If you picked up a Lumia 950 XL this week and you followed our article about redeeming your free Display Dock for Continuum you may have noticed the 'shipping in 8-10 weeks' part after the redemption. As most savvy shoppers know that wording is just to cover Microsoft for any liability from unforeseen delays. The truth is things are moving much faster.

Many people who redeemed their code for a display dock have already received shipping notifications including ourselves. That puts the actual turnaround in the 3 to 7-day range, which is quite impressive.

The redemption process has the user simply entering a $99 discount code during the checkout process for a Display Dock. Microsoft then ships the order like any other through their online store making it much more palatable than your typical rebate.

The $99 Display Dock lets users connect their Lumia 950 XL up to a larger display along with peripherals like a mouse, keyboard and external hard drive.

Head into our forums where others are discussing the Display Dock and rebate process. There were some early concerns from users as the offer looked to be 'sold out' but after a few reattempts later on most users are redeeming the coupon with no issue.

Who else is excited about using their new Display Dock?