Microsoft prepares to open company's first flagship store in New York

Microsoft will be opening the company's first flagship store today in New York. Before the opening ceremony kicks off later today, Microsoft has shared some details and photos of the upcoming brick and mortar. It looks fresh, modern, inviting and an ideal environment for Microsoft to showcase its expansive catalogue of products.

While the new store, which is located at 677 Fifth Avenue, joins more than 100 Microsoft Stores across the US, Canada and Puerto Rico, this flagship store is the next step for Microsoft in the retail space. Not only is it the first flagship for the company, but it's also the first to span more than a single floor to contain 22,269 square feet of space.

Microsoft Store

Microsoft Store

You can expect to see Xbox One, Surface, Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10 be featured throughout. To mark the special occasion today at 12:00 p.m. ET, Pitbull will be performing at Rockefeller Center, South Plaza.

More details about the store can be found over on Microsoft's website (opens in new tab). Windows Central will be on-site, so be sure to remain tuned to our feeds if you're unable to attend the opening of the New York flagship store.

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
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  • There is hololens in that store.
  • I guess it's only the pastic. I don't think there is actual hardware in that thing.
  • Perhaps somebody near the place can give us tour and test that Hololens also.. ;)
  • Why would they have only the plastic and not the real device?
  • Because it's only on display? No demos. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • When in the Philippines? They opened 2 stores but only offer phones. No band, no surface. Its so depressing.
  • Thats because they adopted a lot of Nokia Care Points and Stores. They're not yet "real" Microsoft Stores.
  • Agreed and agreed.
  • do they have a store in mall of asia?
  • They don't have a store in Italy, and here we buy Billions of Microsoft stuff...Lumia sells more than iPhone (yeah we are the country of fashion and art, we recognize when an object is beautiful ;) and Windows/Office is in every company and office (we have iStupids here too, but no one care about them, they barely can breath with their brain power).
  • It was quite refreshing to see many Italians using colorful Lumias inside a bus while I was on vacation in Rome last summer. I haven't seen many people use Lumias here in Saudi or even in my home country, the Philippines.
  • Gonna head down on my lunch break. Wish I could buy a 950
  • Would be great to have a store in the UK. Retailing of MS products in the UK is generally dreadful - you logon to apps and you can't get beyond a login screen or there is no wifi connection and you can't do much with the product. 
  • Agreed we need a flag ship in Oxford Street
  •  They could gut the Primark shop and put it there!
  • @mbrdev, agreed and one in the Westfield shopping centre in Strafford. That place has insane foot traffic, certain days it is literally packed out.
  • Nice.
  • Tell me you guys are gonna establish why the 950xl was really pulled.
  • They already said it was a hardware issue with the prototype.
  • Not quite, MS's official line is noted here... Fw/Hw issue with prototype was Winbeta's speculation. MS's line is sufficiently vague that it still remains a possibility. But it's by no means a given on what happened.
  • Anyone know if they only selling or you can leave Lumia phone for repairs?
  • This actually builds my faith in Windows Phone.
  • When in iNdiA
  • Finally. I can't wait to go check it out
  • That's cool
  • It looks warm and inviting providing a relaxed atmosphere. Fit for the purpose. Modern but not brash and clinical like a certain competitor.
  • Good job
  • I'll check it out later if I'm nearby on my lunch break this week maybe if not ill just visit on the weekend
  • Looking pretty sharp. Would love to be there today.
  • Cool