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Microsoft Indonesia's leader may have confirmed Windows 9 will be free for Windows 8 users

A new report claims that the President of Microsoft Indonesia, Andreas Diantoro, confirmed in a presentation this week that the launch of the next version of Windows could be free for people who have already installed Windows 8 on their PCs.

According to the (translated) article on the Indonesia website Detik, Diantoro stated, "when the OS (Windows 9) was launched later, users who have been using Windows 8 just need to do the update via his device. It will be installed automatically." A few months ago, ZDNet reported that Microsoft was thinking about making the next version of Windows free for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 owners.


Even if this report turns out to be accurate, we don't expect Microsoft to confirm pricing for the next version of Windows (which may be called "Windows 9", "Windows TH" or just plain "Windows") when it holds its press event on September 30th in San Francisco. That will likely happen a few months before the final version is released, which is expected to happen sometime in the spring of 2015. Be sure to check out our new feature where we go over what we think might be included in the next big Windows release.

Do you think it's a good idea for the next version of Windows to be released for free and should it expand to Windows 7 users?

Source: Detik

  • Awesome
  • Microsoft let us PC user's down with Windows 8. Nice to see we may be able to get Windows 9 for free. It will definitely restore my faith in MS.
  • Because MS now develop universal OS for all device. They get much money from store now
  • Well, it makes ask the sense in the world coinciding how peoples' minds are wrapped around getting free updates for their modern OSs
  • Well, I'm one PC user absolutely happy with Windows 8. I have moved completely from Windows 7 to Windows 8. But I'm ready for Windows 9 - I hope I don't get disappointed by it.
  • I've preferred Windows 8/8.1 over Windows 7 since I started using Windows 8 beta as my primary OS when the beta was released. I'm looking forward to Windows 9 and I don't think it will disappoint. Would be nice if we can upgrade for free and it be very easy to do so from beta cause I have a surface pro 3 and I don't wanna have to roll back to 8.1 some how before being free upgrade eligible.
  • Can you elaborate what was so letting down in it. Only let down I feel was the people were not ready touch friendly displays. If you see a 2 year old navigate on ios, android or windows you will know that how intuitive they are. My toddler operates Win8 like anyone and fails miserably on Win7.
  • "Microsoft let us PC user's down with Windows 8. Nice to see we may be able to get Windows 9 for free. It will definitely restore my faith in MS."   You actually use WIN8? And no, you do not speak for  'us PC  users'! Certainly not for me and plenty of people I know who are very happy with WIN8 and how it's vastly better then 7. I've been on WIN8 since the release preview and never looked back really.   While I would expect WIN9 to be a free upgrade from 8, but will be happy to pay a small upgrade fee I certainly do ot expect it to be free overall. I think it will come free as a store upgrade but pre WIN8 users will have to pay for the upgrade.
  • My bad, Windows 8 is the best selling OS since WinXP. Living in 'Fantasy Land', are we? Microsoft has even admitted they didn't do it right. And if by some chance they decide to let Win8 users have it for free, I've proved my point.
  • Yeah I feel totally let down with my more efficient, stable, and all around better OS. I'm curious how much time you have spent actually using Windows 8/8.1.
  • More the people on a particular OS will boost app development for that particular OS... Which is desperately needed by MS...
  • Yeah armed and ready!!
  • Windows update is now ready
  • Yes
  • xD
  • I am gonna grab it on the day of its release of this thing is going to be true
  • Server load might slow you down :3 just saying
  • I'm grabbing it day 1, whether it's free or costs money. It's worth it either way!
  • Yes. Also for win 7 users. That would make a lot of people switch. For sure.
  • So I could by myself Windows 7 which is cheaper than Windows 8, and get Windows 9 for free. Cool!
  • If you're not using 7 or 8, what are you using?
  • That was just conclusion, I'm on 8.1.1 :)
  • Windows ME
  • I had forgotten all about that one. It was so short lived a la Vista.
  • Nah. Should be $40 for win 7'ers, like win 8 was.
  • Smart, move. This is all to increase the use of store app users. This had been an obvious move for me since win 8...
  • Agreed @mildmanneredjanitor , win 7 users should pay. Not fighting old users, but with the hatred win 8 got it only seems logical and marketing wise better. Besides Win 7 still has some years of support left so it should be a choice of win 7 users should upgrade, not a free for all after cursing the innovation win 8 brought to the table.
