MayFlash Universal Adapter review: Use autofire, turbo, and even PlayStation controllers on your Xbox

Xbox One owners who want to use PlayStation controllers have several options, such as Brook Super Converters and the Titan One. The MayFlash Universal Adapter Ultimate does many of the same things, allowing the use of PlayStation 1-4 controllers on Xbox One, 360, and PC. It also adds compelling Turbo and Autofire features that make it a must-have for games like Clicker Heroes.

Read on to learn what this baby can do.

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Sexy blue box

MayFlash Universal Adapter Ultimate

Whereas the Titan One and Brook Super Converters each resemble a USB flash drive, the MayFlash Universal Adapter Ultimate for Xbox One is a blue box measuring 3.75 x 2.35 x .75 inches. It connects to Xbox One, Xbox 360, Windows PC, or PlayStation 3 via a built-in, non-replaceable USB cable. The Universal Adapter supports PlayStation 4 controllers but can't be used with the PlayStation 4 console.

The reason for the Universal Adapter's large size is obvious: not only does it have a USB input port like other adapters, but it also sports a PlayStation 1 and 2 controller port. Brook makes a Super Converter that allows the use of PlayStation 1 and 2 controllers with Xbox One as well, but they don't make one adapter that supports all of the systems that MayFlash's does. Titan One only works with USB and Bluetooth-compatible controllers, and thus doesn't support PlayStation 1 and 2 peripherals.

The Universal Adapter is firmware upgradable, although my unit came with the latest firmware (dated September 2016) already installed.

Cross-platform controller use

MayFlash Universal Adapter Ultimate

The primary purpose of the Universal Adapter is to allow the use of one system's controllers and accessories such as racing wheels and arcade sticks with another system.

Controllers for the following systems are supported:

  • Xbox One
  • Xbox 360
  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 3
  • PlayStation 1 and 2
  • Most XINPUT and DINPUT PC controllers
  • Logitech F310, F510, and F710 PC controllers

All non-PlayStation 1 and 2 controllers connect to the Universal Adapter via USB. When using a wireless Xbox One or PlayStation 3 or 4 controller, the controller must be used in wired mode.

The Universal Adapter connects to the following systems via its built-in USB cable. The switch on the rear of the unit must be in the correct position for each system:

  • Xbox One
  • Xbox 360
  • PlayStation 3
  • PC (Windows XP-Windows 10)

Even though the Universal Adapter doesn't work with PlayStation 4 consoles (you'll need a Brook Super Converter or Titan One for that), it still allows the use of an amazing variety of controllers with a great variety of consoles and PCs.

MayFlash Universal Adapter Ultimate

Using one system's controller with another is simple. Just connect the controller to the adapter, plug it into the console, and after a couple of seconds, the controller will work just like a first-party controller for that platform. The analog sticks, D-Pad, and buttons all map naturally. The Universal Adapter's instruction pamphlet even lists how buttons are translated between the various platforms (such as A on Xbox translating to X on PlayStation, etc.).

The one exception to buttons mapping naturally is the Home/Guide button found on Xbox and PlayStation controllers. When using one of these controllers with the Universal Adapter, the Home/Guide button on the controller doesn't function. Instead, you have to press the Home button found on the adapter itself.

This altered functionality can be inconvenient, especially if you're sitting far from the adapter. However, that built-in button means you get Home/Guide functionality even when using controllers that lack such a button (such as PlayStation 1 and 2 controllers).

Some adapters only connect a controller to a different kind of console, such as Xbox-to-PlayStation. The Universal Adapter can connect an Xbox One controller to an Xbox One console, thus enabling turbo and autofire on that controller.

Turbo and Autofire

MayFlash Universal Adapter Ultimate Xbox One Elite controller

Even if you already own a competing controller converter, the MayFlash version provides a couple of standout features that others can't match: a built-in Turbo button and autofire functionality. The adapter's Turbo LED stays lit for turbo and blinks for autofire.

Turbo causes a button to press continuously when the button is held. This can be extremely useful in arcade games, Clicker Heroes, and many other titles that call for rapid fire. Brook Super Converters also supports turbo, but the feature must be activated or deactivated via a complex four-step process – it's slow, clunky, and unintuitive.

With the Universal Adapter, all you need to do is hold the adapter's Turbo button and press any button for which you want to activate turbo. Release, and you've got turbo on those buttons. The MayFlash even has a switch that toggles between two turbo speeds: 15-presses or 25-presses per second.

Autofire works like turbo, except the button presses register without the need for holding the button. The controller just keeps on hitting the button(s) until you deactivate the feature. It's also easy to enable: just hold the adapter's Turbo button and press the desired button or buttons twice instead of once.

The adapter's Clear button allows deactivation of turbo or autofire for a single button (by holding Clear and pressing the controller button) or deactivation for all buttons by double-tapping Clear. Thus, turning off turbo or autofire is quick and painless.

The ultimate tool for Clicker Heroes

Clicker Heroes Xbox One

Clicker Heroes is a free to play clicking game for Xbox One and other platforms. As mentioned in our Achievement Guide, turbo functionality can be incredibly handy in this game. Just hold the attack button and you'll wail away at enemies at a rate of up to 25 clicks-per-second.

The Universal Adapter's autofire feature is even more helpful. Clicker Heroes players can turn on autofire and simply grind away without monitoring the game. When you reach a boss you can't beat in time; the game will stop and build upon the previous level. You'll amass loads of money for upgrades this way.

For even more productive unmonitored grinding, put autofire on the A button as well. Leave the cursor on the icon that levels up your best hero. Whenever you gather enough money to level up, it'll happen automatically. Thus, your team will get stronger and earn gold faster than if you weren't leveling up.

Using these strategies, you can fully reap the benefits of an active Clicker Heroes playstyle and advance far quicker than before.

Overall Impression

MayFlash Universal Adapter Ultimate

The MayFlash Universal Adapter Ultimate is an amazingly versatile peripheral. On the one hand, it lets you use almost any controller you want with your Xbox, PlayStation 3, or PC. Anyone who owns arcade sticks or racing wheels for different systems will get plenty of additional value from them thanks to this adapter. Heck, some people just prefer older controllers to newer styles – this thing will help them too.

As if that wasn't enough, the Universal Adapter also adds turbo and autofire functionality to any controller. That makes it a must-have for Clicker Heroes players, but it will benefit many other games as well. With so much functionality, the MayFlash Universal Adapter Ultimate is easily worth its $49.99 price.

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