Media Browser for Windows 8.1 gets rebranded as Emby with new features

The Media Browser app for Windows 8.1 has received a name change to Emby, along with a software update that adds some new features to the media player. So far, the new Emby name is not showing up on the app itself or on the Windows Store.

The new 3.2 verison of Media Browser-Emby has the following change log:

Now with Cloud Sync and Folder Sync Support - Cloud Sync comes to Windows 8.1. When you play videos that have been cloud synced, the app will automatically use those versions when they're compatible and they fall within your bit rate setting.Redesigned Movie, TV, and Music Views - More content at your fingertips with less navigation.Sync Improvements - Now users with access can schedule sync jobs for other devices as well, giving the app some of the same management features of the web clientEasily Mark Favorites and Likes - Rating your content is a great way to influence the suggestions that appear on your home pages and similar items lists. Now it's right at your fingertips.New Actor Filmography Views - Stay up to date about other titles your favorite actors have appeared in.Playback Improvements: Added FastForward/Rewind for DirectStream && Offline Playback, Added Slowmotion for DirectStream && Offline Playback, Vastly improved playback by almost eliminating full transcode (using streamcopy where possible)Other Improvements: Respect the user view preferences, Automatic Subtitle selection if available, Resolved playlists no longer sorting, Added a loading spinner on Artists views, Support for music genre Images, Fixed transparency issue when using Cover Art, Added Playlist support to the main hub. Added MCE support to Emby Connect View. Fixed a problem with live tiles and lock screen images. Redesigned the sign-in screens; Switched artist api usage to ArtistId

Download Media Browser-Emby from the Windows Store (opens in new tab) ($4.99 with free trial)

Source: Emby

  • We need this Windows Phone NOW!!
  • Beautiful
  • Don't spam articles with that link. It's the second time I see it today.. Post it on the forums if you want to raise awareness.
  • How does this relate to the article?
  • While it's not related to the topic, I have to admit that's a gorgeous concept.
  • Honestly, that looks gorgeous! Only issue is the interactive tiles. What's the point of going into an app when the majority would just use the tile.
  • Off topic, but the concept is fantastic and would even put Apple to shame. Only thing: it's kinda incompatible with W10's design, which seems to require that nasty start translucent color overlay; so, not gonna happen!
  • Thanks, but NO
  • Weird name.
  • +1
  • Emby pronounced MB, Media Browser. It's just a spelling of the abbreviation for the old name.
  • Just like Eminem for M&M
  • Rap god
  • Ah. It makes sense now.. Thanks
  • Look at these eyebrows ! They’re attack eyebrows.
  • LMAO :D
  • Trying to have a slick name like Plex I bet
  • So what does this app do exactly?
  • It allows you to play your media stored on computer across the network at home, or the internet. It will automatically handle changing the format to play on the device you are trying to use so you don't have to worry about what format the media is actually in. It will also get the meta data if it's a movie or tv show. Lots of other useful things. Probably best to checkout the website to get a better idea:  
  • Thanks for the good reply. Something like Plex then
  • Well it can also stream live TV to any device if you have a TV tuner in the Emby server.
  • This app needs to see locally stored tv shows and movies. We have been dying for a media player that displays the shows and movies and visually pleasing way.
  • thia is not a local media player, it is a companion for Emby/Media Browser 3 server.
  • The developer of this app I pretty cool, he works for Xamarin.
  • Dang, I bought the phone version.  Hope the devs straighten this out when they both go universal.
  • I still like this app for what it does. I had some trouble with it, could not get support and switched to Plex. I sitll keep this one around though..
  • The app was renamed because the server name is Emby now.
  • Wp version has an update
  • We know