Microsoft lets the HP Elite x3 loose in its stores as promotion campaign begins

The HP Elite x3 was announced way back in February and it's now finally getting its day in the sun. The three-in-one device (don't call it a phone) has seen a limited release in certain markets, but now Microsoft is starting the gears churning to push it more broadly in the US.

As reported earlier the Elite x3 is now available in physical Microsoft Stores too (although many of you have seen it on the floor for a few weeks already).

The official Microsoft blog has also posted a hands-on with the device from Mollie Ruiz-Hopper discussing the device's highlights as seen above.

See HP Elite x3 at Microsoft (opens in new tab)

Expect a lot more media coverage as HP and Microsoft begin an even wider push of our current favorite Windows 10 Mobile device.

For now, dive into our Elite x3 forums to see what others are saying about HP's latest creation!

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  • Can anyone translate to English please
  • it means buy it.
  • Apart from EDGE and Office. What are the other apps that give full PC experience on Continuum?
  • What else would you need?
  • Readit, Windows Central and Mail are the main ones I use outside of Edge. It would be great if the Windows 8 apps end up usable on the main display but hopefully they convert them over to UWP over time.
  • It means: Its taken us Eight Months for us to Officially put this on sale. Sure, it kinda has been on sale since last month but only in certain stores for certain customers* with several reasons why it's not available. But now its going global, since reveal we've added a finger print scanner and new HP logo but were still not sure if Anniversary Update has fixed the Camera bug, nor when the laptop accessory will be fully stocked but at least we win the award for the most drawn out launch in history ... just like this comment. Edit: This comment is meant to be a little bit of fun. I'm actually a fan of the device and what HP have done here.
  • Still, EIGHT months. I didn't realize it had been that long. It's kind of like previews at the movie theater. By the time the movie finally comes out you could have sworn it's a rerelease or sequel.
  • It's a normal process.
  • For Windows phones, yes. It's announce, waaaaait, and yawn on release. I see announce and release with excitement on the competing platforms. One of the those features we might get Soon™. Even so, I still love Windows and Windows Mobile.
  • Really not normal. I can't think of any device on another platform that has an 8 month lead time. For Apple and Samsung, that is nearly an entire device cycle!
  • Perhaps it would be best if Samsung took more time to bring products to the market. You know, to avoid that whole exploding thing.
  • What do you know.  Samsung is NOT having a problem with their phones.  No.  It's not a problem.  It's a FEATURE.  The Note 7 is the FIRST mobile phone to have a built-in fireplace, that's all.  Watch Apple copy it.
  • Apple too has built in a new feature, it has let snakes loose in their IP7/7+. Hissing anyone? Check out hissgate on the Interweb.
  • Same with Samsung washing machines, get your clothes washed and keep the family warm all at the same time, and for the extra cold nights there's the phone hand warmer as well, nice.
  • Apple just has a better PR department. They manage to quietly 'leak' information for months before the Event at which the new device is revealed. We were hearing about the iPhone 8 before the iPhone 7 event even happened. I'm not just talking about tabloid rumors either. We get specs, parts shots, accessory leaks, clandestined device photos. Apple's marketing is brilliant.
  • It does happen. On the Android side, I've been watching for the Zenfone 3 from Asus. Announced months ago, it is just now up for preorder on Amazon. Apple doesn't do it that way, but many manufacturers do.
  • There is a huge difference between four and eight months, though.
  • Good news!
  • ehh... one of the most critical apps for productivity is your browser, ESPECIALLY if you're going the continuum route (because while you get office on the phone, you're going to be relying on some webapps). with extensions for edge stuck on the desktop, people using Edge in continuum are going to have a horrible experience for anything that involves browsing outside their corprate structe (aka basic research). Without mobile edge extensions (specifically ad blocking), continuum cant fly :(
  • They had extensions planned for both PC and Mobile as was shown on Windows 10 feature roadmap, but they later removed the Mobile part.
  • I was in Orlando's store and they did not have it on display. They said they were waiting on the AU - which has come and gone.
  • What Orlando store, I bought mine at the Florida mall store, I also know the millenia mall had them, maybe sold out. They were on display.
    To clarify, I bought mine on the 4th, they were not in the store much before that, at most a few days.
