Microsoft outs new DT-904 wireless charger

Though it doesn't appear to be available for sale just yet, Microsoft has detailed a new wireless Qi charging pad on its website. The new Microsoft Wireless Charger carries the DT-904 designation, and it represents a very slight update to Nokia's DT-903 charging pad.

In comparing to the DT-903, the DT-904 looks to change very little. So little, in fact, that the only notable change it the switch to Microsoft branding on the top of the pad. Other than that, the wireless charging pad carries the same shape and size, along with the neat LED notification light around the bottom to alert you to new messages, missed calls, and when your battery is low if connected to your Lumia via Bluetooth.

Though it only represents a minor branding change, it's to be expected now that Microsoft is gearing up for the launch of the Lumia 950 and 950 XL. The new DT-904 charger doesn't appear to be on sale yet, but the previous DT-903 model still sells for $60, and we wouldn't expect the DT-904 to venture too far from that mark.

Check out our hands-on with the DT-903 wireless charger

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  • Does it do quick charging of some sort?
  • Nope
  • Yeah plug in charging cord + set on qi pad
  • You're evil. Stop this.
  • What happens if I actually did that? :o
  • So only one color? Hopefully not.
  • RGB lighting would be awesome.
  • That would be sick, but an unneeded cost for a simple charger.
  • Because the already 60+ USD price is not expensive, right??
  • It would be nice if these got NFC to trigger Wireless Continuum. :D
  • Just buy a sub $1 NFC sticker
  • I'll stick with the original #nokia4life
  • Hope they drop in price due to this. #stockup
  • Don't understand how these are so expensive. Coils are like $5 on eBay.
  • Coil, LED, bluetooth, cIrcuit to make it all work, manufacturing, shipping, and you gotta leave room for profit. Probably shouldn't be $60, but there's a lot more than just $5 in there.
  • Should be 20. Coil, led, circuit, just missing a plastic case. Bt dunno why you want that but ok, another .55, more to put the bt logo on the box. Some cheap built ones are 12-15 for each, have to buy 5 or so though. Much room for competition.
  • PC culture at work here!! We're the only ones who notice these things... how much does this charging device cost? Certainly nowhere near 60$.  Meanwhile in Apple land, 600$, 350$, 900$ - DONE, no questions asked.
  • lol very true, that's why the industry hates us
  • subscribed, let me know when tis <20$
  • .55 for a bluetooth module?
  • Here is one for 50 cents. If you have a specific design maybe more. Order enough, maybe less. Put it onbord with the Qi charger who knows. Lots of space in those chargers so they don't need to be slim. My guess wit the Qi name is it is still R&D, but that is sunk and should be ignored at this point with their adoption level. Lots of factors, but it's not cost of materials.
  • The notification LED sounds great. I didn't know the original did that. Might get one of the new ones for my 930
  • I wasn't aware that it did, either.  I use the upright pad now, so it doesnt matter.  That tiny little LED for charging status is BRIGHT!  I have to block it at night - I use the stand and my phone as my "clock" using glance with red text at night.
  • @RayWP7:
    Nice idea. Missing glance screen was the deal-breaker for me regarding the Lumia 930. Not having an SD-card slot was unpleasant, but no glance option on a so called flagship was a no-no.
  • I use mine as an alarm clock.  Very similar to how you are using it.
  • So, maybe we'll see a newer charging stand as well? Hopefully.
  • I hope my old ones work with the 950s!!!
  • They will. Same standard.
  • How does it compare to dt900? I have all the old original ones.
  • It should charge exactly the same, there are new notification leds in it that use Bluetooth to inform you about things. Neat but not near enough to get me to upgrade my dt-900s.
  • Thank you
  • Car mount with QI ...
  • Like this, ?
  • Search Amazon.  There's quite a few out there.
  • I'm very happy with the flat and stand version of these chargers with my BlackBerry Classic and Droid Turbo. Neat to have the notification function if you have a windows phone though.
  • I'll be pairing this with my 950XL lol. Woot.
  • I hope to see more of the "Nokia accessories" as well. I had to purchase the BH-121 (bluetooth NFC wireless headset) from China a few months ago. It's been "Coming Soon" for 2 years now. Works great in an older car that has an AUX port.
  • Love my BH-121, use it as the gym all of the time.
