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Microsoft Mechanics takes a deep dive into the new Surface line in new video

The Surface Pro X
The Surface Pro X (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • A new video takes a deep dive into the new Surface line.
  • A Surface engineers breaks down the Surface Laptop 3, Surface Pro 7, and Surface Pro X.
  • The video shows both smaller and incremental changes, as well as where the line has been overhauled.

A new video from Microsoft Mechanics takes a deep dive into the new line of Surface devices. The video examines the Surface Laptop 3, Surface Pro 7, and Surface Pro X. Jochen Siegl, a Microsoft Surface engineer, breaks down the new additions to the Surface line with host Jeremy Chapman.

In the video, Siegl shares what's new in each device, including design changes, internal improvements, and the shared innovations across each new Surface. The video clocks in at just over 13 minutes, so Siegl has a chance to do spec comparisons, examine new form factors, and discuss new color options.

The video takes a look at both incremental improvements like increasing the size of trackpads, as well as the design overhaul seen in the Surface Pro X.

The October Surface event was one of the biggest Microsoft keynotes in years. The company announced updates to current devices, several new devices, and even teased folding devices that will roll out next year. You can check out all of the news and all of our recaps at our Surface event page.

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  • Was hoping they would give more details on the M.2 removeable storage. They did say it was NVMe M.2, but not what size it is, though it looks like 26mm. At any rate, no one makes that size of drive, so you can't replace it yourself sadly. That's a shame since they are charging $300-400 for storage bumps, compared to only $100 to go from i5 to i7 on SP7. This pricing really doesn't make any sense to me, and is the sole reason I wouldn't buy one of these Surfaces. Also, the SP7 should have had 2 USB-C. My current corporate laptop only has 1, and it's a huge pain in the field.
  • I've never heard of 2226 sized M.2 SSDs. I have however heard of 2230 (30mm) and I think Toshiba makes m.2 drives in that size.
  • Could be 2230, though I only see WiFi adapters and such at this size. I do see one Toshiba SSD at 2242, but that's going to be too big.
  • Looks like Micron has a 2230 part currently in sampling. Price looks to be $400 for a 1TB part.
  • I’m just curious about the performance comparison between all of these devices.