  • Well, I was at both malls on the 30th and the 1st. Specifically, I asked one of the Geniuses in the Mall at Millennia where the X3 was and they said what I noted above. BTW, the Mall at Millennia is where you want to be. I found this fantastic military jacket by Ralph Lauren at Macy's and an amazing long sleeved Burberry thin sweater at Neman Markus.
  • Also, remember when it rained like crazy in Orlando before the hurricane we just had? It was in the evening hours - about 6pm.
  • You were there too early, don't think they put up displays until the eve of 3rd. I hate millenia mall, traffic sucks
  • But, the women, oh Lord, the women, in that mall.
  • And along come all the online advertising geniuses, and critics. 
  • Wow IP67 water resistance , I heard first time
  • Sigh... If only Verizon would wake up and offer this phone.  It would be great work phone for me. 
  • If only you'd wake up and leave Verizon..... Then you'd have this work phone.
  • If only ATT/TMo gave a crap about the half of the US they don't cover... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I got att and while ill admit I have been to every place in the USA every place that I have been witch is 23 states i haven't found a spot that my phone didn't work expect my local Walmart must be there building
  • Try Washington county FL, yes I said county not just a city.. Att is also not to sporty in Dothan ala where I live currently. There a reason businesses prefer Verizon and I can speak for the city gov and public works of panama city fla, I worked for them 7 years, when they call their employees they expect their phone to ring..
  • No AT&T coverage for miles where I live either (in NH). Only Verizon, or cariers that can roam on Verizon's network (e.g., Sprint, US Cellular). I can drive for 30 minutes and not get a signal on AT&T, all in areas that work fine with Verizon.
  • They have what we call "Smoke Break" have to be outside to use it. My work has bought out ATT/TMo contracts for sought after recruits (and their families). Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Try all of Nebraska. If you look at the ATT coverage map it's great everywhere...and then there's this giant blank spot where Nebraska is. I live in SE South Dakota with a lot of jobs down across the river, so I've made a big sacrifice to have my Lumia 950XL. Voice/text work fine in most places down there, but Internet is nonexistent.
  • Come to VA.  It's pretty spotty here.
  • @KMF79 I said "work phone" .  My company is not switching carriers just for me.
  • Actually in a recent car mag test going from coast to coast Verizon and tmo tied and covered 98% of the area. Now I know tmo map intimately and know there is plenty of nothing out there. But those areas are very rural and sadly they don't have many options
  • "Half"? Wtf? Look at a coverage map. Although I think they ALL could do a better job in their colored areas though. This is the 21'st century after all. There should be no reason for spotty coverage in a covered area.
  • Yeah, about those maps.... According to ATT, we have their highest level of coverage available. Not fringe, or roaming. Nice, dark orange 4G LTE. Nothing for miles around but uninterrupted dark orange. According to all the ATT cell phones we buy out to attract people, we barely get voice coverage indoors. Forget about data. You want kind of data speed, or reliable sms? Go outside. And this isn't a single location, it's 10 locations spread over a 100 mile radius. Complete with two US Interstates and 5 US highways. Meanwhile, Verizon is solid enough I use fixed cellular routers on them for a backup VPN to some cloud hosted services. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Sadly, the USA coverage problem for cell service and all utilities is the economics of sprawl. America is big and sprawl is expensive, yet America loves to spread out. We are still converting farm land and rural areas to housing. The lesser populated states do, typically, have good cell coverage along the freeways. It costs money to build out infrastructure of any kind (sewer, water, roads, bridges, etc.) and it costs more when it is thinly spread out. Thanks for listening. We now return you to your normally scheduled Windows Central comments.
    Best Wishes
  • She sounds genuine
  • You are right, it seems Cortana
  • I keep seeing all this talk about how this phone (and if it is ever made Surface Phone) are intended for business not consumers and will have a higher price point.  I've worked for two companies in my 16 year so far career and never has either company I've worked for bought expensive phones.  Its always about getting the cheapest phone that will do what is needed.  Right now with my current company they pretty much order two phones.  If you want android you get an S6 since its free or if you can convince your boss to pay a bit you get the S6 Active.  If you want an Iphone you get a refurb 6 as those are free or again if you can convince your boss you pay a little and get a 6s.  NOBODY gets iphone 7s or S7's and I can guarantee that they would never approve the cost of an X3.  Are there a lot of companies out there buying expensive phones like these for their employees?