  • Charging stand is where its at. I have a few pads and ended up not using them to but a couple more stands. I have one at work and home and use one as the alarm clock on the night stand with glance.
  • just build a stand for them with wood or lego
  • I have four originals. But if its a quick charge Il get one lol
  • Even if it does support it , no Lumia supports quick wireless charging
  • Does the Qi charging standard even provide enough current for rapid charge?. i thought you needed a rapid charge compatible ac adapter for that to work,
  • Not what's available for consumers. Commercial on the other hand probably could + besides being able to charge while your holding your phone
  • Considering that the Nokia DT-903 was never made widely available, I'm inclined to think this is just a re-branded version.
  • Crossing my fingers that the dt-903's price will drop as a result. Probably not, but it'd be nice. $60 is too steep for me.
  • That's a bit overpriced yeah. Though I don't see it come down. It's was a very limited released and those seldom come down.
  • 900/910/JBL still in use.
  • I wonder if the DT900 and 901 will work the 950xl?
  • They will. QI is a standard and all devices that bare the mark will work together.
  • "Bear the mark?
  • I have an old wireless charger from my 920.  That shouldn't "ruin" anything with the 950XL right?  I understand it might not have quick charging but wasn't sure.
  • Yes it will work, I have the same wireless charger.
    However, the quickcharge feature only works with cable
  • Wish this used a a micro-USB cable for charging, that way it could be plugged into a USB port on a PC.
  • I have wanted that from the day I opened the box and noticed mine didn't have it.
  • Surely that's just a do it yourself hack job, our am I missing something?
  • The problem with that is charging from a PC USB port is SLOW. why would you want to do that?
  • At work, when I am sitting in front of a computer for hours at a time, this is not an issue.  At home, I have a 900 charger plugged in next to my bed.  The problem is that if I want to take it with me, it is a pain to unplug and the charger is bulking.  The charging pad at work that I have has a micro-USB connection, so I only need to take the pad itself with me and I can plug it into any micro-USB cable laying around.
  • Just plug in the cable to USB and into the phone for fast charging.
  • Only if they had made the 903 available. I had searched everywhere for it in India - from online stores to Nokia priority dealers to local mobile outlets. Nada.
  • I like the upright stands, great with Glance beside the bed.
  • I just hope that it comes in several colors like the 903. If not, I'll stick with my black 900 I got with my 920.
  • Why don't build wireless charging function into the Lumia950/950xl's dock?
  • Because to use the dock, you have to plug it in, and when you do, it'll charge crazy fast, even while in use (much faster than wireless charging).
  • I was worried for a minute there when I opened this article! I just bought the dt-903 last week as I didn't think a new one would come out until at least next year. If it's just a name change from Nokia to Microsoft though then that's no problem! I'm loving my green 903 so far! Goes perfectly with my green Nokia Lumia 830. The notification light allows me to know if I've missed anything while sleeping without having to pick up and look at my phone to check for messages. I've received multiple compliments from my iPhone using friends as well as to how awesome it is and how they wish they had wireless charging
  • Did they ever fix the 903 so it works in 10 mobile?
  • Foolishly expensive.
  • There were reviews about the previous model DT-903 here, that said the blinking notification LED cannot be turned off sometimes, as the charger gets out of sync with the phone. I dont think that was ever fixed by the Nokia Lumia accessories app on WP8. So guess you will buy this overpriced crap for 60 USD, and if there are any issues with it, bomm you are screwed. Wouldnt buy it for a couple of months, until the journalists write a proper review, and identify all the incompleted parts / development mistakes MSFT made with this device. By the way, MSFT promised notification LED support in WM10. I rinterpreted this feature as the LEDs are actually IN THE PHONES! Now, if MSFT starts selling such chargers with the LEDs, what incentive they (MSFT) have to provide the same notification LED functionality in the phone as well? Hello anybody on the cuirrent TP fast ring: does the WM10 beta support the notif LED already, or thats still something that we cannot trust MSFT in?
  • Pocketnow have a decent review of dt-903.
    This is clearly just a rebranding though.