Microsoft Store offering $100 vouchers on new PC computers

If you're in the market for a new Windows 8 computer, you may want to check out the Microsoft Store's inventory. Through February 18th, any PC computer over $699 qualifies for a $100 voucher.

This offer is good for laptops, desktops, tablets and convertible computers. Purchases must be made via U.S. Microsoft online stores and the $100 voucher mush be redeemed between February 19, 2013 until March 17, 2013.

Now the bad news. The Surface tablets (RT or Pro) don't qualify for the $100 gift voucher nor can you redeem the $100 towards the purchase of a Surface tablet.

Still... not a bad deal just a shame the Surface isn't included. You can find all the fine print and computers here at the Microsoft Store. (opens in new tab)

Thanks, everyone, for the tip!

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  • Shame indeed, I got so excited by that headline.
  • There's a lot of people that get excited over LITTLE things, ask my girlfriend... Lol.
  • Tmi...
  • Piro just meant his girlfriend gets excited by his Nokia 1110, that's all.
  • Lol
  • Lol!
  • If I literally bought something on Saturday and didn't get this offer, can I get it? I need a $100 coupon, and to use it to get office 2013.
  • That's a shame.  Because for the month of January Microsoft store had $100.00 off all their computers.  I know because I purchased one.  Windows 8 Touchscreen!  I love it!!!!
  • PC sales are going well then?
  • what about Canada?
  • Yeah!
  • "Through February 18th, any PC computer over $699 qualifies for a $100 voucher."
    Great! I've always wanted a personal computer computer! (:
  • If you go to the website and place the Surface Pro into your cart a $100 voucher for your next Microsoft store purchase appears.
  • Nice!!! I'm going to have to seriously consider this.
    * Edit - I just tried this. I was not offered a voucher. I went all the way through to the end, just before the purchase is finalized. No coupon :-\
  • Dang, I would have definitely jumped on that deal and bought a surface RT if it was included
  • Would love to apply this towards the Acer w510 but I'm not ready to buy yet
  • High end Windows 8 laptops aren't selling well, that's what a rep told me when I was shopping in my local BestBuy. Only the 300-500$ HP Acer laptops sell alot for Windows 8, which is a shame because the real windows 8 experience is when you have a touchscreen laptop in my opinion. The guy told me that people buy ALOT of Macbook Pro's and don't care that its more expensive. I'm in Canada, so I can't say for the USA but this is a big problem that Microsoft has to solve.
  • And this is why Best Buy stores didn't bother to order more than three Surface Pros, tops, even if they had more than three confirmed sales via their $50 gift card promo. Best Buy simply isn't interested in stocking more than 2-3 of any computer, unless it's a lower end model laptop. And this is why the company is headed down the tubes. (That, and BB corporate HQ has become a disorganized mess.)
  • The article is actually a bit confusing so I talked with Microsoft support.
    The article is correct you cant APPLY the voucher towards the purchase of a Microsoft Surface RT/Pro but unless you are buying 2 PC's you likely wouldnt want to apply that voucher to another PC purchase as the voucher cant be applied to the initial PC order (basically its not $100 off a PC. Its $100 voucher towards your next purchase (second PC, accessories, ect)
    You get the voucher by purchasing any PC over $699 which includes the Microsoft Surface Pro.
    Example: Purchase Microsoft Surface Pro > Get $100 Voucher on next purchase > Apply $100 Voucher on an additional Touch Cover > Get Touch Cover for $20 (not including shipping)
  • Microsoft Store says free shipping everyday
  • How do you get the site to show the 100 voucher when adding the Surface Pro to the cart? I added a laptop and saw the voucher, but the pro doesn't do that.
  • I too went through the entire checkout and the 100 voucher did not show up.
  • $100 GC when you order a Surface Pro from right now. FYI.
  • Well, not like 100$ off a non-existant Surface Pro 120 would do much good anyways.