Microsoft's consumer MVPs will soon be grouped into Windows Insider Program

A new report says that the former consumer-based MVPs for Microsoft will soon be referred to as "Windows Insider" MVPs starting on July 1. The move is part of an overall revamping of the company's Most Valuable Professional program.

Earlier this year, Microsoft confirmed that the MVP influencer program, which started in 1993, would change into one that catered to helping enterprise and IT customers. At that time. the company said the consumer MVP members, which included the Surface, Xbox, and other divisions, would be "supported directly by the product teams."

Now, Winbeta reports those consumer MVPs will remain in the program after all, under the new "Windows Insider" label:

All current Windows Experience, Surface, Windows Phone, and Consumer Security MVPs will be reclassified with the new designation, beginning July 1st. The transitioned awardees will apparently be required to join the Windows Insider program, and can opt out of being re-awarded if they so desire, but expertise in, or even much knowledge of, the Insider program apparently isn't necessary. These MVPs will simply be reassigned, and "grandfathered (or grandmothered) in."

It's not yet clear if Microsoft will add more consumer MVP members in the future under the new system.

John Callaham