  • Yeah, but Microsoft wants people to update. Making it cost money to update will not make people want to update. Especially those who already have mistrust with Microsoft because of a Windows 8 disposition. I think free would give them a larger Windows 9 market share, which is what they want.
  • True point @SamuelOgden. I still think though that free is a bit of a stretch of an incentive. The $40 seems fair, but if not MS can go lower, not that they need the money... My point is, it wasn't free before, and the new innovation should come at a cost. Win 8 adopters (I used it from the consumer preview) blasted MS for stuff that shouldn't have changed but users or nevertheless. most win 7 users, and those die hard win XP users, might need an incentive to come on board but the changes that have been made since win 8.1 and those we expect for 9/TH and the merging with MS mobile should be incentive enough. Anywho, in the end, nothing is cheaper than free so WTH,™ :-)
  • Agreed.
  • Definitely. The Windows 8 users obviously are the ones willing to embrace the future, and are already willing to upgrade. Windows 7 users are the ones who need a little more incentive to upgrade.
  • If it is free for W7 users, it might as well make it free for ALL previous versions.  It it is not free, pricing should be reasonable, like $39.99.  MS should show some appreciations to those earlier W8 adopters who venture into it regardless.
  • I'd pay if I had to I love Windows 8 with all its charms :)
  • Haha, Charms, I see what you did there. xD
  • I might have to leave work early and take the bus or metro home to download this ;)
  • Universal serial bus
  • Just remote onto your PC :P
  • Did you hear something just whoosh by over your head?
  • Portugal, yeah
  • Dis gon be good
  • Great news!
  • Finally I can convince my friends to ditch Windows XP and my school to upgrade to Windows 9.
  • You got friends on XP? Yes, please show them the light. LOL
  • Lol
  • If only it was that simple. I don't think it is the money holding everyone back from upgrading from XP. People just don't like change, most people love w7, it wasn't panned like w8, yet people still don't want to leave xp. I think the move to make Windows free to upgrade from 7 or 8 makes some sense, and buying a fresh copy should be cheap as well. Move people to the new OS, make developers unable to resist building apps and get right of the blight on technology that is Android.
  • Hear, hear. /system/app must die, but for the essential phone apps.
  • At least XP was stable. Vista failed, 7 was good and 8 was let down, so with that in mind 9 should be like the success of XP and 7 ;)
  • Microsoft should make it free to Windows 8/8.1 users and make others pay... This should at least reward people who understood what Windows 8 is...
  • And then everyone will continue squatting on Windows 7. No, it needs to be free for Windows 7 also, it's critical Microsoft gets this one right. People are really skeptical of them now. The only good way to truly incentive people to upgrade is to make it free, at least for a time.
  • Then let them squat... People who refuse to adapt doesn't deserve any incentives... People who understood what Windows 8 is are still skeptical of people who didn't...
  • I don't think Microsoft will agree with that. They need people to jump into Windows 8 realm (hence, using Store apps at some point). More users will attract more developers. It will benefit you either way. Unless you already satisfied with this half-assed support by devs around the world and always feel left behind by other platform (yes, I'm talking to you, Google).
  • I've got many clients who are on Windows XP still: for them, there's nothing wrong with XP in terms of daily use and no reason to change. When MS comes out with another version of Windows, in their eyes MS is simply extorting them for the sake of money. I'm really wishing MS would come out with a free version of Windows 9 that includes the migration code from Vista to get these people off of XP. It would be even better if this special version would have the XP interface with NO changes at all; just backend architectural updating and an apology that the XP interface is good enough. It will NEVER happen, but I can wish.
  • That is just an assinine way of thinking. Those are the people who want something for nothing.
    By that account. Windows 3.1 should have been good enough, or Win95.
    And why should they have upgraded back then? No, XP is dead, finally. Buy the upgrade or be left behind and wallow in
    an unsecured, heavily prone to viruses and malware. Pay me to fix it, I will gladly take your money.
  • Ya I would say if you have clients not at least running windows 7 you are failing at your job as an IT Professional if that is your choice of career.
  • I will give them the benefit of the doubt.
    The client is always right, to a degree.
    But if they are not willing to understand the ramifications and refuse to upgrade based on the statements made. there isn't much anyone can do.
    It wouldn't be a failing of the Tech, as long as they made them understand their decision. In that case,, I have no problem, saying OK, call me when you need me
    and taking their money. they are only extorting themselves through ignorant stupidity.
