Microsoft's Panos Panay talks new Windows 11 features and devices at Computex 2022

Windows 11 Hero Surfaces
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Computex 2022 is happening right now in Taipei, and there's lots of announcements and talks happening around tech in the PC space. Among those companies is Microsoft, which delivered a talk with executive vice president Panos Panay about Windows 11 and this "new era" for the PC. 

The talk, titled "The New Era of the PC: A Conversation About Windows 11" on YouTube provides an interesting look into how Microsoft is viewing Windows 11's momentum so far. The 30 minute chat opens with a brief overview of several new features that have been testing in the Insider Program over the last several months.

A big area of focus for Panay and Microsoft is with Windows 11's new accessibility features, highlighting how Windows is built to be as inclusive as possible. He also mentions new Windows devices from partners like Dell, Lenovo, HP, and more, noting that its partner ecosystem is "firing on all cylinders."

Microsoft also mentioned some interesting statistics. According to the company, since the start of the pandemic, 70% of more people streamed content from Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube on Windows devices. There's also been a six-times increase in people using communication apps like Slack and Zoom on Windows. Additionally, Windows 11 has a doubled adoption rate compared to Windows 10.

Overall, the Windows PC ecosystem is booming right now, according to Microsoft. The company says Windows 11 is their strongest release yet, and is the most secure version to date too thanks to support for things like Pluton, Secure-Core PCs, and more.

Zac Bowden
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