Microsoft Surface RT updates back on again, Windows RT 8.1 bugs fixed

A few days ago Microsoft pulled the Windows RT 8.1 update due to startup issues that a limited number of users experienced. According to Microsoft one out of every 1,000 Surface RT 8.1 updates were experience problems that bricked the devices.

Microsoft took the issue head on and pledged to work diligently to resolve the situation.  They even released a Windows RT 8.0 recovery image to restore buggered devices.

Just a few days after pulling the Windows RT 8.1 update, Microsoft has re-released the update complete all the bugs squished. Microsoft has apologized for any inconvenience this may have caused consumers. While it's unfortunate that a few updates to RT 8.1 went south, it is impressive the speed in which Microsoft has responded and resolved the issue.

If you haven't updated your Microsoft Surface RT to Windows RT 8.1 you can find the update here in the Windows Store on your Surface RT.  Let us know in the comments how it goes.

Source: ZDNet (opens in new tab)

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  • Fast and smooth Microsoft!
  • Since installing the 8.1 update on my RT device.... my VPN connection into work will disconnect exactly after 30 seconds.  Tried another RT device and it experiences exactly the same issue.
  • Certain VPN needs updating. Its same with mine. We use Shrewsoft or Cisco client
  • Same with my Mom but on Windows 8.1. The IT guy was pissed because everyone is supposed to be running Windows XP.
  • Funny thing, I never had any problems with the initial download or any problems since. Love 8.1!!!!
  • Great. Now fix IE11. Tired of it freezing up.
  • Anyone have battery drain on stanby, any solutions?
  • yeah mines draining quite steadily while on standyby. I do have the bluetooth enabled but in the preview that was the fix for the drain lol.
    love the connection to phone (GDR3) that starts hotpot without touching the handset.
  • Yeah I lose half the battery in a day on standby. Same issue as with the preview. Hope there's a fix soon.
  • 8.1 is really great. Well done Microsoft in fixing the issue quickly.
  • Kudo's for fast and hopefully reliable fix for the RT 8.1 update. I had no problems to start with but I was coming from 8.0 and not the pre-release version.
  • Yeah, I have the battery drain and the IE11 random closing.
  • Buggy buggy buggy
  • How do you get the update if you already had 8.1 installed? I see nothing on the Store or in Windows Update. I really don't want to have to rollback and then install the new update.
  • Not necessary.  There was an issue that (according to MS) affected less than 1 of 1000 customers.  If you successfully got the update already, you're fine.  :)
  • Thanks, I misunderstood. I was hoping that maybe it would include a fix for my now-nonfunctional touch covers.
  • Bummer. Hopefully there's a new firmware update soon (maybe today since it's Tues and MS normally pushes updates on Tuesdays...?) to fix that for you.
  • I'm having the same problem. I have RT 8.1 Preview installed and simply can't seem to upgrade. I go to Windows Update - nothing, go into the Store, and essentially, the Store is broken. I see Facebook and sometimes an NFL Mobile app. I never see the large upgrade tile. I also have a Windows 8.0 machine that I never installed the 8.1 preview on. It upgraded with ease. I have even done a "Restore" on the Surface RT and all I get is some version of RT that then installs upgraded from Windows Update and I'm back to Windows 8.1 Preview. No more Previews for me. This one appears to be permanent!
  • I faced the same issue. Enter ms-windows-store:WindowsUpgrade into the address bar of the browser to reach the download page.
  • Trying the link but nothing is happening, anybody else having this problem?. Suppose the link is just busy.
  • Me too, link is not working, Should we try this only from surface RT Tablet ?
  • Trying from a Surface RT with 8.1 Preview installed...clicking the link...nothing. Tap the link...nothing...Tap HARD on the link (I know...I know).... nothing. I can't seem to find this darn upgrade from 8.1 Preview to 8.1 RTM.
  • Finally managed to update. Thought when i clicked on the link it was not working but found when i tried to shut down my machine it was downloading in the background. So this is a silent install, i has wished they had mentioned it.
  • Downloading. Can't wait to try 8.1 on my Surface.
  • I was part of the 999!
  • Is everyone experiencing battery drain problems? ? I am hesitant to upgrade, especially if my type cover won't work.
  • Hmmmm, I see it on the store pressed 'Download' but nothing happens. Any tips?
  • Suddenly downloading... Lets hope there's no more hiccups