Microsoft Teams in use at 200,000 organizations a year after its release

Microsoft Teams Android
Microsoft Teams Android (Image credit: Windows Central)

One year ago today, following a months-long preview period, Microsoft Teams officially launched into general availability. Since then, Microsoft has been busy building out its Slack competitor with a slew of features, and garnering a pretty sizeable base of users in the process.

Ahead of its release last year, Microsoft said Teams was already in use at more than 30,000 organizations, and that number quickly grew to 125,000 organizations six months after launch. According to Microsoft's latest tally, 200,000 organizations are now using Teams across 181 markets and 39 languages. Moreover, three million teams have been created in the year since Teams' launch.

Teams Year One Stats

In May, Teams quickly expanded from the workplace and into the classroom with a bevy of features designed for students and teachers as part of Office 365 for Education. Schools remained a focus throughout the year with additional updates and an eye toward additional classroom collaboration features in the future.

Outside of the classroom, Microsoft has focused on bolstering Teams with advanced calling features the goal of using it to replace Skype for Business as the singular communications client for Office 365 users. Guest access and other -quality-of-life features have been added as well, but Microsoft has even more planned for the future.

It's been a busy year for Teams, but with a new Windows 10 app on the way and Cortana integration around the corner, it doesn't look like things are slowing down.

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  • Says 200,000 organisations in one part, 200,000 users in another - not the same! Slack for example has ca 50,000 paid teams, 2 million paid accounts, and 9 million daily users. Be interesting to know how many daily users Teams has. 3 million teams suggest it may be in more widespread use than Slack, which gets all the press.
  • It's 200,000 organizations, not users.
    "Built on the strength and scale of Office 365 with over 120 million users, Teams delivers chat-based collaboration, meetings, calling, and soon, full enterprise voice features"
  • My org is looking to try out Teams, even if it has 25% of the problems that Skype for Business has, I will recommend against it. Absolutely fed up with the trash that is called SfB.
  • There are so many useless tools that Microsoft has for businesses and many of them have so many problems:
    - Skype for Business
    - Microsoft Lync Business
    - Yammer
    - GroupMe
    - Business Contact Manager and now Microsoft Teams!
  • GroupMe is certainly not for business. It's used primarily by college kids. I also don't see how you are lumping Teams into this, which is a collaborative chat tool that integrates with OneNote, Outlook, Skype, Office, OneDrive, etc. It's also being positioned at schools/education.