Microsoft wants to give you free stuff for buying an Xbox One S

Xbox One S
Xbox One S (Image credit: Windows Central)

It seems like Microsoft always has some sort of deal at the ready to lure in new Xbox One S buyers, but the latest should prove pretty enticing. The company has announced (opens in new tab) a new offer that will net Xbox One S buyers a free gift from select U.S. retailers.

Where things get interesting is in which retailer you choose. Available at Walmart, Best Buy, GameStop or Target, the offer includes a different gift depending on which retailer you choose. Here's a look:

  • For console purchases at, get a free Xbox Wireless controller
  • For console purchases at Best Buy get a free Xbox Wireless Controller and 3 months of Xbox Live Gold
  • For console purchases at GameStop and Target, get a free $50 retailer gift card

That's not too shabby if you happen to be in the market for a new console, and it's nice to see some variety so people can pick and choose what they want. If any particular retailer piques your interest, you pick out an Xbox One S bundle starting at $249 at Microsoft now. This promo is set to run through June 24.

See at Microsoft (opens in new tab)

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Almost makes me wish I wanted one!
  • Not that great of incentives. Already have an S for the kids use. I'm holding out on an X console now. Unless an S was available in black I'll still wait.
  • It would be if you were already in the market for one, especially with the price drop. I hope they actually give an incentive to those of us that are waiting for the X. I would be satisfied with a older game or even 3 months of Live. This is only because we aren't getting anything I'm sure.
  • And nothing for the loyal fans who pay full price in the beginning. Always a classy move.
  • Not this again...
  • as a loyal fan, it was my own decision to pay full price, not forced. 
  • You have had over two years of fantastic gaming. Plus whatever game specials/discounts that have been available along the way.
  • You are a lolcat... In what world do you live.... Did you give a great present to your first employer who trusted you even without any experience???
  • I want that in Belgium when I will buy the Xbox One X in November/December. ☺
  • Dang, aren't standalone 4K Blu-ray players pretty much in the same range? Higher end streaming boxes are around $100 and for around $150 you get a whole gaming console to boot, with a Blu-ray player. Plus now extra goodies. Xbox One S is probably be the deal to get this Black Friday...