  • This is aimed to companies which want to take advantage of continuum and HP workplace (which allows to run desktop apps remotely). That means that your company don't have to buy you a phone and a desktop/laptop but just the phone and its accessories, so even if its an expensive phone (but I suspect companies will have bundles and discounts) they can save a lot of money overall for hardware and maintenance.
  • Poor productivity been reported by reviewers, even here. Well perhaps public sector & non-profits would be a great fit for this.
  • There's no reviews on Workspace (which is the real deal here), just continuum with prerelease software. Then, we already know continuum improvements for the next update that dramatically improve the experience.
  • Workspace is not free. Likely costs quite a lot. And it's just remote app solution, multitasking will still be poor for a long time. What company would go for expensive half baked solution even if it might get better after a year? Wouldn't it make sense to wait and see whether MS & hp actually deliver first?
  • We'll be reviewing HP Workspace in the near-future.
  • What is that (new?) camera ring kinda thing on the back ?! Didn't see it before.
    The video in this article has it.
  • Fingerprint scanner, damn coolest thing ever and in a great spot, now anytime I pick up my phone I don't have to find a power button, etc... My hand is already on the back and I just put my finger in the ring and it turns on and logs in, genius
  • No no. I didn't mean the fingerprint scanner. See the small ring around the lens in the video? What's that?
  • It is just a larger variant of the ring around the lens that the phone eventually shipped with, on the models in stores they machined it down more
  • I think they use a case cover
  • If they will buy a desktop, then why do i need to use continuum?
  • This is the rub.
  • Tis a funny one, no?
  • You might not want to carry your desktop everywhere? Just carry one device and be done.
  • What do you mean by "one device?" Do you mean that A mouse, a keyboard, a monitor and a phone are one device? Because that is what is required to turn a phone into a computer, and a pretty lousy computer, at that.
  • Yep. I tried Continuum on the 950XL for all of 1 hour.
    Video playback was pretty woeful (due to adverts clogging up the browser). I couldn't pin apps to the taskbar...and instead had to browse through the normal Windows Mobile start screen (which or course doesn't have the apps I want in the place I want when using it in desktop mode).
    The two TV's I tried it on failed to scale I couldn't see the left or right sides of the screen.
    I can't put in HTML into email address signatures on the Mail app - so that's not much use to me. & there's no side by side snapping either. WHY has Microsoft been faffing about with ARM processors for all these years? Why didn't they just go x86 from the get go and actually give Intel a market to shoot for. Then we wouldn't have this stupid make believe desktop experience. Sadly, Continuum is a concept doomed to fail. There's no incentive for developers to make apps...and no market share.
  • apart from nvidia tegra processors intels mobile solutions are crappy, shsould ee them in asus zenbfone lagging like hell
  • exactly...its a crappy solution to a problem no one had! The one device mantra is just fanboy drivel.  You don't have one device doing everything....because it can't.   Contiuum is gimped RT with no apps and useless slow laggy OS.
  • In a word?  Yes.  My companay for one.
  • What kind of replacement cycle do you guys have.  Kiba, my old company was on a 3 year cycle and the current one is 4-5 depending,  Since a phone has an expected life cycle of 2 years this wouldn't work here even if it meant you didnt have to buy the user a pc as well.  And MA70 do you get a phone and a desktop/laptop or just the phone? Also Kiba, I'm not familliar with HP workplace but I assume that would involve additional server purchases and licenses as well?
  • The basic rules are every 3 yrs, but they can be replace/upgraded as needed.
  • Yes they are!  Iphones for everyone as Blackberries become more and more scarce.
  • Current models or a generation back to save money?
  • The iPhone SE is not as much as the other phones.
  • The SE is a modern classic. Great phone.
  • Similar opinion. Microsoft and HP won't really make a significant dent in the enterprise market if they can't compete against cheap desktop / laptop setup option and win. Let's face it, Continuum is a gimmick at this point when it has no plans of supporting Win32 apps, nor does it have a complete set of UWP apps as a replacement.
  • I got a chance to try it out this weekend at my local Microsoft store and it felt too huge to me compared to my 950XL. It probably feels familiar to 1520 users.
  • What, I replaced my 950xl with this phone, it is barely bigger, screen just goes more to edge, hard to justify the cost to upgrade from a good 950xl, but I could never go back, the x3 is so much better. Do miss the camera button and glance a bit, but not deal breakers for all the other better features....battery and screen are amazing
  • yeah yeah, try to test the camera and come back. X3 camera is nothing near the quality of the 950xl
  • You are right 950xlis best camera ever, galaxy very close as well, but the x3 works fine(tested all weekend) and I can use it in the pool now.
