Microsoft Surface Tablets: Reportedly 1.5 million sold and counting

Microsoft has been incredibly coy with numbers the past few years. Especially when it comes to actual numbers for Windows Phone and more recently its new Surface line of tablets. You can’t blame them for not wanting to disclose numbers from the top of the mountain if they aren’t anything to boast about to begin with. Numbers we do get either come from inside sources or website analytics that we all piece together. That said, here are some numbers from inside Microsoft about the number of Surface tablets sold.

We know that Microsoft placed orders for about at least 3 million Surface tablets. So how many did it sell? Only about 400,000 for the Surface Pro and a little more than a million for the Surface RT. Bringing the total to about 1.5 million Surface branded devices out there in the wild. If we’re to believe the number of devices that Microsoft initially ordered, the number of devices sold is somewhat underwhelming for the company. The Surface RT was just at under a million devices at the end of January.

It will be interesting to see how the Surface story plays out over the next few months.

Source: Bloomgberg, Via: The Verge

Sam Sabri
  • Im Proud to be one of those million Surface RT owners
  • Me too, awesome device.
  • Me three
  • Me 4
  • me 5. awesome computablet!
  • Me 6
    Wife 7
  • Me, wife, sister, father, father in law... Ok, I do work for MS but the best story: My friend's 8 year old daughter wanted it, her parents got one and she loves it (no influence from MS on this one)
  • +2 RTs
  • Me 14, then? Just got better with enabling flash on a few sites more now! Absolutely awesome device! (Surface RT owner!)
  • Me 15.
    I saved up for a Windows Phone but decided to spend the $600 on the tablet, seeing as finding unlocked phones was hard and the flagship (920) cost more than what I had.
    I made the right call because now I have a massive touchscreen device with awesome battery life with much more possibilities. The only thing it doesn't do better is making calls, but who cares? I just use my feature phone for that! There is nothing like watching movies on the go on this gorgeous, huge screen!
  • For calls, Skype is your friend ;)
  • Me 17!
  • We've purchased 10 RT's and 4 Pro's so far at work. Had I not gotten a Pro through work for myself I definitely would have bought my own personal device. Love it!!
    I don't have one....yet.
  • Lol. I don't have one either. Nice touch on the Killer Instinct reference though.
  • Proud owner using it right now...cant do without it.
  • Best purchase I've made in years!!!
  • Darn 1%er ;)
  • Me too 2
  • Love my Surface forget the haters
  • Me... 13? Love it! I use it for most everything.
  • I've got one of each.
  • Same
  • Me 9. Love mine!!
  • I'm very impressed and happy with my surface rt.
  • +1
  • Me 19
  • Me toooooooo!!!
  • Same here
  • Me 20?
  • Yuup, I really like my Surface RT
  • Just released in New Zealand today!!! Going to buy one once I sell my laptop! :)
  • I love my Surface RT. Pretty amazing device tho the touch cover really should come with it. Remote desktop is keen.
  • Just a suggestion...use the old style Remote Desktop.
  • I'm one out of 400,000 ;-) Surface Pro FTW!
  • Me too!!
  • Me three.. Now this is the best of all worlds! Simply amazing device!
  • Me too. Use it 3-4 hrs a day
  • I got one, my mother has one!
  • I LOVE my Surface Pro!!
  • I am a proud owner of surface rt except mines I now defective and been fighting with Microsoft for the last two weeks waitin on my return labels
  • I want a Surface Pro 128 GB but they are all sold out!
  • It took me a month to find a 128. I'm enjoying it.
  • Dude I have an extra one still in the box. Message me if you would like to purchase. 128 GB new and sealed for sale. Trying to get rid of it before my wife claims it
  • Also take into consideration that MS is only one entity making these tablet/PC's.  You also have the HP Envy X2, Asus Vivotab, etc.  All in all, while I'm sure MS isn't seeing the sales they like, I think it's fairly successful.
    Also, I think as manufacturers really design hardware to take advantage of Windows 8 features, sales will pick up.  Like more touch screen options for home PC's.  I know production of those screens is finally ramping up.
  • These numbers are purely just surface. Nothing to do with win8 success or figures. They already published figures for win8 in general, although probably nit recently
  • HA! And all these forum posts/threads about RT not having a place in the market can shut up now.
  • 1 million isn't very good. Heck MS has 100k employees and they gave one to each, so that's almost 10% of the sales there. Not trying to be a hater, I want w8 to succeed.
  • So do I. I love RT and Pro and believe they both have a place in the market. Just hatin on people who say that there is no reason for RT to exist.
