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Microsoft doesn’t forget the Xbox 360; releases new sleeker variation

With all the E3 news about Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox One game console, we can easily forget about the current generation machine. Today the company announced that a new smaller and sleeker version of the console will be available.

Microsoft stated that the goal of the console is to tie "a similar look and feel across the entire family of Xbox products". Internal power and external ports are all the same, the design of this unit is the only new factor. Even pricing remains the same: $199 for a 4GB console, $299 for either a 250GB edition or 4GB Kinect Bundle.

Did we forget to mention that for any Xbox LIVE Gold member who purchased the unit, new or existing, will receive two free Xbox 360 game downloads per month from July 1st to December 31st? Microsoft stated that titles include Halo 3 and Assassin’s Creed 2; we are assuming this means that you will have to pick from a preapproved selection of games.

What do you think about Microsoft’s updated console design – a welcomed edition or an ugly duckling?

Source: Microsoft News Center (opens in new tab)

  • As good as it looks i personally prefer the curves of the Xbox S.
  • Agreed
  • Sexy and 2 free games per month suits me nicely!
  • Looks good like the Xbox One.
  • Nom - That's how I'm going to describe it
  • Looks fine, surprised no price drop though.
  • The probably did it this way so they could offer a discount on existing 360 inventory first.  Coming this holiday I imagine the "newer" design will be all you see on the shelves next to XBox One.
  • I'm curious if they could be positioning this as their low cost tv box mainly for media. There were rumors of a non-gaming box in addition to Durango, but this would kinda make sense. Much different than the previous generation where they pretty much kicked the old Xbox out the door.
  • I'll likely take one. But why get a 4 GB for $199 when that 'might' be one game downloads file size.
  • Because you can then get a hard drive on eBay for 50 making it 249
  • The Xbox S is by far the sleekest looking console. This new design is basically one step away from being the VCR One.
  • It would look nice if the xbox 360 s wasn't so sexy
  • Hahahaaha 4GB haahaha xD
  • I must say that I prefer the S design more
  • I don't get why people like the design if the "s" version. This beats all the other versions, and I believe the "s" is the ugliest, by far!
  • Each to their own.. I like both
  • I like it but I am not going to waste my money on this since I already own one 360 S which is also very nice. That money would be better spent towards a new Xbox One.
  • I like the look, fits in with the simple, metro look. But, I was also a huge fan of the S look
  • Are you sure you have to purchase that model to get free games every month...i thought he said that would be a new Xbox live perk
  • I want to know the answer to this as well. I kinda missed this part of the live stream.
  • I'm with you on that interpretation, it seemed that was a separate reward for all existing gold members.
  • I agree that's not what I heard the man say on stage. I thought he said Xbox live was getting better for gold members with this feature of two games per month
  • It is definitely for anyone with a Gold Membership. There's an ad about it on my 360's home screen...kinda obvious if u use your Xbox.
  • This is the one for me.. Will upgrade my old model for this and see how the xone and ps4 do
  • whats the point?
  • People nowadays go googoo over cases and packaging it seems. It started with Apple. I blame them. My brother, who I always had thought of as an intelligent person, told me when the iPhone first came out, "You gotta see the packaging!" I thought to myself WTF do I care about the box a damn phone comes in? Hey, whatever.
  • Some gamers may need to upgrade their older models (like me). Also the user interface will be getting a facelift to coincide with xone interface. I wont be upgrading to xone immediately, i really have my eye on the ps4 at the moment.
  • I'm still rocking the original 360 elite... And I'm sure the OS will be for all boxes across the board, not just the new one.
  • Not much point got existing 360S users, but my elite doesn't load any profiles dashboard, and freezes often during games. I see this as an upgrade for then with the wireless internet and Kinect without traditional power socket plug. As for me I got my halon320gb edition s for a steal ($250) and I'm keeping that and my Xbox one as my primary runners.
  • "Did we forget to mention that for any XBox Live Gold member who purchased the unit, new or existing, will receive two free Xbox 360 game downloads per month from July 1st to December 31st?"
