Microsoft to offer power savings options to new Xbox One owners during set-up process

Microsoft has announced that in the coming months, people who buy new Xbox One devices will make a choice on how the console uses energy during the initial set-up process.

Currently, the Xbox One defaults to its "Instant-on" mode, which allows the console to receive updates and content downloads when it is not being actively used. However, some environmental groups have expressed concerns that the "Instant-on" mode causes the Xbox One to use much more power overall than in its "Energy-saving" mode, which does not allow the console to download updates in the background.

Xbox One Power

Today, Microsoft said:

"By providing multiple power states in Xbox One and empowering our fans with choice, we sought to balance energy efficiency and functionality. At the same time, we know many Xbox One fans are vigilant about their household's energy consumption; after all, environmental leadership often begins at home.""It was that same personal leadership that drove our teams in the product design phase to maximize computational power per watt and drive significant improvements in how power is used in Xbox One. Even though the Xbox One is significantly more powerful with more feature functionality than Xbox 360, at launch it used about the same amount of power. This is possible because of the scalable architecture in Xbox One where it uses only the power it needs at the moment for the task at hand."

Microsoft also claims that since the launch of the Xbox One, software updates to the console have allowed the power consumed during "Instant On" mode to be cut down by "a third". Any Xbox One owner can go into "Settings" and then "Power & start up." to change the energy settings on the console if they wish.

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab)

  • Instant on allows updates. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong then, I go to use it and its just sitting on the do you want to update screen. Be nice if it just did it..
  • I wouldn't mind Instant-on if the power supply fan wasn't always running.
  • I think they're afraid of heat issues since the great red ring of death fiasco.
  • But on the powersupply nonetheless? Power supply should be like the Wii quiet. Just a little of power to the fan, just make it not so noticable. Anyways, cooling fans have a lifespan too.
  • Yeah, for this reason I don't have it enabled.
  • Are you on the preview? Updates don't download in the background if you're enrolled.
  • False, I am in the preview and it downloads preview updates, games and apps in the background. If that isn't working for you, its broken.
  • You're saying that your Xbox will download and install preview updates in the background? Because I find it hard to believe that myself, 3 friends, Leo Laporte, and Paul Thurrott could all be wrong about it. Unless your console is being dogfooded to where it installs updates in the background, then I don't know how that's possible.
  • Yes, even preview updates happen in background if you have instant on enabled.
  • Mine has had both behaviors depending on which preview update were talking about , most of the early ones I had to do manually but nearly all this year have been auto Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Who cares ,, we want them to fix Server -_-
  • Lolololest....desperately waiting. Knew something like this would happen....don't really care anymore.
  • What about us the old users?
  • I think it's right there under settings
  • Last paragraph....where it says any Xbox one owner can go into settings
  • I love that they keep updating and adding to Xbox. :)
  • Just got a "no builds" on my 520 try to log in but doesn't work:(
  • Wrong article. Have patience.
  • Ugh.. You had to be that guy..
  • Lmao
  • Fix the glitches first! Thank you!!
  • Which glitches have you noticed? I'm pretty peeved about the sluggish UI myself, using an Xbox 360 is much smoother and silkier to use which is all wrong
  • Well, the most irritating glitch is when the console have been on stanby-mode for some time I have to unplug because otherwise the games won't load.
  • Haven't experienced that myself, but sometimes resuming a game after a while makes the game reload, pretty irritating
  • Fix the servers for god sake
  • Lumia 520 doesn't work.
  • Yes I can see how that affects the Xbox
  • This has been available for a while. I know from having to factory reset like 4 times a month since joining preview
  • Why?
  • I cant seem to load any games whatever was done in one of the preview builds seems to have permanently screwed up my 1s game boot loader
  • I noticed their auto off timer hasn't been working
  • If you're on the tv app, it won't work. Only if you are idle in menus, and games. any video will cause the timer to not shut it off
  • I have yet to bother with tv
  • I turned "Instant On" off just for this very reason. I don't want to pay for my console to be on idle for a massive amount of time versus the amount of time I'll actually use the download feature. To be, it wasn't worth it.
  • Unless you are living paycheck to paycheck the instant on feature keeping it off is only going to save you maybe $20 a year if even that.
  • @DestroyMe - Indeed. The Instant-On mode is only running a low power consumption waiting for commands from XBL (like downloading updates and such). If you could afford a $500 system, games, and Internet service monthly, I doubt the Instant-On's Power Consumption is going to break the bank. If you're mindful of those few bucks, buy a Belkin Conserve Monitor. Then, you can monitor EVERYTHING that you plug in and find the REAL energy vampires in your house. The results might surprise you.
  • I like the suggestion on using an energy monitor. That's something everyone should be mindful of. But again money isn't the issue. There's a reason why Microsoft has worked on lowering the consumption by a third. I've read a report written by a group that have run the tests and the results showed the amount was quite a lot over a year or two year span. It was enough for me to decide to turn the feature off. Besides, I own smart surge protectors as well to completely remove vampire draws all together. It's just how I live.
  • Rationalize keeping yours on any way you want. It's not the dollar amount that concerns me. It's the principle of the matter. Which I explained above. Generally I'm a manual kind of guy. I like to do things myself and monitor what's going on. Sometimes convenience isn't always convenient.
  • And router traffic shaping tech like qos engine/gamefuel the xb1 seems to not play nice with
  • I used to use QoS when me connection speed was 15 Mb down and 2 Mb up. Around the time I bought my Xbox One my speed increased to 100 Mb down and 20 Mb up, so at that point I turned QoS off. It's most useful on slower connections to the net.
  • Think I will enable the PS4 option instead. Lol
  • It'd be nice if I could tell my XB1 to stay in ultra-low-power state when off (not even bothering to listen for 'Xbox On') while I'm normally asleep or at work (maybe checking for updates once every hour or two).
  • This. or at least allow wall timers to switch it off and on at certain times and allow voice commands to wake it up.
  • I had to turn off instant on as it was the only thing that solved my issues with controllers being 'forgotten' and Kinect not plugged in errors.
  • If it was a new controller bought after console purchase I found it works after resetting the console back to factory defaults while it's wired
  • Thanks for the tip. I'll try it.
  • Switch off the circuit panel to your humble abode if you're that concerned. Everything plugged in that has some sort of always on feature sucks juice. Sure, nothing wrong with making things more efficient, but the smartphone you never turn off probably sucks more juice in total than your Xbox does while in standby.
  •   Dunno... Xbox One sucks down quite a lot of power in stand by.  15+ Watts is no number to sneeze at considering ultrabooks in quite a few cases can be far more energy friendly.  In a new era of efficency, both the X1 and PS4 fall short. 
  • Well thats nothing new about amd CPUs
  • If only AMD managed to retain ATI's mobile division the SOC landscape would have been vastly different. Well at least Qualcomm is putting that tech to good use :P.
  • Well after the latest update, the fan is even more audible... And it is rather annoying.
  • This is not news. I got my Xbox One last December and this option already was there during the initial setup.