Minecraft Dungeons: How to unlock Panda Plateau secret level in Jungle Awakens

Minecraft Dungeons Panda Plateau
Minecraft Dungeons Panda Plateau (Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft has dropped Jungle Awakens, its first downloadable content (DLC) expansion for Minecraft Dungeons. The latest refresh for the role-playing dungeon-crawler introduces a new island brimming with flora and fauna, although its twisted vines and buried paths stow some unforgiving surprises.

The arrival of new levels with Jungle Awakens also means a secret locale, hidden within the "Dingy Jungle." The Panda Plateau level isn't just home to black and white bears, also featuring various puzzles to solve, and loot to secure. Here's how to unlock the Panda Plateau stage in Minecraft Dungeons.

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How to unlock Panda Plateau level in Jungle Awakens

Minecraft Dungeons Jungle Awakens

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The Panda Plateau secret level is obtained through the first Island Realms stage, Dingy Jungle. Like past secret locations, you'll need to collect the required scroll by venturing away from the mission objective and locating a hidden pathway.

When traveling through the jungle, players may locate an optional doorway off the beaten path, leading to a new space to explore. Walk past the rib-cage-style structure flooded with lava, which leads to a courtyard triggering an ambush event. Kill the enemies swarming your position, and continue along the route.

The trail eventually leads to an area featuring three panda shrines, which also acts as your key to the Panda Plateau. Press the buttons affixed to each shrine's base, opening three metal gates to a hidden narrow path. The small cavern includes the scroll, unlocking the mission on your world map.

For additional visual aid, we've also cooked up a short video to guide your journey from Dingy Jungle to the Panda Plateau scroll.

Panda Plateau is the latest secret level within Minecraft Dungeons, requiring players to find their furry friends, and kick off a panda party. It wraps the handful of levels included with the Jungle Awakens DLC, featuring new weapons and gear to unlock. Have you found any additional secrets within the latest DLC? Let us know in the comments section below.

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