Everything to expect at Microsoft's October 2 hardware event — and what not to


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Microsoft's October 2 event is just around the corner, meaning it's time to start speculating about what we can expect to. We know the event isn't going to be a major one, not like the hardware event Microsoft held in 2015, at least. New Surface devices are in the cards, as well as a showcase of stuff from Microsoft's hardware partners and a focus on Windows 10. Perhaps we'll see Microsoft talk a bit more about its productivity focus on Windows 10 in 19H1, too.

What we're expecting

We believe there will be new Surface devices shown off on October 2 featuring updated specifications. The question is what kind of processors will they be updated to? Microsoft will almost definitely be using 8th Gen Intel processors, but will they be "Kaby Lake?" Or "Whisky Lake?" We're also expecting USB-C ports across all the new Surface devices.

New Surface Laptop

Surface Laptop display

Surface Laptop display

Announced in May 2017, the Surface Laptop is now a year and a half old, meaning it's almost ancient compared to other Surface devices on the market. So, it's not too crazy to expect a new Surface Laptop, featuring updated internals, USB-C, and perhaps a new black color option. It would be awesome if we also saw a new 15-inch model to follow along with the trend set with the Surface Book 2, but we've not heard anything specific on that front.

New Surface Pro

Surface Pro LTE

Surface Pro LTE (Image credit: Windows Central)

The latest Surface Pro was also announced in May 2017, just a few weeks after the Surface Laptop. This means the Surface Pro is due for an update, likely featuring the same updated internals, updated accessories, and USB-C. We're not expecting any major hardware changes, but we wouldn't be surprised to see a Surface Pro that follows the more rounded design approach found on the new Surface Go.

Surface Go LTE

It's likely that we'll also hear more about the Surface Go with LTE, with a possible release date and price to go along with it. Microsoft announced earlier this year that the Surface Go with LTE would be available towards the end of 2018, and we're fast approaching that time.

Software demos

It sounds a lot like Microsoft is planning to talk more about Windows 10 and its productivity focus at its October 2 event. As such, it's likely we'll see Microsoft demo some Windows 10 features, something it hasn't done on a stage in a very long time.

A little less than expected

While we're pretty confident we'll see new Surface Laptops and Surface Pros, we're less confident about some of the other things we've heard about. So, file these under "maybe."

Surface Studio 2

We know that Microsoft is working hard on a second-generation Surface Studio, codenamed "Capitola," which will include updated internals, USB-C and changes to the design of the base. We'd love it if Microsoft introduced more sizes and SKUs targeting lower price-points in an attempt to make the Studio 2 more accessible to consumers. While we know a Studio 2 is in the works, we're not certain when it'll be unveiled.

Smart speaker and headset

Earlier this year, I heard from sources familiar with the matter that Microsoft was working on new audio accessories alongside its secret Andromeda project, one being a dedicated headset type accessory, and the other a "table-top speaker." ZDNet's Mary-Jo Foley has since heard that a new headset may make an appearance on October 2, and I'm told a smart speaker may also be in the cards. Patents from Microsoft about a smart-speaker recently appeared online showcasing a device with a built-in screen.

What we're not expecting

As with every Microsoft event, there are things we're definitely not expecting to see announced (but are still hoping for).


Microsoft's highly-anticipated Andromeda device won't be announced on October 2, we know that for a fact. It was revealed a few months ago that the Andromeda project itself had been delayed, pushed back until next year so that the company could continue to work on the device and software. So, no Andromeda this year.

Surface Book 3

The Surface Book 2 isn't even a year old yet, meaning we're not expecting a new "Surface Book 3" in October. Microsoft may announce a new "Performance Base" Surface Book 2, just as it did with the original Surface Book a year after launch, but we've not heard anything specific regarding this.

What are you hoping to see?

The beauty of Microsoft events is that we usually don't know much about what is going to be announced. However, you can always expect to be surprised at a Microsoft event. What are you hoping to see get announced? Let us know in the comments.

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