Microsoft cuts Surface Pro price by $100 for the month of August (US, Canada, Hong Kong, and Taiwan)

Good news if you’ve been camping out for a chance to grab Microsoft’s Surface Pro; the famous Windows 8 tablet has received a price cut of $100 brining the unit down to a starting price of $799. According to The Verge, the price cut will be available to customers in Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the US from August 4th to August 29th.

Microsoft recently cut the price of its Windows RT tablet, the Surface RT, by $150 in an attempt to boost what has been poor sales of the high-tech device. We do expect a new line of Surface products on the way, but as of now, grabbing a Surface Pro with $100 off or a Surface RT at its new reduced price can’t hurt.

Microsoft Surface Pro

Customers in the above stated countries can head over to Microsoft’s online web store and pick up the Surface Pro 64 GB (tablet only) for $799 or the 128 GB version (also tablet only) for $899. We are also beginning to see the new price cut take effect at other retailers including Best Buy.

What do you think – is the price cut enough to boost sales of Microsoft’s Pro Windows 8 tablet?

Source: The Verge, Microsoft, Thanks for the tip SSAPRE!

Michael Archambault