MobileHeist is back! Save 50 percent off apps today only

It's back, folks. the Mobile Heist is here for one day only, bringing 50 percent off some of your favorite Windows Mobile software. You're not going to want to miss this.

After the break, we detail the deals and give you the links you need for this one-day sale. Do not pass go. Just save on software.

Here are the deals

moTweets - The Premiere Twitter App! By Panoramic Software.

Experience Twitter from your Windows Mobile device! With all of the features you would expect from a great twitter application. Regular price $3.99; sale price $2

MagiCall (for PocketPC) by Mobiion Software

A tool for dual-way calls filtering and SMS filtering. With MagiCall, you can block unwanted callers, block SMS spams, and easily use calling cards. Regular price $24.95; sale price $12.48

Par 72 Golf for Pocket PC by RESETgame

Par 72 Golf is a realistic 3D golf game with 18 holes rated par 3, 4, and 5. The game features hills, water, sand traps, and sloping greens. Regular price $9.99; sale price $5

Kinoma Play by Kinoma

Everything you need to find, play and share video, audio and pictures — whether they're on your favorite web sites and social networks, your home PC, or your phone. YouTube, Flickr, Twitter and more. Regular price $29.99; sale price $15

e-Mobile GPS Companion: Maps, Directions and more by e-Mobile Software

Enrich social life with e-Mobile GPS Companion. Powered with directions, maps, services info and GPS guidance and the ability to connect with friends. Regular price $24.95; sale price $12.48

Aces Texas Hold'em - Limit by Concrete Software

Play Limit Texas Hold'em casino style. Choose from six different table limits and any number of players. Regular price $4.99; sale price $2.50

Astraware Solitaire for Windows Mobile (WM5, WM6) by Astraware

12 different card games customized to suit you! Regular price $9.99; sale price $5

RDM+: Remote Desktop for Windows Pocket PC by SHAPE Services

RDM+ allows you to access home or office computer from your Pocket PC even through firewall/NAT. Send and receive emails, surf web, edit documents, copy, cut, paste files and do hundreds other things. Regular price $39.95; sale price $19.98

Resco Explorer - Totally Touchable File Manager by Resco

A powerful file management utility that implements all standard features such as file/folder manipulation. Thus, you can copy, move or delete files, create folders, run programs. Regular price $19.95; sale price $9.98

AutoFile Plus by WakefiledSoft

Vehicle fuel economy (mileage), trips (business, personal), and service / expense tracking. Includes PC companion software to edit, print, graph, import, export. Regular price $29.99; sale price $15

Here's how to save!

If you have a Windows Mobile Professional (touchscreen) phone, click here. And if you have a Windows Mobile Standard (non-touchscreen) phone, click here. Want to shop straight from your phone? Click here from a mobile device.

And let the savings begin!

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