Microsoft Translator for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile ditches beta tag

In September, the beta version of Microsoft Translator for both Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile went live in the Windows Store. Now Microsoft has removed the "beta" label from the app, indicating that it is officially launched for its Windows 10 platforms.

Aside from some bug fixes and stability improvements, the only main new feature in this 4.0 version of the app is that it now comes with the full universal app features, meaning that Microsoft Translator's UI will work on any screen size on Windows 10 devices. Here's a quick breakdown of its features:

  • Text translation - Enter text to translate into one of 50 languages and scripts.
  • Camera translation - Point your camera at signs, menus, newspapers — any printed text in 19 languages and scripts — then tap to see the translation.
  • Voice translation - Translate by speaking one of 10 languages into your phone.
  • Offline translation - Download a translation pack so you can translate even when you're offline — handy when you're traveling and you want to avoid expensive data roaming charges.
  • Text-to-speech - Hear translations from a native speaker.
  • History, search & favorites - Your translations are saved, so you can search through your history to find them later. Mark translations as favorites to find them even more quickly.
  • Word of the Day - Learn a new word or phrase everyday by pinning Translator to Start.

Hands-on with Microsoft Translator Beta for Windows 10

Download Microsoft Translator Beta for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile (Free)

John Callaham