  • I think RT will eventually have a place in the market. But I wonder if MS released in the wrong order. They should have released Pro first back in October, touting the no compromise aspect. Then after establishing the pros success, they release RT later touting its lighter weight and cost. Instead, by releasing the rt first they built in a story of compromise. "RT can't run windows programs". And releasing pro second, the story is "its heavier and more expensive than RT before it."
  • Perhaps. But in all honesty, I believe RT is the future that MS wants. I believe they would love nothing more than to rid of the desktop side of the Pro. I think they will slowly but surely migrate all the features over to Modern UI and kind of lead developers into concentrating developement for that envirnoment. MS's vision is to run one app in 3 screens: PC, tablet, phone. You can't run desktop effectively as the screen gets smaller. But until then, Pro will be the workhorse.
  • They did that because they were trying to protect the OEM partners. Microsoft did not want to send the wrong message because the OEM are very important to the windows ecosystem pertaining to hardware variation, distribution channels and affordable price points. Remember, the company sell at least 80 millions pc a quarters. Microsoft cannot affords to mess with such advantage.
  • This is just the beginning. More to come. Good start thus far.
  • Surface pro just came out last month - so in one month they sold 400k units * $1000 USD = $400 million dollar revenue (not income) in one month.  I wouldnt say thats bad by any measure.
  • Lest we not forget that MS is a software company. They really didn't do this for the units or they would be pulling the same bullshit google does by undercutting they cost of the fire. Have you seen a price cut on the surface? I haven't, even on the RT.
    Edit: Amazon not Google, as I was corrected. Or I could say nexus not fire. And yes I know why they can do it. It just hurts the rest of the market.
  • They dont and shouldnt cut the price, the Surface is a premium product.  Google makes dogsh8 and sells cheap products supported by adware based services software.  There is a market for that type of crap computing, I certainly woudlnt buy into it.
    Own a Surface RT and and Surface Pro, both are great devices and I cant wait for MS to put out a 7 inch Xbox Surface tablet.
  • I want a 7 or 8 inch Xbox Surface tablet. :-)
  • Agreed.
  • The Kindle Fire's pricing has nothing to do with Google. It's Amazon's product. They can price it so low because they make it up with the money from sales on the software side.
  • If Microsoft is able to sell between 2 and 3 millions surface, whether RT or Pro, they have succeeded in term of market share for premium devices which Apple have dominated for quite a long time. Remember they still sell between 60 to 80 millions pc a quarter, albeit in the low end.
  • The only reason these aren't selling is MS's rep. If they were released by Apple, they'd be flying off of the shelves. MS is probably the most exciting tech company right now, with Google either tied with them or just below. MS's problem is its previous image, that of nerds working on beige boxes. The Surface TV ads scream, "I'm trying too hard to be young and cool." They need to hire a marketing firm that can help MS tell its new story, that obviously hasn't happened. We all know their phones and tablets are pretty amazing, but we're the minority, people who seek out alternatives and try to find the best tech. The masses are like a giant wave, MS needs to figure out how to influence that wave. Their problem isn't lack of apps, it's lack of influence.
  • You nailed it. They need to start by putting a new face on the company. Ballmer is a great CEO, but also the epitome of uncool.
  • Actual I think he would make a great vp. When you listen to him, it just seems like your looking at a car salesman. He would be a great vp of sales. However, the ceo is the public face of the company. Everytime you see him giving a presentation, he just doesn't come across as a leader you would follow anywhere. They need someone else to be the public face of the company when they do presentation to the public.
  • I say Ben Rudolph or better known as @BenThePCGuy
  • agreed!  Microsofts ads are just bad while Apple's make you want to buy their products.
  • I am inclined to disagree, but all while keeping in mind that everyone's tastes are different. There is nothing about dancing silhouettes that made me want to buy an iPod or the pinging of a xylophone that made me want to buy an iPhone. Apple's current ads are unrecognizable and don't leave a lasting impression, but truth is, they don't need to be anymore.
  • The old Apple adds under Jobs yes the new one makes me think who would want this product.
  • Totally agree with that. Microsoft have the most "functional" products in the market both in terms of service and hardwares. They need to sell that message in a new way that people can connect to.
  • Hey Kobe, how's the ankle? We need you back ASAP.
  • They need Donald Draper
  • One of 400,000 Surface pro's here :) I fully loaded it. External USB 3.0 BD-ROM, Bluetooth Waterproof keyboard, Bluetooth mouse, 3 Tb external hdd, 128 GB micro sdxc card, 3d Bluetooth glasses, and an Xbox controller :) OMG I can't stop playing with it so awesome. 100 Stars. Norton System Recovery 2013 already saved me once. Nothing, but love from me.
