Microsoft updates new modern Office Preview apps ahead of Build 2015

Office desktop
Office desktop (Image credit: Windows Central)

No changelog is available for each app listing, but we can expect bug fixing and general improvements to be included. Also, Microsoft may be preparing for the release of the Office preview apps for Windows 10 for phones.

Here are the version changes, as spotted by WinSuperSite:

  • Word Preview updated to 17.3930.10071.0 from 17.3930.10061.0
  • PowerPoint Preview updated to 17.3930.10071.0 from 17.3823.10121.0
  • Excel Preview updated to 17.3930.10071.0 from 17.3823.10121.0
  • OneNote Preview updated to 17.3930,10071.0 from 17.3823.30111.0

If you're part of the Office 2016 Preview, let us know how you're getting on in the comments.

Via: WinSuperSite

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • How do I enter the preview?
  • Yes.
  • You just need to download. Here Word Preview:
  • And Power Point Preview:
  • Preview App? Is this a preview of Office 2016, or something else.
  • The modern touch friendly apps. Store Beta > search Word/PowerPoint/Excel Preview and voila :P
  • Thanks. Will have a look.
  • I want to download the preview.
  • Well, to join in the mindless jibber jabber: What is preview?
  • And Microsoft builds offices now? Sooooooo confused! ;
  • Well done, you have both proved to the world what ass's you are! Should anyone know less than you, put them down, great attitude to life, not!
  • No. This is a Comments section. It is for comments, not questions from the lazy and the clueless. Go blow your pity for these losers elsewhere. Plus, it's asses, not ass's. Lol...
  • Yep, I meant asses, as in pompous fool, cheers.
  • For those who don't know. With the new Store opened, you can click on your photo and then click over "Downloads", there you can see all your downloads and see if there's some items pending.
  • I noticed this too but I don't seem to have any pending downloads. I had thought that the new xbox app would come with build 10061? I did have to run the wsreset.exe cmd as my store beta app would crash immediately after launch. Could this be a reason as to why I cant see any updates?
  • You should see the updates after the store reset. You can try and go to the app link and see if there's any update
  • You can install Xbox app here:
  • What this updates have to do with Office 2016 Preview?
  • Nothing at all.  The author is confused.  The Office 2016 Preview is the desktop suite.  The Universal apps, which are the ones that are updated, are not part of that.
  • Thanks. That's what I thought.
  • Guess 10071 will be the build they will release to Insiders at Build. They will use a much recent build to showcase at Build as they always do but with all probability this will be the next one coming out
  • That's exactly what I thought too, all apps ending with 10071. So next preview build for both pc and phone is imminent.
  • I wish you wouldn't indulge Microsoft's remarkable inability to come up with a better name for apps formerly known as Metro by using the galactically stupid "modern". Call them "mobile". Then, people will know what you are talking about.
  • The name is "Windows Apps" (for phones/PC/tablets/Xbox). You can't call a Windows 10 desktop app "mobile", right?
  • I know they are beta, and all, but unfortunately the preview apps are so stripped of useful features that they might as well just be the web apps. If the future of office is reflective of Office 2016 preview, I will stick with Office 2010.
  • This is NOT Office 2016 Preview. This is the touch-friendly Office apps for Windows 10, they're Windows App and there's nothing to do with Office 2016 Desktop Application. This Windows App are intent to be simple/clean apps for fast editing/creating documents, not for heavy use of functions or a full-feature Office app. Just like Office Preview for phone, Android and iOS.