  • I don't consider myself a professional; couldn't afford a second bachelors degree from scratch - I don't grasp programming. I just repair my clients' computers, and I'm darn good at it. Nearing the third full year of business. Ciao.
  • Why? If something does everything a person needs it to why bother spending money to change it? Not everyone has the attention span of a two year old and migrates to "oooh, shiny". It's why you still see people with old Nokia and Sony keypad phones some people still go by the mantra if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Neither point of view is wrong it's just different personalities. That being said there isn't much point migrating these people across s they probably wouldn't bother anyway.
  • Computers are not the same. Vulnerabilities get fixed in newer software. If you don't understand, you shouldn't be commenting. You make yourself look stupid.
  • Well, yeah, of course, but you also have to consider that with every new piece of software new vulnerabilities open up as well. Nothing is 100% secure. If these clients haven't experienced any adverse effects from running Windows XP what's the point of dropping cash on something that is "more secure" than what is, for them, already secure? I don't think windows 9 should be free though, hell if it is a huge enough update I think they're being pretty generous giving it to Windows 8 users for nothing. But why get so bent up out of shape over what someone else wants to run on their PC, it has no bearing on you.
  • That's true, which is why software is constantly being updated to fix vulnerabilities. Windows XP is NOT getting anymore updates. Once a vulnerability is discovered, it's not going to be patched, EVER. Really insecure. Also, you can't wait until /after/ something happens to worry about security. The damage is done by that point. That's a dangerous way of thinking, that leads to things like Target massive data leaks. Let me guess: You're also the kind of guy who waits until after your hard drive crashes to worry about data back up? Better safe than sorry, you've got to worry about things before they happen, because after is too late.
  • For security reasons, people really should upgrade. Not to mention new software typically is much faster, more efficient, and let's not forget the more secure aspect.
  • Even Apple can't magically upgrade from OS X 10.0 to Yosemite. Why should Microsoft offer XP to 9?
  • Keep in mind that many computers designed to run XP are apparently incompatible with Windows 8 (well, according to MS) so I wouldn't see many of them being able to run 9.
  • Now, there's a consideration. Thanks.
  • True
  • I paid for WIndows 8.....I understand it, but, I dont care for it much...accept on a tablet... I kind of hope they give Windows 7 users a great discount or even free.... because finally Microsoft listend to what their customers wanted....Something that should of been in 8/8.1 to start with..
  • It's what the people who refused change wanted but didn't need... Just because it's something you want doesn't mean it's something you really need...
  • Need is a relative term. Do you even need a computer?
  • I do... Now, do we really need a Start Menu?... The Start Screen is there... App List is there... It's just learning to adapt...
  • Start menu is faster, click the button and the search is right there, windows 8 involves bringing up the charm bar which, when using a mouse, is sluggish then clicking on the search button then typing, it is a minor difference but a noticeable one. This next point may just be me being a little less familiar with 8 than 7 but the app list doesn't provide quick access to your recently used documents like the start bar does (unless you physically pin an application to the menu), again, I could be wrong on this one so feel free to correct me.
  • That's not true. Searching is exactly the same on Windows 7 and 8. On 8, you click the start button, and just start typing to search.
  • Hollyshit, megaton
  • Still waiting for windows 8.1 on Lumia 800.
  • I hope they run a discount for Win7, because I nicked a volume enterprise key for Win8.
  • The humanity
  • Lol :)
  • ?
  • Cool!
  • Yep they can get paid by the apps
  • I agree with Renan
  • Microsoft kind of has to give it away for free. I understand Microsoft is more of a software company than a hardware one, but if Apple gives away Yosemite for free (which they are), then Microsoft really should give away 9 for free. Especially after the confusion that was 8 for normals.
  • It wasn't confusing at all if the person was willing to learn and adapt... Windows 8 had a tutorial upon first use... They could give it for free, only to existing Windows 8/8.1 users... Apple has the capability of giving away Yosemite for free since they handle the hardware as well...
  • Apple doesn't give Yosemite away for free. You have to buy an overpriced computer directly from Apple just to get it.
  • The more political MS gets, the more attractive that overpriced computer is appearing.
  • Agtee, Windows 8 followed by Windows 8.1.1 was a stroke of genius and left behind Android/Apple. But people like overpaying for Apple products so don't understand the overpriced Apple ecosystem.
