Microsoft reportedly testing new OneDrive file saving for

Microsoft is either rolling out or testing a new feature for owners that will allow them to save any file attachments in their email directly to their OneDrive account.

According to Neowin, this new feature is apparently available to some users, but we have been unable to check it out ourselves, This would suggest that Microsoft is either slowly rolling this out or is testing it before an official launch sometime in the near future.

If and when it does go live, it will offer a third option for file attachments in Currently, you can either view an attachment or download it to your PC or mobile device.

We will keep an eye out for when Microsoft makes this new feature official. If you can access it now, let us know about it in the comments!

Source: Neowin

John Callaham
  • Need that..!! Saves some clicks and time..!!
  • That's the business!
  • This is the feature that i'm waitng for a while!
  • And we'll be able to attach things directly from Onedrive? Fantastic.
  • Yes you can, this feature is available from a while
  • No, it's not. You can only "share" things from OneDrive but you can't actually attach a file from OneDrive.
    That's a little stupid because if you deleted the file you'd shared from OneDrive, then the recipients wouldn't be able to access the file from their email. That's why I prefer attaching a file over sharing it, even if I got the file on OneDrive.
  • Yes..Already there..
  • I appear to have gained that option!
  • Yes please!
  • About freakin time. We have been asking for this since 2012 ->  
  • I'm actually so over OneDrive! Every time I want to show a customer a vid I have saved on my one takes literally 10 min to play a 25 second video ! Its so annoying especially when trying to show customers videos of my work . Maybe im doing it wrong but how else to play a vid ? I thought it was click and play but I guess not. Maybe I should only make 5 second videos and maybe just maybe it'll load with in a reasonable time.
  • That's an internet connection issue dude not OneDrives fault. You may also download the videos to your phone but seriously if your on Wi-Fi upgrade to something else. It's not OneDrives fault.
  • So what kind of speeds do you suggest, because 35mbits isn't enough...
  • Indeed OneDrive is slow in these cases..!!
  • I'm on about 15mb how much more do i need to watch a 25 second vid? Literally 25 seconds long?
  • Not always. YouTube for example has the same issue, but your ISP usually has a local cache. Ever watched an obscure video and it buffers all the time even on low quality, while popular videos load quickly even on full HD? That's because the obscure video isn't yet cached locally and you're downloading it from a distant server. OneDrive can have the same issue if it doesn't have a server close to you. It was slow in New Zealand until they opened up their Sydney servers.
  • I don't think it is because of the internet connection. I have 50mbits at home and it is really slow to play a video from OneDrive.
  • Here the internet is 'great'. 35mbps and don't play onedrive videos. I have to download, 'cause is too slow to start it. Yotube, Vimeo and ALL others play fine. Even 4k videos on Youtube play fine.  
  • No OneDrive is just awful at streaming HD videos. With the cameral roll set to automatically make availale on my Surface, the videos as well as the pictures from my how are ready for me to play. Otherwise, it's stop and go playback. It's been a big complaint along with the upload size limit, which was raised a more than reasonal size.
  • No, its actually a onedrive issue because mine does the same thing, and my internet is NOT slow. Dropbox has no problems playing the same exact files, neither does G Drive.
  • Same here with the vids. It is impossible to see vids with such bad bandwidth or whatever the lag stems from. Cant wait to see how it will handle 4k vids from my phone when Denim arrives on L1520 in Denmark :P EDIT! Just did a test on 3G of 20mbits, and I actually could see a minute of 1080p vid with only two lags of about two secs each. That has never been possible before. So perhaps MS has finally oped the speed :D
  • True. OneDrive is great, but a bit slow. I think it's a but better in the US.
  • Cause folks there have the good internet providers..!!
  • US? Absolutely not, yeah, lol. I'm in Sweden on cheap fiberoptics. Then I choose to wi-fi most things, so in a way I do not benefit from the fiber to the fullest extent. Perhaps not cheap, because it depends on how you think about the economics in it. It is a multi-tier ISP arrangement and the cost is partially hidden inside other fees. Well, I do not know what the total cost is if I were to pay ALL of it myself, but the direct cost for me as a consumer is fantastic. Very appealing.
  • This couldn't be further from the truth but with a 1Gb/s connection I can't complain
  • That's a lot..
  • Since the denim update, the Lumia Camera has taken on a new dimension, on the 625 it's 1080p anyway, but what a difference.
  • Eh..Where did the topic of Denim and 625 suddenly appeared from..In between OneDrive..?
  • I stream HD Movies from my OneDrive with ease...
  • I have tried GoogleDrive now and it is much faster.
  • Smart. I will use this frequently.
  • Microsoft is becoming a ONE stop shop more and it
  • I was waiting for that feature. That's great news
  • Pretty cool option. I love one drive, but my biggest issue (and hundreds of other people) is how OneDrive attempts to use WordOnline to open PDF files. Terrible idea since it can't handle paper sizes larger than 22x22 and since in in Construction, my drawings are more than double that size. ok sorry... I got way off topic with my rant. Lol.
  • Can't you already do this by choosing your OneDrive folder as your save location?
  • But that's a work around. If, for example, you were using a computer other than yours, you'd just be able to save it to whatever folder on your OneDrive right there in the browser directly. Convenient for sure.