  • As evidenced by Windows Central - the 950 camera is bested by the Galaxies in blind testing.
  • I read that it doesn't have NFC, which I'm using more and more on my 950, and I wouldn't give up my superior camera either.
  • Mine has nfc in settings
  •   Love the size.  Nice to see MS folks promoting!  It's a great device.  Wish list would have included a few things but that would have driven up the price.  This thing has a battery that many wish for, so keep that heavily in mind.  Storage starts where it should (64GB).  USB C, headphone jack (didn't kill the waterproofing to have one on the device Apple), SD storage available, and an OLED screen that actually is of good quality are all things you are taking away with this device.  And remember HP is has more in the pipeline.  If they can do phones this well or even improve on it in future years (think Snapdragon 830 in 2017 and 840 in 2018), then it will do well for the market.    
  • Do you think it will switch to Android after Microsoft kills Windows Mobile? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • No, android is saturated. If anything they stop making phones altogether. But in the end your missing the point as noted above, end goal here is a continuum and laptop replacement with cloud based apps in hp workplace...not an option on droid. And this phone has most proper corporate and govt certifications as I understand for vpn, etc......
  • Android is more than capable of Continuum functionality. Continuum isn't unique to Windows. You can even buy laptop docks for Android. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You have some issues surely. Android has Continuum functionality ?! Yeah right -_-
  • Here is a lapdock for Android, not to mention the Motorola Matrix that was available year ago. Android Freeform that can be easily enabled. Along with the built in keyboard, mouse and external display support, Android does Continuum better than Microsoft. You even have all Android apps available, unlike the handful that Microsoft has for Continuum. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Andromium doesn't work well and Motorola Lapdock is gone because it didn't work good enough.
  • you have the does have "continuum" functionality....also,  android made better use of it via asus padfone.   dock your phone in the tablet,  it switched to the tablet,  with full pen functionality,  then dock the tablet on the keyboard and go laptop.   Much better than what MS and HP is offering.  Plus,  Continuum is NOT a real desktop OS only a gimpped version of RT.  There is nothing compelling with continuum.   Just a gimmick.
  • You have to realize that bleached only exists to bash Windows.  Facts don't deter.
  • Android most certainly does have Continuum functionality.  It's not the same implementation, but it works very well, supports a mouse and keyboard, etc.
  • Androids "continuim" is not the same... sorry. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android.. But waiting for the HP Elite so I can get rid of this junkie Galaxy S5...
  • Yeah, it is far superior to Microsoft's offering. You are not limited to a single app and there are far more apps available including remote desktop and virtualization. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • To be fair, I don't really use contiuum much(won't be very useful for me until desktop apps can be installed on phone) , but when I show others how fast and easy I can wirelessly connect to my TV and use features, they are impressed, none if them could get it done on their apple or droids, but maybe they don't know how to use their phones either?
  • Yeah, people don't realize their phones have keyboard, mouse and external display support. Why would they though? A laptop is going to be a much better experience and doesn't require jumping through hoops. The cloud already makes your data available anywhere. Continuum is a solution looking for a problem. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You do realize that HP explored both iOS and Android before desiging this phone right? And neither of them could do what Windows 10 Mobile could for them. Unless you are assuming that Microsoft somehow paid them a bunch of money or gave them enough insentive to make the phone. But there is no proof of that... ​A much more likely senario is that W10M actually has something that works better for HP and continuum plays a big role in that.
  • I heard HP wanted more help from Google then they were willing to give. They are not as desperate as Microsoft when it comes to manufacturers. I wouldn't discount the idea that Microsoft gave HP some incentives to make this phone. Really, why else would HP go through the effort? It certainly won't be a big seller, especially to enterprise. What business wants to beta test Microsoft's half baked Windows Mobile software? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • 'Cause Google already had Pixel and Android replacement Andromeda in their pipeline. So they're not going to support another OEM to do better than they want their own flagship product to do. That wasn't so hard to explain was it?
  • Does Google help any of the OEMs much? They release the source code, what else does HP want? They don't have software engineers? Maybe that explains why the software was so bad at initial launch and they took so long to release the AU. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Bleached, you always post like a troll, sigh....
