Microsoft wants volunteers to become Xbox Alpha — Skip Ahead Insiders

What you need to know

  • The Alpha — Skip Ahead ring for Xbox Insiders allows you to test out upcoming features.
  • Beforehand, there was a very strict criterion for getting in.
  • Now, it looks like Microsoft wants even more testers.
  • You can take a look below to see how you can easily join the Alpha — Skip Ahead ring.

Ever since the Xbox One Preview Program launched, many owners have signed up to test out upcoming software features. There are a number of different rings depending on how comfortable you are with receiving possibly-broken updates. At the top of the pack is the Alpha — Skip Ahead ring which focuses on changes that won't be out for months. Beforehand, only the most dedicated Xbox Insiders could join.

Luckily, it seems like that's changed because the company needs more people to test out these faraway features. In a post on Xbox Wire, Xbox Program Manager Jen Sheffield said the following.

Invitations are open to any Xbox Insiders who participate in the steps found on the subreddit... No matter what Xbox Insider Update Preview ring you're currently in, you have the chance to be part of Alpha Skip-Ahead! Because we have limited spots available, invitations will be extended to users who complete the survey on a first-come basis.

You'll have to follow the following steps in order to enroll.

  • If you're interested in participating in the Alpha — Skip Ahead ring, please let Microsoft know by following the steps before 2:59 EDT on September 22.
  • While on your Xbox, hold the power button down until the Power menu appears.
  • Select Report a problem.
  • Select Add new problem.
  • Find the new category tile named Future Build.
  • Select the tile and let us know why you're interested in being in the ring.

That's everything you have to do. If you're interested in signing up, get on it right now! Hopefully, they have enough slots to let everyone in.



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