  • This isn't always an option: 1) if you aren't on your own PC/tablet; 2) If you have multiple account; 3) anyway by doing this implicitly you download and re-upload the files.
  • I'm not a huge fan of Google Drive (mostly due to Google docs) but they've had this feature for the past 2 years. You can save any attachment directly to your drive. Many other companies have been doing this too. I can't really condemn Microsoft for this because it isn't really a "killer" feature but it is definitely nice to have.
  • LOL it just happened to me just now. I was trying to download the attachment from the email that I received in my outlook. But when I checked it in Documents folder, it wasn't there. But I saw it I was saving it in Documents folder. When I search in "recent" folder it was saved in Documents folder in my OneDrive. I was like "Eh?"
  • Miss you skydrive.
  • I sent feadback requesting the feature to be able to both attach a file stored in OneDrive (now available in Outlook) and save to OneDrive from Outlook.
    Can't go naming services "One" when you're downloading attachments then needing to upload them just because these features are lacking. No oneness about it.
  • All for the oneness of OneDrive. Good move on adding this function.
  • Finally. Google already had this ages ago.
  • It is definitely working for us on the Office 16 test program and have to tell you works a treat and so easy. I just bang all my online receipts into a onedrive folder in 2 seconds. From many angles this would save boring repeditive clicks in business. I am really looking forward to the next preview for win10 update as microsoft appear to be deep cross intergrating their systems to save a lot of boring clicks. In fact from the little so far, I am going to make the call that when the final win10 drops for all platforms, we will actually have a revolutionary new operating system. At the moment there is not one part of there system that they are not rebuilding and it is becoming clear that the parts can directly work together. I get the impression that once finished there will be far less need to KNOW their system as it will be extremely intuitive.
  • How did you get into the Office 16 test program?
  • Slighty complicated, I have beta tested since Vista, I'm just a average joe but sign up for everything as I love tech. Win7,8,8.1,10 winphone preview, amongst all that was a link to apply, I did they accepted. If your consistent in wanting to try leading edge they start sending you stuff. I often use links from blogs and forums like this, I find it all a interesting hobby. There is a crazy amount of trolls and negative people out there but, I do find that bizarre.
  • The search within outlook is appalling! So complicated and if you delete an email its impossible to find again
  • If you delete an email its just in "Deleted items"
  • I have to agree with the search portion. It's pretty bad. Often when I'm searching for a sender on a particular email, I get zero results and it takes for ever. I end up using my ios email client to search for the address. The indexing needs serious improvements.
  • I love this idea. I'll definitely use it.
  • Good
  • I'm still waiting for the feature that automatically takes attachments that are too big and still shares them through OneDrive without having to leave the composed email.
  • My ball
  • My brand!
  • Finally something I've been waiting for a while now.
  • Juice.
  •    Cool. Looking forward to it.
  • Will that make it to WP??
  • Would be a very good feature, but they should improve the win explorer/desktop version.
  • I have this feature, seems to work well. Click "Save to OneDrive" and the attachment is saved to a folder called "Email Attachments"
  • This is a long overdue feature.
  • Quality from OneDrive,what's up with you.
  • I can access this feature
  • To the folks here comparing OneDrive' video streaming to YouTube and vimeo - you're comparing apples to oranges. Can I upload my excel files to YouTube? I agree that playing video files from OneDrive is generally bad, but it's not a streaming video site. Compare to google drive or dropbox if you wish to make an argument about how it should be better, but it has never been marketed as a place to play your videos.
  • I can't use this feature
  • I can't use this feature
  • This would be nice. However, I have two Microsoft Accounts. My primary one that I use to login to my Windows devices and is linked to my primary OneDrive account, then my secondary account that is linked to my email. When launched, I created an directly on the site instead of logging into my Microsoft Account first then accessing from there (which I did for my wife and she doesn't the issue). I have not figured out if there is a way to merge the accounts? I tried once to contact Microsoft support, but they were not any help. This has kept me from using my email more. I could delete my secondary account, but I will likely lose all those emails and not be able to create the same address as an alias on my primary account. Any help?
  • No thanks, I don't save information or files to the cloud. Not worth the security risk.
  • Good to know.
  • I've always wondered why this wasn't an option from the start, since "view online" was (at least for Office docs). Hope it arrives!
  • Hello everybody! I think I have this feature. I have e-mail with attached PDF file and have some buttons It saves to E-mail attachment folder Скачать как ZIP-архив (save as ZIP) Save to OneDrive
  • Got it now
  • I think it would be nice if thus is done. I really can't wait for windows 10.
  • Cool feature.
  • That's all very nice, but when do I get the option to upload and change photo's for contacts? Like... errr.. In Google contacts... The MS forum is filled with requests and complaints on this, but after all those years, we get this first..   Great.....