

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  • That is awesome guess I'll be reflashing very soon. Though I wish the today screen could go landscape same with the programs list to have a 5 or even 6 row list.
  • XDA Forums is down see what you did Mal, lol
  • XDA has been going alot recently anyone knows whats going on?
  • They probably up to something since has now most of their famous cooks on that site.
  • Fricken finally. Feel sorry for LEO users cant get landscape. LOL... Well you snooze you loose. Also HD2 I saw it too big. I prefer my HTC TP2 if can do better with built in querty keyboard has I prefer that than virtual keyboard you can't type fast.
  • It's not as great as I was hoping for, but it's a start. Adds a little bit of lag to the whole thing, but all in all it moving in the correct direction.
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