Microsoft shows off HP's latest 2-in-1 Windows 10 PC

Microsoft not only showcased the vast array of partners the company has relations with for Windows 10, but also some of the products these OEMs have been working on. New hardware from HP was on display, including the new x2 2-in-1 Windows 10 PC.

The x2 from HP is a 2-in-1, portable tablet with a magnetic hinge design that makes the device feel more flexible and less tacky without a difficult locking mechanism to master. And since the tablet also doubles as a laptop while attached to the dock and keyboard accessory, you're looking at quite the capable machine with an anodized body and B&O speakers.

As well as the above 2-in-1 Windows 10 PC, Microsoft also showed off a new HP tablet with "revolutionary note-taking capabilities". Stay tuned as we'll bring you more information from the event.

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Not bad. Spec please...
  • Very good
  • Design of Hp products is not my favorite...
  • Bezel couldn't be eny thicker if they tried. I also agree - the design should not be a distraction when using the product. In this case, well, judge it yourself.
  • I think it looks good, but the bezels are huge..
  • No Windows Button on the "Tablet"?
  • Its on the side of the tablet. Look it up on youtube.
  • Hands-on video:
  • Does it have pen input?   If yes, I can buy it and use one of my remaining Windows 8 licenses. I've been waiting for a Surface Pro-like device at a lower price point.   Also, the sturdy keyboard dock should make it more useful in some situations.
  • I don't think so ppl will go for it. It looks good but ppl who use laptops want good specs with no OEM compromise. If its a kid he wants that he can play all the games he wishes too. And if a person who cannot afford to buy a good or high spec laptop still wants to run things like adobe, microsoft office, coral draw etc will go in for a cheap oem tablet instead of this. That's the reason Windows phone needs to succeed for such ppl. Windows 10 for phones should technical preview should be improved soon and released officially.
  • No OEM compromise?! Huh?
    I would sooner have a HP, Asus, Dell etc than some no name cheap device that has poor ongoing drivers support and a v.small user community.
  • Why don't you learn some English before trying to pass off as a tech guru Aashish... Phew !!
  • He is a 13-14 year old kid, should spend more time on school and his education.
  • Active digitizer?
  • Nice design
  • The design reminds me of my HP Stream 13", which I am completely in love with.  I can't wait to hear more about the Specs and this "other" revolutionary note taking device.   
  • I see Windows 8 in the pic
    Not Windows 10
  • Because Windows 10 isn't released yet?
  • Waiting for more info and pics on the mentioned note-taking device.
  • Price and specs ?
  • Its beautiful (mouth watering)
  • That speaker grill...
  • price?