  • Where the hell you get a 128gb microsd ?
  • On Amazon to start. 
  • Mate that's an SD Card the surface uses a MICRO SD card! Lol... 
  • i dont see a micro on amazon???
  • Yeah because the max available MICRO SD size is 64gb. I'm desperate for a 128gb so as curious when someone said they had it guess they were telling porkies!
  • mmmmm arg porkies. eat em up! i want a 128 for my rt! all that memory for a tablet so much drool......
  • Insufficient funding right now. Mother-in-law just bought a touchscreen laptop with 8 on it... it's nice. Just... gotta get used to closing the apps via touch. Thought it would be much easier to just swipe down. I guess I just need to take my time, heh heh.
  • I think Cramer was yabbling about what new $billion business MS had? I guess the answer is Surface. With limited distribution (and if the numbers are correct) this would mean 6-8 million devices sold annually. Depending on the mix 3-4 billion in revenue. I would love to have that business. Oh, I left out the accessories and content sales. Another 500-700 million.
  • Yup, they already generated $400 million in revenue in one month on surface pro sales, the surface rt has generated at minimum another 500 million,  thats $900 million revenue in under 6 months; not including any accessories or extended warranties purchased.
  • Exactly, that's really good. But wall street doesn't care because it's not apple-like numbers.
  • I have a Surface and its brilliant! Microsoft really need to distribute it and make it more available... People will buy it if it was placed with major retailers...
  • To the author:
    How that 400K number is underwhelming for god sake? They start sell it Feb 9, now just a few days over a month. Actual availability is about like over a week  I would say. This is just US and Canada, Bestbuy and Microsoft stores only. Most of time out of stock. This is huge number. That's something to celebrate. Even writer from Windows Phone fan site say things like, no wonder there are so many anti-microsoft asshole blogger on the web.
  • 400K Pro users ftw
  • Awesome devices... I own one of each (my daughter never picks up the "other" tablet we have in the house)
  • I feel like the Surface will have more updates in the future causes its Microsoft Manufacturered unlike hp who didn't even bother to update their touchsmart pc's to support windows 8 
  • I love my surface. I wish they had more commercials. During Bloomberg there is a iPad commercial ever commercial.
  • My company of 3,500 has been testing the Surface Pro and is absolutely thrilled with what they've experienced so far. They are begin a pilot progam, which I am a part of, and their hope is that they will be able to roll them out to the entire company.
    Devices like the SP are really 3-in-1s. A desktop when you need it, a laptop when you need it, and a tablet when you need it. From an enterprise perspective, the hardware savings alone will be significant, not to mention a large reduction in support and maintenance needs having just one device per employee rather than two or more.
    You don't hear about this kind of stuff in the tech least not very often or willingly.
    It's real-world stories like this that confirm my belief that Microsoft has a major hit on its hands with the Surface Pro AND Windows 8.
  • I am a proud Pro owner and my spouse happily owns the RT.  We take one out to all appointments or to work just to give them exposure for Microsoft.  Two ads from Microsoft is not enough; and not often enough.  If I see that damn "wild" iPad ad from Apple again, ugghh!  GO BIG, MICROSOFT!
  • 1.5m units sold from only 10 or so available stores worldwide. That's,amazing
  • I don't have the Surface because I have the Asus RT, which I think is miles better, but this is like congratulating your own brother. Im so glad.
  • This is my second SurfacePro. First one had a defective headphone jack.
  • I really want to get a Surface Pro, but knowing that it doesn't come with Intel's new Haswell i7 made me hesitate. I'm gonna hold off for the refresh.
  • One of the million for a one in a million product. Love my Surface RT!!
  • Love my rt
  • Proud Surface Pro Owner.. Seriously thinking of getting an RT as well.
  • RT is really cool lightweight and beautiful love it! decided on a type cover as opposed to a touch cover and do not reget it.
  • I'm proud to be one of those 400,000! Loving my surface pro!
  • Does it count that I bought mine used, and then sold it used a few weeks later?
  • On a related note. If MS did leak a whisper number of sales. My guess is the number would be low. I think MS is trying to walk a fine line of giving Wall Street what it wants without pissing of its partners..
  • Agree to that. If Microsoft comes out with huge numbers, that will definitely pissed lots of partners. The Samsung story is an indication of how Microsoft is controlling the message. Microsoft is talking to consumers with commercial everywhere.
  • The world is a bunch of followers...which is why the S4 will sell a zillion devices. Only leaders like us are smart enough to by Lumias, and Surfaces.
