If you have downloaded and installed the new 9860 build of the Windows 10 Technical Preview and then found that the Modern UI version of Skype would not load, the folks at Microsoft have posted a workaround that might get things back up to speed.

The workaround was posted on Microsoft's community forums. Microsoft states in its forum post, "This is an issue with the Webcam Privacy settings in Build 9860. To work around the issue you will need to give Skype permission to use your webcam through 'PC settings'." Here's how to fix it:

  • Close the Skype App
  • Launch "PC settings"
  • Select "Privacy"
  • Select "Webcam"
  • Locate Skype in the app list and move the slider to the "On" position

If you have had issues with the Modern version of Skype since the new Windows 10 preview was installed, did this workaround fix the issue?

Source: Microsoft Community via Gabriel Aul on Twitter

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