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On March 26, 2021, Capcom unleashed the latest game in the Monster Hunter series, Monster Hunter Rise, onto the Nintendo Switch. It lived up to its name and rose up to become a smash hit on the system, selling over five million copies in under a month and still going strong.

With a PC version scheduled for 2022, let us go over what we know of the Switch version to help newcomers understand why they should put this game on their wishlist. It may end up being one of the best multiplayer games on PC to play with your friends. Here is everything you need to know on Monster Hunter Rise for PC.

What is Monster Hunter Rise?

Monster Hunter Rise MagnamaloSource: Capcom

Monster Hunter Rise is an action game where you hunt monsters and use their body parts to craft cool-looking weapons and armor to hunt bigger monsters.

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This adventure takes place in the secluded village known as Kamura, and you play as its newest monster hunter. However, you don't have time to celebrate your graduation as the village elder Fugen receives word that monsters are gathering in massive hordes, signifying the return of the Rampage.

The Rampage is an unexplained phenomenon where monsters of all kinds, which normally are aggressive towards each other, band together to go on a violent stampede. 50 years ago, Kamura Village was nearly wiped out by the Rampage, and many villagers lost their lives. Since then, the villagers have been preparing for the day this catastrophe happens again by building fortifications and rigorously training their hunters.

The time has come to prove yourself as a monster hunter and save Kamura Village from the Rampage.

What is the gameplay like?

Monster Hunter Rise Great SwordSource: Capcom

You will be taking on quests to hunt monsters, gather items, and repel Rampages from the Quest Maidens in Kamura Village. Before accepting a quest, you will need to prepare by choosing one of 14 weapon types, equipping an armor set with special perks, and stockpiling on potions, bombs, and traps.

Once you have accepted a quest and ready to go, you will travel to a semi-open world map where you must track down and hunt your target. However, these maps are huge and will take you a while to reach the monster on foot. This is where your secret weapon comes into play — the Wirebug.

Monster Hunter Rise WirebugSource: Capcom

The Wirebug is a brand-new mechanic to the series, which allows you to quickly traverse the environment and perform extraordinary combat maneuvers. Using the Wirebug's tough as iron silk, you can swing through the air and run up walls just like Spiderman. You can combine your weapon with the Wirebug to perform aerial attacks and special Silkbind Attacks, which deal massive damage.

After dealing enough damage with the Wirebug and you will activate the Wyvern Riding mechanic. Your Wirebug will wrap its silk around the monster, and then you can briefly take control of it like a puppet to beat down other monsters.

Monster Hunter Rise CampSource: Windows Central

The Wirebugs aren't your only companion during a hunt. You get to bring two animal buddies along for the ride — the Palico and Palamute. The Palico is a humanoid cat that provides support with traps, healing items, complete with the ability to steal parts from your target. And the Palamute is a giant dog that attacks monsters with reckless abandon and provides a mode of transportation by letting you ride it. You will need to master all these mechanics if you want a chance of stopping the Rampage.

The Rampage

Monster Hunter Rise Apex RathianSource: Windows Central

The Rampage is a pseudo-tower-defense quest type where you must fight wave after wave of monsters coming to destroy Kamura Village. You will need to place traps, turrets strategically and use siege equipment to drive back the monsters. To win, you must defend the gates until the timer runs or defeat the horde's leader.

The leader of the horde is either a Major Threat or Apex. Major Threats are larger versions of a regular monster, whereas Apex monsters are extremely powerful variants. They have expanded move-sets, hit like trucks, and have new gimmicks that can catch you off guard.

What kind of monsters will we be fighting?

Monster Hunter Rise MagnamaloSource: Capcom

A lot of classic monsters from the series will be returning for this title. They include fan-favorites such as Rathalos, Mizutsune, Tigrex, Zinogre, Nargacuga, Diablos, Anjaneth, Rajang, and many more.

Monster Hunter Rise is also featuring a bunch of new monsters inspired by creatures from Japanese mythology. Some of these new monsters are Tetranadon, Goss Harag, Somnacanth, Bishaten, amongst others. The highlight of these new monsters is the flagship of Monster Hunter Rise, Magnamalo. A terrifying, explosive tiger monster that has some connection to the Rampage because it is only sighted when a Rampage occurs.

Does it have multiplayer?

Monster Hunter Rise MizutsuneSource: Capcom

The quests of Monster Hunter Rise are divided into two categories, Village and Hub quests. Village quests are offline, single-player quests that help newcomers learn to play and contain much of the story cutscenes.

Hub quests are multiplayer quests, supporting up to 4 players in offline and online sessions. For those who prefer playing solo, the Hub quests difficulty scales depending on how many people take part, so there is no need to fret. You can even bring your Palico or Palamute with you in multiplayer, but you can only take one companion, so choose wisely.

Are there any pre-order bonuses?

Monster Hunter Rise PreorderSource: Capcom

The pre-order bonus for the Switch version included cosmetic outfits for the Palamute and Palico and a Novice Talisman to help new players at the beginning of the game. When preorders open for the PC version of Monster Hunter Rise, it will likely have the same pre-order bonuses as well.

Is there a special or limited edition to purchase?

Monster Hunter Rise DeluxeSource: Capcom

There is a deluxe version of Monster Hunter Rise to purchase. In addition to the base game, the deluxe version includes cosmetic outfits for the player, Palico, and Palamute, extra face paint and hair customization options, and extra poses and gestures.

Will the amiibo content be included in the PC version?

Monster Hunter Rise AmiiboSource: Capcom

We do not know if the cosmetic outfits from the Switch version's amiibos will be included in the PC version at this time. I hope they do because the cosmetic outfits you get from the amiibos look so cool.

Will this game have DLC?

Monster Hunter Rise RoadmapSource: Capcom

There is already a DLC roadmap planned for the Switch version that will add more monsters to the game. The PC version will undoubtedly follow suit when it launches. I personally hope all the title updates the Switch version will get will be included in the PC version on day one.

What will the PC specs be?

At the time of this writing, we do not know what the specs for the PC version will be. I'm betting the specs will be less demanding than Monster Hunter World: Iceborne since this is a port of a Nintendo Switch game.

Will this game have mod support?

We do not know at this time if Monster Hunter Rise will have mod support. I believe it will since Monster Hunter World: Iceborne got mod support. I'm hoping we can get mods that bring monsters from other franchises into Monster Hunter Rise. Imagine fighting Bowser from Super Mario Bros or Bahamut from the Final Fantasy games? That would be amazing.

What is the price at launch?

The retail price for the Switch version of Monster Hunter Rise is $60. So, it is likely the PC version will be priced the same when pre-orders are up.

What is the release date?

The PC version of Monster Hunter Rise will release on Steam in 2022. No specific date has been given at this time.