  • Well I've heard from an apple user that they heard that the Surface was flying off the shelves..
  • I hope this kind of device does well. I literally couldn't wait for the surface pro. I got the samsung slate in 2011 and have been using it with Win 8 since then. It's great, and unlike a media consumption tablet, this has a pen and a PC OS so I can work on it. An iPad could do about 50% of what I use it for when in tablet mode, and none of the things I run when using it as a desktop. Unlike an iPad, I could justify this, and pen input is such a useful thinking aide, like a digital markerboard.
  • In deed, Surface Pro is doing pretty well, if the 400K number is true. Author makes it sound bad. I don't know wether the author don't have a brain or what.
  • loving my RT here which is where I'm typing this.
  • Yet to reach our shores :(
  • I'm patiently waiting for the Haswell version of Surface Pro, Xbox 720 and the Nokia EOS to close out 2013.
  • My pocket is going to feel it too.
  • LOVE mine. If only they would fix SkyDrive for local file storage. This thing is crippled by that. No WiFi = iPad
  • I love my Surface RT.. When my friends see it .. It's more of a wow factor than iPad or any Android tablet. Great battery life and the magnetic charger brings back the juice very quickly.
  • Its sad I wasn't one of the 400,000. I can't find it anywhere! :'(
  • Still waiting surface pro with 10hrs battery length of use. I believe haswell+pro combo would be a great hit, a new trend in tablet war, of course hardware built will be even better
  • The numbers are not so good compared to the competition, relatively these are BB Playbook and Touchpad numbers and its all down to more mismanagement by Microsoft. Not enough distribution, poor marketing, no killer USP and most of all an OS that is incomplete yet won't see any significant update till the end of the year. The same old Microsoft, moving at snail's pace while their rivals move at light speed.
  • Do people even check the sources? Bloomberg has been attacking Microsoft and the Surface project from the start. Oh, yes, it is spelled Bloomberg. This is not news - it is another BS attack piece from a company that also always seems to manage to sneak Apple's pseudo-numbers into every supposed article on any tech product. What a waste of time....
  • Played with an RT & a Pro the other night. I got a chubby!! Pro was full on wood!!
  • I'm a Fan of this device! It's a game changer in today's world!! Hats off to Microsoft!! :-)
  • I love my flipping surface, I don't even bring my laptop on the road anymore.
  • .I am a fan of the device and love it. :)
  • Proud owner of a Surface Pro, an RT, 3 Lumia 920's, 2 XBOX 360's. Microsoft is the best across platforms, period.
  • Love the surface rt 
    MS office replaces notebooks and binders 
    KNO allows texbook rentals for a very fair price  Is very good for saving trees hope more schools and professors adapt to the surface movement 
  • I plan on purchasing a Surface later this year...
  • Love my RT and my wife tells me every night, no kidding, every night that she loves her Pro. And I dont want to forget our Lumia 920s. They are simply amazing. All together, they have made computeing a joy again.
  • regardless of the bugs, battery, and heating issues, I heart my surface pro and am the biggest bragger.
  • My department ordered 12.... using one right now actually.
  • proud to be owner of both Pro and RT , one for me and other for my brother. just loving it....
  • Me 456,986
  • I'm still awaiting the UK launch of the Pro. Maybe when it is put beyond US and Canada those numbers will jump?
  • Can someone tell me if MS does a Bluetooth mouse that cam be used with Surface rt please?
    I've had mine a few months now and everyone who sees it wants one.
  • Just buy a surface mouse
  • Microsoft Wedge Mouse. Small but greatness. Takes a bit to get used to as it's not held like a traditional mouse, yet that's a "good" thing as it cuts down on repetitive-use injuries. Easy to pair, tracks on everything... Even glass. Button-pad supports basic gestures and likely more with future driver updates. Love mine. Perfect compliment to my Surface Pro 128... That and a very thin piece of velco used to keep my Stylus on TOP rather than the ludicrous placement on the right side. ;-)
  • Heard if rumours in the Netherlands that we will not het surface pro untill the summer. Windows RT has only just been released and marketed. I think time will tell.
  • I did not see any marketing from Microsoft here in the Netherlands. Not one commercial from Microsoft. No banners. No nothing. Nobody here knows what the Surface is! So they don't know what they're missing!
  • I like it
  • sweepstakes, -nhac mp3
  • Lower the price and include the keyboard and I'm sure sales will increase considerably.
  • Proud owner of Surface RT 64GB, blue skulls limited edition Touch keyboard, Lumia 920. Absolutely love it all. All my friends with Apple always look envious when I show them.
