Microsoft starts selling new entry-level Surface Book 2 in more markets for £1149

Microsoft Surface Book 2
Microsoft Surface Book 2 (Image credit: Windows Central)

If you've been eyeing up a Surface Book 2 but couldn't justify spending a minimum of £1,499 for an Intel Core i5 model, and live outside the US, you might be in luck. Microsoft is now selling the new entry-level Surface Book 2 that was recently introduced in the US in more markets, for £1,149 for a limited time, which is a fair bit cheaper than the original £1499 price tag.

So, for £350 less, what are you sacrificing? As it turns out, not a lot. The only difference between the new £1,149 model and the slightly better £1499 model is storage. The new entry-level Surface Book 2 comes with just 128GB of internal storage compared to the £1,499 model's 256GB storage. That's not a bad trade-off for a £350 price cut.

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This should make the Surface Book 2 a much more approachable and accessible device for potential customers. When the Surface Book 2 first launched, it was incredibly expensive compared to the prices of the original Surface Book when it launched, and indeed alongside the Surface Laptop and Surface Pro.

Of course, whether or not any Intel Core i5 model of the Surface Book 2 is worth it is up for debate. With no dedicated GPU, and only dual-core offerings, many might be better suited getting a Surface Pro or Surface Laptop for cheaper instead. It all comes down to what you need out of your device.

The new entry-level model is now on sale in the UK, France, and Germany. Is the new, entry-level Surface Book 2 price enough for you to finally consider one? Or would you rather spend a little less on a Surface Laptop or Surface Pro for the same specs instead? Let us know in the comments!

Zac Bowden
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  • 1149 is NOT an entry level price
  • Yes it is. Whether one can afford it or not, is another issue. It's entry level for the SB line.
  • There is an entry level price for everything.  Ferraris, mansions, yachts and small islands all have an entry level price.
  • Well that's 1399€... For i5, no gpu, 128hb, nice conception... But still. Arf, better wait for black friday offers as last year
  • Looks nice! A bit baffled though that they consider 128gb of SSD equal to 350 quid... Sounds steep for the storage no? Anyway, that's in the consumer's advantage in this case.
  • The price is always strategic. In this case, it seems like a good choice for consumers.
  • If the 15" becomes available for an acceptable price, I will be running to get it, otherwise this SP4 will do fine for the next year or so...
  • The day Surface Book serais will be available with AZERTY Belgian, I will consider to change my Surface Pro 4... What a shame Microsoft wasn't offering it for the first one, the Performance Base and that they confirmed me a year before Surface Book 2 will never have it (and maybe the next one also) due to the construction process. Not a lot of Surface Book are built everyday and they can't afford to start making them with all layouts of each countries. Anyway AZERTY Belgian is the best AZERTY layout for programmers and people in the IT sector. Studies say it, the majority of people in this sector confirm it.
  • I have thought many times why here in Belgium, we need azerty (as one of the only countries in the world)... Life would be easier if we had qwerty as well no?
  • Microsoft has the worst marketing strategy. People out here in Qatar know about the Surface pro, Surface laptop, Surface book (thanks to YouTube and all those reviewers on YouTube) but only a handful know where to buy a surface product (surface 4 is the only one available in Qatar) or service centers that deal with warranty and out of warranty repairs.