Microsoft Teams native notifications rolling out in preview

Microsoft Teams PC
Microsoft Teams PC (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft Teams appears to have system-level notifications available in preview.
  • The feature was spotted and shared on Twitter by a Microsoft MVP.
  • Microsoft Teams currently uses its own built-in notifications.

Microsoft Teams uses its own notifications that run separately from the system it's running on. It appears that people will soon have an option to choose between using Teams' own notification setup or system notifications from macOS or Windows 10. Matt Wade, a Microsoft MVP spotted OS-level notifications for Microsoft Teams on his device running macOS. In a follow up tweet Wade said that it's available for Windows as well.

The feature appears to be limited to preview releases of Teams, meaning that it could change before any official release. Microsoft's roadmap (opens in new tab) states that Windows 10 native notifications will be supported in September 2020, so rolling out in preview to some people seems to line up well.

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Based on the screenshots that Wade shared, the feature will be optional. Within the notification section of the app's settings, there is a dropdown menu that allows you to pic the notification style you prefer.

Native notifications can be easier to manage because they show up in a unified area alongside notifications from other apps. On Windows 10, native notifications can also take advantage of features such as in-line replies. Native notifications also adhere to settings such as do not disturb.

On the flip side of things, some people prefer to have app notifications run separately from system notifications.

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  • No Android or iOS? That's where this would be most helpful for me.
  • Teams already supports native notifications on those platforms I believe.
  • Yup, and they're much better on Android since a couple of updates ago
  • I'm still waiting for them to package Teams into a container and list it in the Store like the rest of Office. Maybe this is a sign it's headed that way?
  • You can't install Office from the Store anymore, though. It redirects you to the browser.
  • As mentioned you can't actually install Office from the Store. No idea why. Similarly, no idea why Teams isn't in the Store. I see you think that's strange too. What a weird decision by MS. This is their communications platform of the future!
  • It is because they are putting effort in bringing Mac, Windows 10, Windows 10X, web solutions (means iOS and Android) to a common ground now. It can be carried out faster when not having to deal with Store limitations. They are to make Office apps behave the same on all platforms but still not stripping Windows features. They are trying to get rid of having to support three landscapes (off-store, native, web-based) the same time on Windows alone. The Store one has the least user-base.