Minor fixes are on the way for Xbox One Preview members

The latest Xbox One Preview update doesn't contain a lot of changes, but it should be welcome for those experiencing problems.

The changelog is as follows (via the Xbox Forum):


OS version released: rs1_xbox_rel_1610.161031-1900

Available: 6:00PM PDT 11/2 (1:00AM GMT 3/11)



  • Resolved an issue which could sometimes cause a "Just getting your app ready" message to pop-up after launching a recently installed or updated app.

Sign in

  • Improved responsiveness of signing in and switching profiles from Home.



  • Groove Music may sometimes crash when launched via Cortana.

All of the latest features in this current Preview wave are still unavailable to the public, including Arena, Clubs and Looking for Group. Xbox Platform chief Mike Ybarra has recently teased that the update would be going public "soon." While vague, hopefully, it indicates that the end is in sight!

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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