  • If sounds like a troll, acts like a troll, might be ...
  • Btw, I cannot wait for a true windows 10 phone that can install x86 apps, it will come someday and I will be the first to order. Never thought I would own an hp phone, but here it is.
  • heatnup...not going to happen....sorry to burst your dropped all development of x86 mobile chipsets.
  • Intel is not the only company making cpus maybe I should have stayed differently, I would love a windows 10 phone that will allow me to install desktop apps like adobe acrobat or quick books on it, that would make continuum and laptop elimination huge for me.
  • Intel dropped all development FOR NOW!
  • Re: Steve Adams, maybe you should research the topic deeper. We'll have to wait and see what happens.
  • if they do,  and BIG IF,  its at least 5 years at this point in time and the forseeable future,  sorry...wah wah.....sad x86 phones. 
  • I disagree, I have seen people hack a full windows on a custom phone, and regardless, I don't think it is far fetched. I also believe if there were a surface phone it would be full win 10. The problem is getting a mfr to make a phone that will likely cost over $1000, like a nice Ultrabook, I for one, will preorder one right now if announced, would be a game changer for my business and use
  • How would full Windows on a phone screen be a game changer for your business? You can easily carry full Windows on a small tablet or Ultrabook today or run RDP on any phone. You would gain nothing from full Windows on a phone but a terrible user experience. There is a reason Microsoft hasn't done that and it has nothing to do with their abilities. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I think HP will buy Microsoft
  • Isn't HP dumping all their hardware and moving towards services?  HP Inc and HP Enterprise? I am hoping for more interations of this phone - it is a good business idea.  And maybe another tablet/PC - like the Surface.  Maybe a more W10 product.
  • MS could dump their hardware to HP as well. Lets see.
  • Hp screen does not work well in sunlight. Basic things that new phone maker easily misses though. x3 3 might get things right.
  • It got an 8.6 out of 10 on sun readibility. That is very good.
  • ha ha....i love your fanboy answers....they are so funny.  Enjoyment 100%.....the HP x3 screen is terrible in sun compared to iphone and various androids...and even the 950 xl.
  • Who will buy one for me? :(
  • I really hope microsoft/3rd partys start to get windows 10 mobile back to where it was when nokia were onboard. I have just gone from windows mobile 10 to android because of the loss of apps over the last few months. Even though i am really enjoying the lg g5 which i think is an underrated phone i still perfer how windows mobile 10 looks and feels over android. Love the look of the new hp phone to and the latest update to continnum sounds massive but for me apps like paypal need to be back on the OS for me to work day to day with my own life. Hope the phone sells better than HP are expecting though and MS start to support the phone/OS Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Symetium, an up and coming crowd funded company from Sweden contacted our company recently to see if we would like to try out their new handset, haven't had time to look into it yet personally but from what I have seen it is an amazing piece of engineering in what they have produced to date. I very much doubt if HP will make it selling the excellent elite in this manner, must companies require communication but not at high cost, it's not in their best interest to furnish staff with state of the art high end phones, from my point of view in my career I would strongly discourage it. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Droid folk don't like crowd funding....
  • smart folk don't like crowd funding.  I like giving money to get a device in return....not give money on the chance there is a device.
  • Indeed, which is why the above crowd fund failed.
  • No student discount. HP will offer the EPP discount once it is no longer considered a preorder. And remember. MS does not pricematch.
  • I know rumors are just... rumors but over the weekend I read an article from a tech website reporting that the x3 may be the last flagship W10 phone for a long time because the Surface Phone will be pushed back to late 2017 and possibly mid 2018. IF this is true I would suspect many Windows enthusiasts to jump ship unless an OEM steps up and offers decent phones. Hopefully we'll get some color about the Surface Phone later in the month from that event. Cheers.
  • If Microsoft does put out a surface phone, I am sure it will be before 2018, or they never will. In any case, I always buy the newest best windows phone when it comes out. I remind you that I just spent $800 on this phone last week, it is a flagship that is as good or better than any other phone in the world. It was just released, give me a break before I have to get another. Late 2017 would only be another year, fine with me. The almighty apple doesn't put out phones any sooner than that.
  • Played with one yesterday at the Microsoft Store at Washington Square Mall. It's a large device and it wasn't running particularly well. It was a bit laggy and everytime I tried to open up the settings the screen would turn off and I'd have to turn it back on. It was clearly missing some updates or something. If Microsoft and HP really want this to be successful and sell, they should make sure the store demos are updated and working properly.
