Microsoft announces new Surface Pen at October Surface event

What you need to know

  • Microsoft announced a new Surface Pen at the October Surface event for the Surface Pro X.
  • The new pen is black to match the Surface Pro X and rests inside a cradle for the Surface Pro X.
  • The new pen will work with the Surface Pro X and potentially the Surface Neo.

Microsoft announced the Surface Pro X, a thin-and-light 2-in-1 device powered by an ARM chip. The Surface Pro X features a sleeker design than previous Surface Pro models, with thinner bezels and a thinner body. Part of the new design is the cradle for a Surface Pen inside the new Type Cover.

The cradle holds a newly designed Surface Pen. The new pen is black, appears to have an ergonomic design with some rounded edges, and features a Microsoft logo towards the top of the pen.

Microsoft didn't release any details on the new Surface Pen in terms of points of sensitivity or other features. The new Surface Pen was shown off working with the Surface Neo, so there's a chance that it will work with multiple Surface devices.

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  • Wait, they said something about 4096 points of pressure during the announcement, no? Given they didn't talk about the old Surface Pen really at all, or show a new version, they surely were referring to this one. Also, guess that means we're getting nothing in the vein of exciting colors this year. We got a pinkish Laptop and a different Red on the Pro accessories, but it's otherwise still very boring. I miss when you could get colors galore from the Type Covers...
  • Would love to see the customization of keyboards in a lab like the Xbox One controller design lab. That would be fantastic.
  • Actually Sean, Panos did mention the pen specs very quickly. It sure sounded to me that they were identical to the current Surface Pen- I heard 4096 and tilt specifically.
  • Not much news about this sadly. So will forward for the review of this pen especially for artist. The pen jitter were been a problem With Surface Pen since N-Trig. Although it is slowly improving on that regard, it is still there compared to Wacom and Apple Pencil. They need to address this alongide in improving the latency (which is already good). I wonder about its comfort too given the fact it is now flatter and shorter. Also it looks like its got an eraser but they didn't mentioned or shown that in the demo. I'm concerned about that since I use it alot.
  • Hopefully in a short time Microsoft will sell the Surface Pro X's type cover &Pen at a lower price
    it'll cost nearly 300 dollars extra to have a complete Surface Pro X -kit