Microsoft Flight Simulator releases its first ultralight plane with the unique Top Rudder Solo 103

Microsoft Flight Simulator Top Rudder Solo 103 Ultralight Plane
Microsoft Flight Simulator Top Rudder Solo 103 Ultralight Plane (Image credit: Xbox | YouTube)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator is one of the premier flight simulators currently available on PC.
  • Its gorgeous visuals, attention to detail, surprisingly robust support, and number of content updates make it a must-have for aviation fans.
  • Today, Microsoft Flight Simulator is releasing its first-ever ultralight plane with the Top Rudder Solo 103.
  • Weighing less than 254 pounds with an open cockpit, the Solo 103 is now available in Microsoft Flight Simulator for $10.

Just a few weeks after the release of its free World Update IV, Microsoft Flight Simulator has yet another compelling reason for aviation fans to jump into its expansive and detailed world. Today, Microsoft Flight Simulator is releasing its first-ever ultralight classification plane. The Top Rudder Solo 103 is the first ultralight plane to be developed specifically for Microsoft Flight Simulator, and brings a whole new feeling to the massive flight simulator.

There's also a beautiful new release trailer to accompany the plane launch.

The Top Rudder Solo 103 is truly one-of-a-kind, being a single-seat aircraft with an open cockpit, a weight of fewer than 254 pounds, and a top speed of 63 mph. It looks to be a fantastic addition to the extensive roster in Microsoft Flight Simulator, especially for casual recreational flights through various breathtaking vistas and landscapes. If you're interested in the Solo 103, it's now available through the Microsoft Flight Simulator marketplace for $10.

Unfortunately, today's release doesn't include any new tidbits of information for Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox, which still comes with a vague "Summer 2021" release window. Either way, Microsoft Flight Simulator is already one of the best games on PC, and the addition of this new ultralight plane makes it even better.

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