  • Good point. I'm sure they'll slowly update them OTA.
  • I have been using one constantly for 7 days now, mine has zero issues with anything so far. And the live tiles are much better updated than they were on my 950xl, actually perfectly updated, especially my security cameras, on the 950xl radar and security cameras would sometimes not update for no reason.
  • Are you planning on running Fast Ring on it?
  • No Farsidius,  thats windows 10 mobile.   Thats how it is...laggy, and slow.
  • No, that is the opposite of normal behavior for Windows. I do believe you are thinking of Android.
  • I actually have to agree with you a little on that one. The reason I went was to play with their demo 950. My 950 has been so laggy when I try to do anything that has graphics - games, videos, photo editing. I was wondering if there was something wrong with my phone. But no, the store's 950 was also a laggy *****. My HTC M8 never had this issue - it's snappy and responsive. I'm very disappointed with how Win10 mobile has turned out. I'm going back to my M8 until I decide what to do for a new phone.
  • farsidius,  he's just a fanboy who takes ms word on everything,  never used anything other than MS deivces and has yet to try a new android phone.  his last taste of android was froyo....Android blows the doors off windows 10 and has done so with older technology.  Even my stock note 1 is faster than the 950xl running 10.
  • Deeply committed to business. Sells it at the mall...
  • Because consumers can also buy it.
  • It is in a Microsoft store in a mall, have you been to a Microsoft store? They are very nice places were consumers and business people alike go to deal directly with Microsoft personnell for support or sales concerns
  • MS...deeply commited to windows 10,  axes all compelling features!
  • I can't disagree there, I was pissed when they killed off kids corner, still am. But how good this phone is working for me has renewed my trust in Microsoft and the hopes for whatever windows 10 on a phone can become.
    There may have been a logical programming or performance reason for removing kids corner or some other features...i can only hope.
    I absolutely love both iris recognition and finger print on this device which was a new feature!
  • There is still App Corner, isn't it?
  • That has been debated heavily in the news comments from that post, app corner sucks in comparison, works like the android apps which are a step back
  • One of the biggest complaints from Windowsphone users is that Microsoft dont promote Windowsphone. Now they are promoting a phone that they dont even make! Can the Windowsphone world get any more bizarre?
  • Re: Stephen Townsley,
    I haven't seen any Microsoft promotion for HP Elite x3? Just this obscure video that only a few will ever be able to discover.
    HP is promoting it on TV advertising.
  • I dont see any problem here. The HP Elite X3 is a Windows Phone, so whats wrong with promoting a windows phone?
  • There is no problem per se. Its just strange that Microsoft prefers promoting the HP brand rather than the Microsoft one. Maybe it means that there will be no more branded Windowsphones goign forward.
  • Thats exactly what it means. Why do you think MS discontinued Lumia and fired all those Nokia workers? MS wants to just make software and let OEMs build smartphones. You know, the model that they applied successfully on desktop windows.
  • Does anyone know if MS will do any trade ins for this? I have a 950XL and an 830 I wouldn't mind trading to try this..,. well, minus the camera part, that I mind.... 5
  • Doubtful Imo. Head to amazon or ebay to sell your goods.
  • $800..... LOLOLOL
  • I was at the Scottsdale Fashion Square location yesterday and tried to play with this thing.  The dock was unable to be recognized when it was plugged in, trying to connect it wirelessly would display it, but the dock was unresponsive to input and only showed the background and task bar.  After rebooting the dock, and the phone, nothing I was able to do got the dock to be recognized when plugged in. The only time an employee came was 5 seconds after I left to reorient the device...  It's like they go out of their way to show customers they really don't want to sell Windows Mobile anything.
  • Ask them to reset it.
  • Should not need to its brand EFFING NEW!  reset....thats for MS dos machines....not new windows 10 you say!  windows 10 super stable fast etc....ha ha...RESETING  too funny.
  • Windows 10 desktop works the same way now.
  • Not dual SIMM AND micro SD... Sad for me.
  • Was on display at the Cerritos mall location this weekend.  My wife wants that phone but since it's outta budget and not available through AT&T, gotta wait for tax season to get it #IncomeTaxBaller
  • Never heard of Cerritos so I looked it up (BING) thinking Italy? Turns out it's somewhere in California USA. Learn something new everyday.
