Microsoft's wired Pro Intellimouse has dropped in price to $50


The Microsoft Pro Intellimouse is down to $49.99 on Amazon. You can get this deal price in Dark Shadow or Natural Shadow, although the latter option is back-ordered by a few weeks. The mouse is normally $60, and the lowest price it has ever dropped to before was $45 during the Black Friday shopping season. You can find this deal at a couple of retailers, including Microsoft and Best Buy.

Microsoft Pro Intellimouse

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Uses the upgraded PixArt tracking sensor. Has two customizable thumb buttons and a middle button. Has an improved skirt abrasion for low-friction responses and next-level durability. The ergonomic design keeps you comfortable for hours.

Our Windows Central team reviewed this mouse last year. We gave it 4.5 stars out of 5 and a The Best badge. Jez Corden said, "The Pro IntelliMouse is ultimately everything I want from a mouse. It's sleek, ergonomic, feels great, and has a huge range of features. It's also modestly priced at $60, with high-quality construction and revised materials that could serve you well for years to come." And of course today's price is even better.

The worst part about this mouse is that it only has three customizable buttons. I actually found that quite surprising when looking at it because it seems like even the most basic mice have two side buttons in addition to the main three. The Intellimouse does have side buttons but only three of the five total are customizable. However, the Pro Intellimouse chooses to prioritize functionality and ergonomics, and that's ok. The design is fantastic, and it uses premium materials in its construction. What you end up with is a very durable mouse that feels and looks great.

Using Microsoft's MOuse and Keyboard Center software, you'll be able to fully customize the buttons, set up macros, adjust the lighting, change the sensitivity, and more. It all gets stored on the mouse, too, so you don't need to keep the app open. It actually has a ton of features, and Microsoft is even working on tech like Xbox Dynamic Lighting, which will sync with certain games for a unique lighting experience (very similar to Razer Chroma).

John Levite
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