Microsoft cuts Surface Pro price by $100 for the month of August (US, Canada, Hong Kong, and Taiwan)

Good news if you’ve been camping out for a chance to grab Microsoft’s Surface Pro; the famous Windows 8 tablet has received a price cut of $100 brining the unit down to a starting price of $799. According to The Verge, the price cut will be available to customers in Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the US from August 4th to August 29th.

Microsoft recently cut the price of its Windows RT tablet, the Surface RT, by $150 in an attempt to boost what has been poor sales of the high-tech device. We do expect a new line of Surface products on the way, but as of now, grabbing a Surface Pro with $100 off or a Surface RT at its new reduced price can’t hurt.

Microsoft Surface Pro

Customers in the above stated countries can head over to Microsoft’s online web store (opens in new tab) and pick up the Surface Pro 64 GB (tablet only) for $799 or the 128 GB version (also tablet only) for $899. We are also beginning to see the new price cut take effect at other retailers including Best Buy (opens in new tab).

What do you think – is the price cut enough to boost sales of Microsoft’s Pro Windows 8 tablet?

Source: The Verge, Microsoft (opens in new tab), Thanks for the tip SSAPRE!

Michael Archambault
  • Seriously... Just now? If they could have done it before summer I would have taken it to Europe with me :(
  • this is a back to school deal. 
  • Still too much for my blood
  • I'm not bothered about the price, just want Haswell in it so that battery life is improved.
  • Hong Kong I'll like to visit it one day
  • It's a great device and I like mine yet I still desire a good touch screen laptop with more memory and the Surface Pro an enigma if you will...
  • The Lenovo Yoga 11s is wonderful for all of those things. Glad I returned my Surface and held off on the Yoga 13 which was too damn big. Sadly, none of the Yogas have the digitizer support like the Surface does.
  • I got the pro at $100 off with the student discount a few months back. Haven't looked back yet, one of the best purchases I've ever made; I love this thing.
  • Almost..... I'm getting ready to bite... Just a little more bait
  • Yep...Give me a free keyboard and Best Buy can take my $$$$$$
  • Still too expensive with the adapters and the type cover.
    Too much for a tablet. Not good enough as a desktop-/laptop-replacement. I wish RT would have been successfull.
  • Adapters? I have a pro and no adapter needed. That's the beauty of the thing! Yes the type cover is a bit over priced, but I would gladly spend $1120 for this thing again and again! This has been a desktop replacement in tablet form, AMAZING device and the only of its kind.
  • HD-AV-adapter = 40 euros. - i want to watch movies on a big screen
    Ethernet-adapter = 40 euros - i sometimes prefer using this oldfashioned way of entering the net
    Don't get me wrong. I like the surface and had it several times in my cart to buy it online. But when I saw the price of over 1000 euros with all the cons. (battery life, a somehow unfinished windows 8 etc.)  it just felt not right.
    I want no android, no ios, i want a windows tablet. Seriously. 
  • Just buy standard adapters for 3€ each.
    Those are standard ports. There is no reason to buy the 40€ equipment from the official site.
    You aren't dealing with Apple.
  • I bought a mini displayport to HDMI cord for $4 on Amazon.  They have ethernet adapters for like $10.
  • The only expensive ones are the digital to analog converters. About 20€ for one.
    Fuck VGA for still being everywhere.
  • Of course you both are right. I still seem to have too much money ;-))
    But surface with cover over 1000 euros - i don't want to pay that much.
    I paid way more for my thinkpad or my vaio but there is a limit when it comes to a tablet - even for a powerful machine like the surface pro.
  • Don't think of it as a tablet - it's simply an ultra-portable laptop with a touchscreen and (really good) stylus support. 
  • I have a friend who was considering the Surface Pro ever since I bough one at launch, if Microsoft announce an accessory that would give the Pro extra juice utilising the connectors next to the keyboard port he might get it for the reduced price, since his only reason for not getting it so far was the 4 hour poor baterry life.
    Personally I am also kind of pissed that Microsoft has still not released anything that would take advantage of the charge ports, like e.g. a dock with a keyboard few extra ports and a build in battery that would take the Pro to at least 7h battery life, while still being reasonably portable.
    I don't know what MS problem is but they seem to be self destructing with everything they do lately, mainly due to atrociaus PR and infighting.
  • Then just wait for Haswell version, you will easily get 6-7 hours battery life with haswell.
  • Just announce the Haswell refresh already. Surface is a really good tablet that could use a little more power and a little more battery life. And keep the low price from he getgo
  • Just wait for the howls of "Microsoft cheated me" when they release the Haswell refresh. Tests of Haswell devices are showing big improvements in battery life, continuing to sell an Ivy Bridge device at such a high price doesn't make sense.
  • Just because Haswell is better doesn't make Ivy Bridge processors magically cheaper.
  • A warehouse full of tablets that nobody wants is not cheap either.
  • I somehow don't think they will release Surface 2 until well into 2014, considering the fact that the current Surface Pro is still launching in new countries.
  • At this point, I'm set on waiting for their 2nd gen Surface Pro.  Aside from the obvious improvements in battery life, graphics, and weight, it should have a lot of refinements from user feedback.  Surface Pro is great, but like most things, its usually better to wait for version 2.
  • and also better to wait for version 3 over 2, and then why not just wait for version 4......oh just forget it lets just wait forever
  • Oh come on, what I said isn't that dumb.  Its not always the case, but more often than not, the 2nd version has more improvements over the 1st version than for instance the 3rd version might have over the 2nd.  I can go over famous past examples, but I figure it should be well known thing by now.
  • Nop. Still way too expensive for what it is.