    Best Wishes
  • Well, MS store in San Francisco doesn't have it on display and don't plan to. You can only blindly order it!
  • So, nice phone. But, I will never buy a HP device again, being burnt by poor device quality and unsupportive support twice. So, can we please have a Lumia 950 refresh with a SD821, maybe having a more premium case and a further refined camera software? Shouldn't be that hard.
  • This is not your grandmas hp, this phone is beautiful and feels more solid than any phone I have ever used, can't speak for support, but can't that be handled from a Microsoft store?
  • I'm a little concerned about this phone not being Microsoft made. Will it enjoy the same support as Lumias? Will it still get updates a few months from now? Will it support insider programme?
  • As we can see from other manufacturers (Alcatel, Acer etc), I think yes! Not to mantion that the beloved Elite x3 includes this high performance CPU that it could give the smartphone a couple+ of years of life for sure  :)
  • Is it, or will it be certified for wireless payment? #wallet
  • To bad ms couldn't deliver a surface phone.... Maybe some would have returned their note 7s for one.... Day late dollar short like always. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • What a terrible video from Microsoft there. Seriously. The touchpad on this Lap Dock didn''t worked well, Live Tiles weren't set up with information and some footage was pixelated. Unprofessional for such a large company. They never learn how to market even their best products.
  • Might be alone here, but this video should be buried (sorry stuck on a Samsung Note, Burnt, then buried)! Did HP sign off on this?! Microsoft should leave advertising well alone for anything mobile, HP's ad raised the bar (but, will probably never be seen), while Austin Evans' YouTube unboxing is better than this and had probably generated more Windows Mobile interest in one hit than several years worth of MS effort. Makes me sad... we all will on the platform, but need some serious advertising.
  • Where are the companies that hp have already sold to?
  • No business is going to bother with this. $800 for a phone just so you can run a severely gimped version of Windows RT on some random monitor? Any IT departments trying to implement this will be laughed out of the company. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • "Full desktop experience", that is a bit misleading... Its castrated app experience with lag. The OS is nowhere close to be polished, hell, its not even finished. Msft says the mobile is important, but doing everything to neglect it. Good luck to all the fools who bought this phone...
  • I am am a fool then and loving it, if the Donald would just come and insult me personally my life would be full circle. I have nothing wrong with the os on the x3, perfect on my phone, was not so on my 950xl, but that phone was nearly a year old, most people have app issues, but that can only be solved by more customers. I have every app I need and more. I love mcdonalds and might download an app if they had a windows app, but certainly don't care that it is missing, prob better for it. Since when is software ever finished, alot of people are employed at alot if companies with the sole job of working on improving software, apple, Microsoft, alphabet, salesforce.....everyone.
  • Re: Heatnup,
    Good thoughts. I agree.
  • A bit misleading?  its a LOT misleading....
  • So, the device that is not designed for consumers, but for enterprise users, is getting promoted in the commercial retail channel, MSFT stores... Amazing. What a mess.
  • Wow. Yes, it can seem very confusing.
  • Microsoft stores, just like apple stores are as much business centers as consumer stores. If you need to work a corporate deal say for 50, or 100, or a 1000 ipads or surface pcs, just head down to a apple or Microsoft store. I have been witness to similar deals at both stores, although I did not oversee these deals.
  • Yes, the Mall of America Microsoft Store in Minneapolis / St. Paul / Bloomington, Minnesota USA has a Microsoft Surface Hub on display to demo. These interactive all in one computer/displays cost $9,000 and $22,000 and are intended for business and instructional use. Consumers are unlikely to buy them.
  • same in Orlando, along with hololens
  • I will have this device...."sometime in the future"
  • I see what you did there! Approve!
  • From "Enterprise Exclusive" to  retail store shelves already.  That was quick.  50% price cut on the horizon.   
  • Saw one this week end .   Feels very cheap and expensive with lousy camera .   You can buy a 950XL brand new on Ebay for $400 instead of $860 for this phone .   950XL is better in every way .   But what do you use this for .   Apps are disappearing .   Price will drop very fast .  Market share is just nothing meaning no one is using windows phone .   I am using 1520 and rolled back to 8.1    The phone is 3 years old yet takes better pictures and fills my needs and , more importantly, I get to use HERE+
  • I would buy a burning Galaxy Note 7 before buying this thing.