Microsoft has announced that the Outlook.com email service has come out of preview. The service was launched last year and has witnessed over 60 million consumers moving across to the new email service. David Law, Director of Product Management, notes that the team has implemented a number of improvements through lots of feedback received from users.

As well as officially launching the service, Microsoft will be kicking off a large marketing campaign worldwide to promote Outlook.com as a perfect email provider. There's a lot of confidence here too as the team will be upgrading millions of Hotmail accounts to the new Outlook.com experience. We've previously looked at Outlook.com with a number of helpful tutorials and tips on how to better use the service.

Microsoft introduced Outlook.com as a radical improvement to Hotmail and Windows Live. The 60 million user marker counts people who have signed in several times a month via the web browser, email client or smartphone. For the millions of Hotmail users who will be upgraded to Outlook.com, the Hotmail email address, password, messages, folders, contacts, rules, vacation responses and more will all remain the same.

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The team expects all Hotmail accounts to be using Outlook.com by this summer - you can kick off the process today by simply logging into Outlook.com. There's also no requirement to upgrade to a outlook.com email address. It'll be interesting to see how Microsoft markets the Outlook email service as well as other cloud services, Windows and Windows Phone.

Speaking of marketing campaign, check out neat Outlook.com commercial below:

The refresh is running alongside the Messenger to Skype upgrade, which will be underway this coming April. We've already witnessed Microsoft rebrand itself, and 2013 will be the year when it simplifies its online services. Are you using Outlook.com? What do you make of the email service?

Source: Outlook Blog