  • Put me down. Love my RT!
    Best tablet I've ever owned.
  • I really don't get it, really don't. I have a surface rt and man, I'm loving the hell out of it! It's leaps and bounds better than my iPad, I guess people don't know what they're missing... Oh well.
  • I think once there's a price cut, many more folks, including myself, will get one. I still believe the price is too high, so I vote with my wallet.
  • Yeah, just remember. People "vote with their wallet" for Starbucks and Apple every day in droves. They vote "I will ignore the massively over-priced item if the experience makes me happy". Surface Pro and Surface RT are, in reality, under-priced for the experience that they provide. The fact that Microsoft failed to point out that Microsoft Office 2013 was INCLUDED with the RT was the biggest marketing mistake that they made. A basic misunderstanding that when we deem something "expensive", it many times means that we haven't been properly shown the value that the item represents. I mean, check out the price of Office 2013 Home and Student, then subtract that from the price of the RT. Still think it's over-priced? ;-) It is the PERFECT device for students of all ages, all the way up to college And MANY small business folks. WAY too much being made of the lack of Outlook, which originally made me wait for the Pro. I do still use Outlook occasionally, but that mail app is my norm now because it keeps me on the start screen and uses way less battery life than Outlook with Exchange.Now, after using the "Mail App" on the start screen and realizing it works with Exchange-based mail and the calendar app does as well, I now know I could have gotten by with an RT. Having said that, the One-Device-To-Rule-Them-All experience that the Pro provides has made me forget the price of the device... So for me at least they're hitting that Starbucks and Apple pricing model of making me forget how much I'm paying for the "experience". ;-)
  • And Apple sold over 3,000,000 iPad 3's in the first four days. Wow. Microsoft certainly has their work cut out for them.
  • I love my Surface Pro. Although I always liked the Win8 interface, I found that after several weeks I became REALLY fast at navigating around it. This thing is SO fast that you can work really quickly on it.
  • The Surface Pro is a high end ultrabook convertible and those numbers are pretty decent considering the price point and the catastrophe of a launch that probably lost them tens of thousands of customers.  
    Anyone who complains about Windows 8 has not tried using one of those things, it really makes the dual-purpose OS all come together.  I have one and it is an utterly fantastic machine, one which I was prepared to hate based on the ill will the launch shortage engendered.  
  • My experience exactly and I find the Surface Pro and RT very well priced for the value they represent. Comparing either to an iPad, both are better priced as both are very different and superior in many ways.
  • Surfacepro better
  • I've always questioned the RT models because they cant run stanadard Windows apps. I guess if you dont care about running older apps (or main stream games or programs) a RT based device would be good for you but, I have seen them for less than $400 on ebay, they are not holding their value very well.
    I want a Suface Pro but, at $900 it seems a little too much compaired to other Windows based tablets, so I will have to look at something else. If it was around $500-600 I might grab one but, I will wait or grab another model.
    All I want is a tablet where I can use a Xbox 360 controler and play black Ops 2 on the road, then things will be great :)
  • Is there a core processor tablet less than $900?  Maybe an OEM can cut costs by leaving out the digitizer feature, but intel ultabook guts are expensive and I don't think you'll get good performance out of an atom device.  
  • See my comments above in the thread. It took me owning a Surface Pro to realize the value that the RT represents based on just the mail and calendar app's ability to do Exchange-based mail and calendar alone. The RT is an EXCELLENT value when you consider that Office 2013 Home and Student is essentially bundled in. Many end-users don't really need anything more than apps and the Office suite these days. In fact, this IT Company owner would suggest that the RT is perhaps one of the best end user-devices out there for the simple fact that it is virtually virus-proof and it stops end-users from installing a lot of useless toolbar and other junk-ware that bogs down their systems. For Students, it's truly a winning value all the way around. Parents, seriously consider equipping your student with an RT! I cannot tell you how many infected student laptops we are told about across our client base as well as how many parents regret sending their students back to school with iPads that didn't end up being useful for a college student due to the lack of a keyboard and the lack of Microsoft Office.
  • Oh poo :( I ordered a 128 GB sdxc card, and didn't even notice it was a standard sdxc card, instead of a micro sdxc card :( Sorry about the PORKIES! Big dodo head I am lol.
  • Sadly this is misleading to the number of tablets running a version of the Windows 8 OS. Which could lead people to believe the OS on a tablet is not doing well.
  • Enjoy the Surface but i really enjoy my Asus Vivo Tab....just need a rugged case.. I'm hoping any future MS updates will allow apps to be installed on sd drive, there by opening up more space on the hard drive.