  • Depends, iOS and Android bring an app market to the table. Just bought a house that has three garage door openers by Liftmaster. No remotes. Liftmaster does have apps on iOS and Android which let me open them with my phone, not on WP. I have four Sonos speakers, there are apps for Android and iOS, not WP, to control them. Frankly, I'm tired of waiting. I have three Nest thermostats. No WP app. This is real world stuff, not fart apps or Candy Crush. Seems to be the story on WP, wait, wait longer, then wait some more.
  • Hahaha, reminds me of the original WP ads, with the iSheep walking around with their heads stuck in their phones. Real life is not in a phone or app. Get a life lol
  • I prefer apps that make real life convenient. That is the purpose of electronics. Are you suggesting I just chuck it all out the door because MS can't get it done while others have succeeded?
  • For your nests use wellNEZTed works pretty well for mine. Sonos is actually announced they are working on one right now so wont be long. Lift Master tho theirs an app called Garage Door Opener see if that will work.
  • Thanks, will give them a shot. Don't hold your breath on Sonos. They've been claiming that for almost two years now.
  • It was confusing for the so called experts. Normals listen to expert and conclude "if experts say it's hard, it must be so."
  • "but if Apple gives away Yosemite for free"   They don't, you're paying for it through the hardware ( and then some)..
  • I hope so.
  • Yeah that would be a nice option for win 7 to get it for the £20 deal again as I missed the last one for win 8 and was gutted!
  • That means that they will only make money out of new PC or tablets sales... I think that it will cost a small amount for Windows 7 users
  • Interesting move. Windows is the most lucrative area for Microsoft so, what would they sell to change that? Support like RedHat?
  • here's the big picture. If Microsoft can get 300 million of its existing user base to adopt widows 9 - albeit for free... 1. Developers will not be able to ignore windows.
    2. If windows phone rings exactly the same apps as win rt. Well, use your imagination
  • Well put man!!
  • Its not being called Threshold for no damn reason ... The code base is FINALLY aligning! let the kickass out the can now people!
  • Well for w7 users only if they get the basic sku & those who got w8pro whatever the equivalent is
  • Windows 8? Not 8.1? Or?
  • XP people better new pcs and laptops. or else die.
  • I guess we need to wait till Tuesday for the offical announcement (I submitted a tip a few hours before this post), It sounds possable but, I wonder where it will leave XP and WIndows 7 users. Yea, XP is deal but, you would not believe on how many people actually are still using XP...(one of those things, if it aint broken, dont fix it). This would be great if true, as I am dual booting with 7 and 8.1 but, spend 99% of my time on 7 because I find 7 easier to use and find thigns than on 8.8.1....I have 2 WIndows 8 licenences so cool, W9 on my tablet and desktop... I guess all will be known on Tuesday....In a way I hope they release on tuesday and the other side if me wishes not....Forza Horizon 2 for my Xbox one will be at my door on the 30th....too much to play with on a work day !!!! And I am freaking out waiting for Forza to hit... I have created a 100gb partition just waiting for Windows 7....Preped and ready to go !!! Release away !
  • Thank you so much for all of that off topic nonsense. At least it sounds like you will have some fun
  • What?
  • No offense, XP is great, I dual booted when 7 came out, but tbh XP is broken, and MS won't be fixing it any more. I'd we are talking about adoption, when 7 fixed many of the word of Vista, MS was hoping that people would upgrade, but they didn't, I think that was out of fear and not because of money. Now with 9/TH that would be 3-4 OS later and people still want to consider using that plagued piece of software just because most things are still compatible with it? I just can't understand that logic...
  • If you remember windows user had payed for 7 or 8. Then there is difference in windows is free for both.
  • good news
  • Don't forget about poor vista users. How about some Win 9/TH love for free?
  • Even in windows phone 8.1 users ?
  • Should be free for windows 7 too
  • Pretty obvious it should be free for Windows 8 users. But I don't think it'll be free for Windows 7 or XP users.
  • Indonesia is a subsidiary of Microsoft Corp, so I'll guess this guy knows as much as Daniel about this... And I know because I work on one and I find out things here on WPCentral
  • You mean Microsoft Indonesia? Because if a nation is a subsidiary of a company, it'll be scary :( no offense
  • You're right, I meant Microsoft Indonesia.
  • You may be finding out about it on WPCentral because you're not the president of a whole division of MS that's responsible for a big country. I mean it should be obvious
  • Office (MOD actually) is a division for example, Microsoft Indonesia is a subsidiary, way different in this context.