    Does anyone know what "new or existing" refers to in this statement?  Who exactly is eligible to get the free game downloads?  Thanks!
  • I read that as anyone who buys the new 360 - as long as you sign up for an xbox live account
  • Well Bob Loblaw... Love arrested development ANUSTART!!! BUT I watched the reveal, and they seemed to make it sound like its for all existing Gold members, not ones who buy the box or upgrade.
  • Nice...I hope that's the case.  I'm gonna put that in my law blog! 
  • PSN+ giver two games per month so this better be case for Gold members. Well another PR mess on our hands. Microsoft is like a Pro at pissing people off.
  • I believe psn plus lets you borrow games every month. Nice but not the same as ownership
  • I have the R2-D2 Slim. Nothing beats it. Lol
  • I have the gears of war one. Love mine too; :)
  • Halo 4 slim and I'm in love with sound effects!
  • "Ohh people seemed to have liked the horrible VHS player look of the XboxOne...I know! Let us pick the 360 and violate its design with this new awful one!" - said the responsible at Microsoft, after smoking a ton of weed.
    Unfortunately, it seems the PS4 is also going for a square shape...let us hope that the design is better though... I just don't see the point of releasing a new 360 with a new console coming out not even 6 months from now. It's just stupid...unless they're predicting a huge flop with the Xbox One because of those ridiculous new "rules" they invented regarding games etc, that they're releasing this new 360 just in case...
  • Its no different to apple having an iPad and iPad mini? Should be happy with that approach as it means the 360 is likely to keep getting great games
  • It's quite different...the 360 isn't a smaller version of the One. They're releasing a 8 year old console with a new case, a couple of months before they release a new console which will obliterate the former since it doesn't even have game portability. No one will buy this new 360 and then an Xbox One. They'll chose one of them.
    As for the 360 v. One...I would say its the same as WP7 v. WP8...except that chances of the Xbox One flopping are way higher. When they launched WP8 they said WP7 would still get support and Apps that's really happened.
  • You CANNOT compare Windows Phone to the Xbox 360, there was never going to be enough market penetration to keep WP7 up on apps. There are at least 80 million 360s out there. And don't think that all of them are going to buy the One on day one! It may be an 8 year old console, but it's still my go to for games, movies etc. maybe when the one comes down in price, but for now I'm sticking with 360.
  • I have a slim and an elite. If this goes on sale for under 250 with hard drive I might pick it up for the living room.
  • Standard Marketing its called milking the market for everything that its worth. You may have faster technology. But u sell what you have now to make the most money then move on and sell both and the older at a discount... People will look at the one and buy the 360 cause its cheaper when there kids don't have a console at Christmas.
  • That's actually pretty nice looking
  • I don't really like the look and I don't get why they would do this. Why release another 'old' when the next gen is around the corner? And who would buy this? I can only see people getting confused again, because they go to their favorite tech store to buy an Xbox. They find the 'new' smaller version cheaper then the other one. Then comes the breakdown, when they found out they bought an old console. Just like with WP7 and WP8 not too long ago (and still rolling). People go buy the cheaper model and only then find out its already outdated and won't run most of the new stuff.
  • Didn't do PSOne and PS2s any harm did it? You want an established console with a large library of games, services such as Netflix etc - get a 360. Want that plus more premium features (graphics, streaming gameplay vids, improved kinect, etc)? Get the One. I'm disappointed with the price of the One, but not especially surprised. If my current 360 breaks, I'll probably look to get the new 360 over the One. Why? Because it's a proven sound investment, and MS supporting it for another 4 years at least is a bonus IMO.
  • Really appreciate your answer. Did they announce they will support it another 4 years? Didnt go through all the new events yet.
    To your first question: Did they release a new design just in time with the relase of the next gen?
    I can see that, for you, who knows what he is doing this could be a good thing (though they could at least get the price down), but I can see that bringing a lot of confusion and frustration to people who thought they would buy the latest console.  
  • I would buy this for 2x free games per month and no constant connection to internet and Kinect cam required.
  • prefer the old design