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Microsoft to issue Surface firmware updates to address Meltdown and Spectre exploits

Microsoft has already issued an emergency update to Windows users in response to the Meltdown and Spectre exploits that were disclosed this week, but the company has now announced (opens in new tab) dedicated firmware updates for Surface devices as well.

The UEFI updates will be available for the following eight Surface models running the Windows 10 Creators Update or Fall Creators Update, according to Microsoft:

  • Surface Pro 3
  • Surface Pro 4
  • Surface Book
  • Surface Studio
  • Surface Pro Model 1796
  • Surface Laptop
  • Surface Pro with LTE Advanced
  • Surface Book 2

As for Surface Hub, Microsoft believes that the chances of these vulnerabilities working against it are "significantly reduced" because of its security features. The company says it will continue to monitor threats to Surface Hub and act accordingly, however.

As of this writing, it doesn't appear that the firmware updates are being distributed to everyone over Windows Update. We have, however, been able to secure what appears to be the update with a Surface Book 2 on the Release Preview Insider ring. Insiders in the Fast and Slow rings should be able to grab the update as well. Otherwise, we'd expect the updates to start rolling out for everyone in relatively short order.

For more on Meltdown and Spectre, check out our recent coverage of the disclosure, as well as the latest response from Intel.

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  • Hopefully there are patches for the Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 as well. I imagine they will be released with the patch tuesday release as that is when W7 and W8 devices will get the patch(es) unless Microsoft's plans change.
  • Yes, I hope so. Also what about Windows 10 Mobile? How is that effected?
  • It is probably affected by the Spectre exploit but not Meltdown
  • So what do I do, a Surface Pro 2 user?
  • You got a software update like the rest of the world ;) It's not really clear what this new UEFI does in addition to the patch that went on Windows 10 last night.
  • If this new Y2K-20 (year 2020) marketing fail is true, then you get duplicate patches.
  • looks like Surface Pro 3 and above users get the firmware only...
  • But it sure got automatically implemented and restarted the PC instantly.
  • Surface Book 2 downloading, Surface Laptop next to it doesn't have it :)
  • These companies are up to no good.
    They're not fooling anyone.
    What's next... Data on devices powered by coal generation can be compromised through the wall outlet.
  • Just got a firmware update for my Surface 3 PRO (Release Preview Ring)
  • Version is 3.11.2250.0
  • I can't get the KB4056892 patch on my desktop, it just says there aren't new updates. 
  • It may be due to your AV software. I read that MS is delaying the patch on systems with some AV apps due to BSOD until the devs release a patch that has been tested to work with the patch.
  • You may have to upgrade to the fall creators updates, if you haven't already. I had to upgrade my desktop to get the patch. So far it's running okay, the difference I've noticed is that my GPU is being utilised by processes that normally are run by the CPU such as the client server runtime process and system process.
  • Nothing about Surface Arc mouse? Or continuum? What I'm using with my Lumia 950 where also isn't an update for available! Are these devices not effected? Smartphones are, when can we except an update? Anyone out there who can tell it all?
  • On the 9 Patch Tuesday
  • Doubt the Surface Pro 2 will get the firmware update. Considering how many actually couldn't install firmware due to their UEFI bug originally.
  • I got the firmware update on my Surface Pro 4 on the Fast Ring
  • No firmware update for the non-pro Surface 3?
  • Patch Tuesday
  • That's the general Windows 10 patch for Meltdown, not firmware update, is it not?
  • No patch for the Lumia 950? Epic fail!
  • All our Lumias were updated yesterday.
  • I do not see any update availbale for the Surface Book 2 at the Download Center, the only file is from 11/17/2017, I know Windows Update is only for Insiders for now, thanks
  • I have the SB2 and no update yet - but just could be normal rollout delay for all I know.  On Production Fall update and the Jan cumulative update (installed correctly).  Purely informational at this stage.  
  • has anyone run the check on their surface book? Mine still shows the firmware has not been updated... any update on when that will be released? what about dell and other PC builders?
  • Broke my pen on my SP4, tried 4 pens now