Minecraft reaches whopping 122 million copies sold

There's no denying that Minecraft has turned into a global phenomenon over the years, but its latest sales numbers are pretty staggering. Minecraft announced on Twitter today that a whopping 122 million copies of the game have been sold to date.

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It's hardly surprising when you consider that, not only has the game been on the market since 2011, but it's now on virtually any platform you can think of. Regular updates have also ensured there's plenty of new content to check out on a regular basis as well.

In addition to the sales numbers, Minecraft revealed in a follow-up tweet that Minecraft has 55 million monthly players, which is pretty impressive as well. That's up from 40 million monthly players in June of 2016.

Are you among the many who have jumped into Minecraft in recent years?

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  • And that's why it's not PlayAnywhere, just within the Microsoft ecosystem you have:
    - Minecraft for Windows desktop (java)
    ​- Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition
    ​- Minecraft: Pocket Edition for Windows Phone
    - Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition
    - Minecraft: Xbox One Edition Will the Windows Holographic version for VR opaque HMDs (1st person mode) be included in the Windows 10 Edition, or will that be a 6th version growing their number of copies sold? And later, yet another one for transparent HMDs since the experience will be very different with a 3rd person "boardgame" mode?
  • Good point, Microsoft is trying to convince app developers to code Universal apps, and they can't do this for one of their products. I'm not saying that all Minecraft editions should be equal, since price and game features are different for a game console than a smartphone, but if you purchase a Minecraft mobile license game in Windows Phone it should be available for free in other platforms by downgrading the experience to mobile game Also if you purchase game console version, you should be able to play downgraded version in mobile for free.  
  • Pocket is an uwp now... It runs on continuum and the smartphone itself well :). Check it out on Yt -> continuum gaming e40
  • Being UWP on both is only the technical side of things. The store enables developers to publish unified or platform-specific versions as a single product, grouping them into a single purchase for their customers. Yet Microsoft decided to make Minecraft for PCs/tablets and phones two different products bought separately.
    And that's not even mentionning PlayAnywhere which could extend the single purchase to the Xbox One Edition of the game. ​That is only a monetary decision done knowing they can get people to pay for it twice or even three times, contrary to games with less replay value which people will probably buy on either but not both if offered as separate purchases.
  • Don't forget about the Pocket Edition for Android, iOS, Kindle Fire, and Samsung Gear VR, along with Minecraft: Story Mode on various platforms!
  • Guess the purchase of Minecraft was totally worth it for Microsoft.
  • I'm an Android user, I hope someday Microsoft can make Minecraft purchases universal, so if I purchase the PC version I can play on Android using same license, or if I purchase the mobile version on Android or iOS I can play a mobile version on the desktop. 
  • I bought Minecraft when it was still in Alpha but rarely play it. Though have been on the Win10 version recently and am on the W10M mobile version right now thanks to you guys
  • Had the Java version in 2012, loved that I could play it in Windows or Linux, or even in a Web browser, didn't even need to install the game. Got the windows 10 version for free because I own the Java, and bought the pocket edition on Android a couple years back but never played it much because I don't enjoy it on touch.
  • I've purchased the PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Windows Phone versions. That makes four copies. Tons of toys and t-shirts too.
  • Does anyone know what the top 10 selling games of all time are? I would l would love to know.