Microsoft Surface advertisements show up at Civic Center Bart Station, San Francisco

Microsoft has kicked off a rather aggressive Surface marketing campaign with promotion material being erected in a number of cities in the US. San Francisco is the latest host with an array of photos being sent in from a Windows Phone Central reader. As one can see from the photos, the software giant is making the most of the infrastructure to apply advertising almost everywhere.

It seems once all the screens and display units were full, they then turned their attention to the floor. We previously covered Surface advertising at public transport links in New York and Washington DC. Head on past the break for more shots of the action in San Francisco.

As for the Surface tablets themselves, we're on course for the unveiling of Windows 8, which will then see the Surface tablets being launched with more detail provided. It'll not be long until pricing and availability is known. AT&T announced yesterday that they will be stocking both the Samsung ATIV SmartPC Windows 8 tablet, as well as the ASUS VivoTab Windows RT tablet. For the time being, Microsoft continues to build hype.

Thanks, Edwin, for sending in the photos!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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