  • And don't get me wrong, I truly hope he's right and not just repeating the rumors...
  • Should be free to college students and as per dreamspark user myself, hopefully yes...
  • No, per the all spark, it should be free
  • good those who supported microsoft and bought windows 8 deserve to have it for free
  • I got it free in the first place. DreamSpark baby!! But I'm ready to buy Windows 9 if it comes with a price tag. Windows 8 is just the glimpse of the future and I already love it.
  • Having free for Win 7 users would really create an incentive for developers to get on board.
  • Good. First person so far who's gotten this right
  • I'm on W7 and I'd upgrade if it was for free or up to 30 USD. Not that anyone cares... But I want to put it out there.
  • Win7 users should pay a small upgrade fee, just to be fair.
  • Free is the right way. Plus a compulsory upgrade and stopping updates for win 7 users. Microsoft will make is money back from app store sales
  • Fair?
  • I think it should be free for Windows 8 and 8.1 users, but not for 7 users. They need to anti up just like everyone else did.
  • Needs to be free so Microsoft gets its app store out to the most users possible
  • Right now getting the lost market share is more important. Makes sense to give this for free now. Get people on board windows 9 then make revenue by windows 10 or Microsoft products. Right now Microsoft has to get its share back.
  • They lost market share to who exactly? Linux? Macs?
  • windows 8 was a failure, but market share loss!! dude check your fact.
  • Let me articulate Bengali dada. Kamon aacho? I meant windows 8 market shares combined with 8.1 are even less than vista and xp. I meant in context of windows 8. This also means that Microsoft gained nothing in tablets bcas of the OS and not hardware like surface which was top notch hardware. I meant with windows 9 if successful with features like Cortana will bring more users to the fray and may also at least increase Microsoft 's share albeit marginally into tablets.
  • well you didn't mention anything about windows8, but yeah windows 8 /8.1 has very less os market currently. Windows 9 should be a game changer..... hope so. as for cortana, i never use cortana anything but showing off my friends(wp), it will hardly bring any feature, and beside talking to a pc ........ well that's embarrassing... bengali!!!! shhhh...... keep it a secret :P
  • $20 upgrades.
  • Awesome, my VAIO will be even cooler (I hope)
  • That's what she said!
  • That's what his mom said
  • Yes, make it free for W7 users. Very cheap like $20 for Windows XP.  
  • Expand it free to Vista and 7 users so that more users are on the same OS and it'll help drive the Windows Store. Microsoft can make money with apps and services.
  • You got that 100% right. If they actually make it where you don't need a touch screen for full functionality then I can see a lot of businesses upgrading as well this time around too. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • I still fail to understand where people get this idea that you have to have Touch Screen to take full advantage of Win8.x That is pure bull shit.
  • Yeah, I don't have a touch screen and I even use the metro part of Windows 8.1 a lot. I pin apps to the start screen and snap apps to the side of the desktop, I love it.
  • Because it is optimized for a touch screen on newer devices. On older devices not so much. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • bu,, bu bu bu,, bu bu,,,,,,,, bubububu,,, BULL SHIT.
  • I think Windows 8.1 metro view sucks on touch screen it works better with mouse and keyboard
  • (which may be called "Windows 9", "Windows TH" or just plain "Windows") Thats becoming funny. I like "which may, or may not be called Windows 9" also. That was used a lot...
  • I'll wait 6 months. Their releases are better the second time around.
  • Yes please! I just bought Windows 8.1 Pro back in May for a new PC build. It would suck if I had to buy the new OS less than a year later.
    Also I agree with the other users, Windows 7 users should have to pay something. Hell most of em' hate windows 8 and are scared of change.
  • I think it's a good idea to give it for free to all of us who have endured Windows 8. It can only generate good word-of-mouth for Microsoft.   However, I don't think Microsoft should offer it for free to Windows 7 users. They are using an already awesome OS, if they want Windows 9 they should buy it. They can make an initial promotion like the one they did for Windows 8 though.   Unless, of course, Microsoft just wants to try and make everyone leave all versions of Windows which aren't Windows 9, in which case I hope they made sure they made Windows 9 light enought to be supported by 5-7 year old computers in a breeze.
  • Endured what exactly?
  • The start screen, the initial lack of booting to desktop, the lack of a proper start button, the constant switching of screens... Shall I continue?
  • Not exactly world ending shit