MobileDiscord PTB for Windows brings Discord to the Microsoft Store

Discord is an excellent way to chat with friends through text or voice. MobileDiscord PTB (public test build) brings Discord to a mobile-friendly shell that also scales well on PCs.

The app is available for free on Windows 10, Windows Mixed Reality, and Windows 10 Mobile.

MobileDiscord PTB loads the public test build of the app, so there are some hiccups and issues. The developer is open to feedback and jumping on any issues but since the app loads a test build I won't give it a ranking at the end of this hands on, like I would for a full review.

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Easy chatting

If you've never used Discord before, it's a web-based chat service that allows you to instantly chat by typing or using your voice. The platform is focused on gaming but you can obviously use it to discuss anything you'd like. There are Discord servers dedicated to different topics ranging from PUBG to your favorite sports team. If you want to get started, a good place to start is the Morning Mixer server.

MobileDiscord PTB may be only an unofficial port of Discord to the Microsoft Store, but it gets the most important part of porting an app correct — it works. You can jump into chat rooms to discuss games and more with friends, and you can turn your microphone on and off to have party chat.

The familiar Discord "ping" sounds whenever you get a notification, and any of the chatting features that you're used to on the official Discord app work on MobileDiscord PTB.

Clearly a port

MobileDiscord PTB is a port of Discord. That means it isn't natively built as a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app and doesn't have design elements or features specific to the Microsoft Store.

Discord is by no means ugly, but if you're looking for an app akin to Groove Music's design, this isn't it. It has a relatively reactive design that hides elements as you resize the window but not to the same extent as many UWP apps. However, these limitations don't mean the app doesn't have merit.

Porting Discord into MobileDiscord PTB accomplishes two main tasks. First, it helps anyone that is still using Windows 10 Mobile. Second, it brings Discord to the Microsoft Store, meaning people locked to the store can still use Discord without having to use it through a web browser. I haven't tested the app on a Windows 10 S device so I can't testify to it working, but if you're on a PC that's restricted to only the Microsoft Store for any other reason, you have another option for using Discord.

Additionally, you get the general benefits of using the Microsoft Store, including one-click downloads and being able to easily uninstall the app.

Overall thoughts on MobileDiscord PTB for Windows

MobileDiscord PTB is most useful for people on Windows 10 Mobile where Discord doesn't have an official app, but the PC version looks great and scales fairly well.

Chatting with friends is easy whether you use a keyboard or your voice. The developer also seems anxious to fix issues and add more features, which is a positive sign for MobileDiscord PTB's future.


  • Brings Discord to the Microsoft Store
  • Still supports Windows 10 Mobile
  • Supports text and voice chatting through Discord


  • Doesn't fully scale down

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