Minecraft Dungeons: How to find every secret level

Minecraft Dungeons Full Map
Minecraft Dungeons Full Map (Image credit: Microsoft)

Minecraft Dungeons is an amazing action RPG that is accessible to newcomers and has a deceptive amount of depth for those who seek it. The game has 9 levels on the surface, but that goes up to 14 if you work to uncover hidden paths throughout the game.

It can be hard to pinpoint the exact locations of each level unlock, due to the game's random map generation systems. And hey, it can be fun to discover it for yourself. If you want to save time, though, we've put together a quick guide on how to find all of the hidden areas in Minecraft Dungeons, and some general tips towards doing so.

Minecraft Dungeons


Creepy Crypt

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The Creepy Crypt is the largest single map in the game, and is a great source of emeralds and other loot, given that it can carry over 22 chests of various types. This is also the first secret dungeon you can find, and is typically accessible by veering off to the left early on in the Creeper Woods level. It can be hard to describe exactly where it is due to the game's random path generator, but it's typically fairly early on in the game, so just explore secondary paths away from the yellow pointer telling you where to go, it feels like it's almost always on the left side of the map.

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If you've found the correct path, you'll eventually come upon a door hidden behind some moss with a secret switch. Inside, you'll find some ambushing mobs in another crypt, and the map that gives you the ability to unlock the area on the world map.

Soggy Cave

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The Soggy Cave is a difficult area to find. In fact, we haven't been able to find it twice after originally unlocking it, although we've spoken to a few people who have been able to find it here and there.

Similarly to the Creepy Crypt, the Soggy Cave is unlocked via a map you can find in a hidden crypt-like area within the Soggy Swamp level. The entrance is typically somewhere off the main path, and previously we've found it hidden off to the left.

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Inside, there's a small area with an ambush event, and then a pedestal containing the map for the Soggy Cave.

The Soggy Cave level itself is incredibly short, coming with a couple of small puzzles and ambush events, but it also has a guaranteed Diamond Chest for good measure. If you're gunning for a specific piece of loot from its loot table, this might be a good level to farm.

Arch Haven

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Arch Haven is seaside village island full of Illagers and chests that require a bit of parkour to access. It's a fun little level, and is a good source of Uniques like the Frost Scythe if you're gunning for things like that.

Arch Haven's map can be found within Pumpkin Pastures, off the beaten path inside a small pirate ship. Inside, there's another ambush event, with the map protected behind a gate. After the event, the gate will open, granting access to the juicy location data.

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Due to the random nature of the map generation in Pumpkin Pastures it can be hard to give an exact location, but just explore off to the sides and keep the map up to see which paths veer away from the main waypoint, and you're sure to eventually find it.


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The Underhalls is a large, sprawling crypt-style level that is rammed with undead, Wraiths, and a truly eerie haunted prison area. This is a great area to unlock for dungeoneers, given its size and relative complexity on maximum difficulty.

Underhalls is realtively easy to unlock, typically found near the starting area of Highblock Halls, and seems less dependant on randomness than some of the other level unlocks.

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In the first area, at the bottom of some stairs in the main hall, there are two shields hanging on a blank wall. Interacting with one of the shields will unlock a hidden door, complete with the map inside.

Secret Cow Level

Minecraft Dungeons also has a super-secret level dedicated to honoring a secret area in Diablo II, the guide here explains how to access it, or you can head here for the written version.

Unlock the secret cow level in Minecraft Dungeons

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