    My PC, which a hell of a lot more power and better graphics, was cheaper that that. If you add to that the fact that the Pro doesn't bring neither any kind of cover nor's way way too much. Still a better option to get a RT and a normal PC/laptop.
  • I keep hearing people say it is overpriced, but I cant find a comparable touchscreen ultrabook, with wacom pen input and 128GB SSD at a price that is meaningfully lower. 
    Sure, I have a gaming rig that is more powerful with better graphics.  It also weighs more than 2 pounds. 
  • I need another $200 off to afford one...still waiting
  • MS isn't running a charity, but you can keep moaning about (your) inability to afford one
  • Then I'll keep on doing it, thanks for the reassurance :)
  • You can look at other options from other manufacturers, anyways all will receive the same future software updates. You can also wait for the Baytrail tablets/convertibles which will give you the best bang/buck with decent performance and awesome battery life.
  • Look, the MS investors are here.
  • I m still waiting to, and starting looking after the second end market... You can find a surface pro 128 for less than 700€ with keyboard
  • I still believe for the prices they are charging the, Pro model should come with the type cover and the , RT model should come with the touch cover.
  • i find that all the price whiners are the same rubes that would shell out the same or more for a macbook air that does LESS.
  • How do you know that, Richie Rich?
  • Are you getting almost 15 hours of battery life on your Surface Pro? Yeah, though so.
  • I've used my Surface Pro daily since launch day. No one particular device is perfect for everyone but I've sold every laptop I've ever owned in less than a year because their shortcomings offset their advantages. That hasn't happened with the Pro. This is one device that does everything for me: work, casual computing and media and at any posture: desk, lap, or prone with the Pro on my stomach watching movies.
    I do have my list of desires for a 2nd generation Pro however. These are things I think will make it even better:
    1. Haswell chip 2. Lighter, thinner  3. Kickstand with two settings 4. Better rear camera  5. Keyboard/battery cover  6. 4G option (for those who need this) 7. Anti glare coating on screen  8. Better speakers  9. 256 SSD  10. NFC
  • Japan got 256SSD surfaces, and you can guarantee the next gen will.
  • Yeah, Microsoft screwed up by not offering the 256GB version at US launch to people who were willing to pay more. Same with the 4gb of RAM, I would have paid more if they had at least 8gb RAM option.
  • Still needs haswell before I get interested
  • Have had one since launch. Has replaced my PC, laptop and tablet. All I use now for everything. And I'm still trying to figure out why people think they are so overpriced compared to the iPad. Just not true or even comparable especially with all this thing can do.
  • How can it replace your pc or laptop with such a small screen? I am really curious because you are not the only one who tells that story. Maybe you don't have to write a lot so the cover may be enough keyboard for you. But the screen would be just too small if it was the only one i had
  • You do know you can connect an external display to the Surface, and a real keyboard and mouse, and even a game controller.
    It has everything you need, and more, for it to replace your desktop PC or laptop.
  • he knows, he just wants to bitch and whine and find excuses instead of putting his money where his mouth is.
    This is the modus operandi for Surface detractors. Find a convenient excuse and dwell on that, and then when that excuse is removed, such as price, find another.
  • Your desktop doesn't even have a display. How do you use it without display? Your laptop also has a small display, how do you use that? that's right, connect it to a monitor. as for typing, the same thing applies. Physical keyboards. Surface Pro is in a league of its own minus the battery life for tablet use. Overall, the best value for not having to fiddle around with multiple devices.
  • Shame the UK doesn't have the discount :(
  • While there is no official price cut, the 128GB model can be bought for £729.99 from Amazon (limited stock though)
  • My wife and I paid $500 for the 4th gen iPad one month ago.  In comparison, a Surface Pro (64Gb) at $800 is a good price.  It's twice the machine.
  • Oh, $100 off the original price. So now it's only a gazillion freakin dollars. I'll take two please.
  • People keep talking about Haswell but I don't think it will be the magic bullet everyone expects. Those power savings are more than the processor, it's also the other system parts the platform uses.
  • I choose to turn on my surface pro over my desktop because of convenience. Desktop is hooked up to my flat screen in my room. If I go to the kitchen to eat dinner, bring my surface. Go to school, bring my surface. Go home to my room, turn on my surface. Its always right there and great for watching movies and stuff on the fly. As for the 4 hour battery thing, I always carry an extension cord with me because Starbucks have outlets waaaay over there
  • And I just bought one just this past week.
  • They are still over-priced. If they wanted to make a dent in iPad and Android tablet sales they would have priced the RT at $299 and the Pro at $449 and $50 for the keyboard.
    They didn't and now they're stuck with millions in obsolete tablets.
    Microsoft marketing - oxymoron.
  • The Pro isn't a competitor to the iPad, different type of computer altogether. It is a competitor to the Macbook Air, very similar specs The cheapest air is $999. Cheapest 32GB iPad is $599. So you are saying Microsoft should sell their products at half the price of Apples equivalents. Why should they need to do that? Your comment implies that Apples products are massively overpriced.
  • They came late to the market. As illustrated by the PC vs Mac, the lower priced device sells more. they needed to price themselves as a better value. Hardware alone doesn't rule the market, it's the ecosystem, especially the apps.
    You can read plenty from industry experts that clearly spell out all the mistakes Microsoft made in their marketing of Windows 8 and the equipment it runs on.
    BTW - I love my Windows Phone, wouldn't trade it for any other. I would prefer if Microsoft had made better choices and made a significant entry into the market because they attracted people with good products along with a good price.
  • This article today is a great explanation.
  • How is "Microsoft marketing" an oxymoron?