More MetroSpec updates on the way, addressing bugs and adding improvements

It was only the other day when we looked at MetroSpec hitting version 1.5, implementing a number of features, including support for Live Tiles on Windows Phone 7.8 and 8. We've now been informed of a few updates that are currently being published to the store that should address a number of bugs users have been experiencing since downloading and installing the latest build.

So what do these updates that are on the horizon contain? The first is already submitted to the Store, with the second in tow:


This minor update fixes a bug when saving game artwork to your picture library from the World of Spectrum search / game details page. It's currently being certified as we speak and should be pushed out to Windows Phones soon. But wait, there's more.


This follow-up release, which is the second minor update since version 1.5 was pushed out a few days ago, will address more issues and expand the 1 minute audio limitation before requiring users to upgrade to the full version of MetroSpec. It's quite the major release since it will enable those with first generation hardware to enjoy Spectrum titles. Here's the full change log:

  • Addresses performance issues on slower, first generation hardware (Samsung Omnia 7, Samsung Focus, HTC mozart, etc.)
  • An audio issue has been fixed, which saw the low notes of in-game music being skipped
  • The free audio time limit in the free version of MetroSpec has been increased from 1 minute per game session to 5 minutes
  • A problem with the incorrect emulation of a specific Z80 instruction has been looked into and resolved.
  • The issue with converting some tape-based titles (.tzx / .tap) to snapshot format after loading has been resolved.

You can download MetroSpec from the Windows Phone Store, as well as the ad-supported free version (left QR code). There are a number of restrictions in the free release, including a maximum of 2 pinned tiles and game import limitations.

QR: MetroSpec

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • This is way off the topic, but I've just read that blackberry just reached the 100,000 app mark. Why are we moving so slow? Almost depressing!
  • Many of the apps for BB10 are just android apps repackaged for BB10, not native BB10 apps. Sure, they'll have more, but our apps are higher quality. Quality > quantity IMO.
  • This!
  • Couldn't agree more :D. We might have even better feature and usability because that's what WP focus more on, not only fancy design.
  • I agree, I'd rather have 25k pure WP apps than 100k Android apps ported over.
  • Not only that but those apps are half assed. Anyways the $100 reward Microsoft is pushing will surely speed things up a bit
    P.s. What is this app supposed to do?
  • Hi santillanavil1993,
    MetroSpec emulates a Sinclair ZX Spectrum 16/48K computer. It was an 8-bit computer released in 1982, and finished production in the early 90's. Overf 25,000 titles (mostly games) were released on the Spectrum, and MetroSpec allow people to play these games, and relive their childhood, or find new games they didn't know existed.
    For me, some of the classics on the Spectrum include Atic Atac, Sabre Wulf, Knight Lore, Starquake, Manic Miner, Jet Set Willy, Three Weeks in Paradise, Tetris etc. There's tons more
    Just look up ZX Spectrum on Wikipedia if you want to know more...
    To remember the Spectrum I think you need to be of a certain age...around late 30's, early 40's. I'm 39, so remember it well, especially as my first home computer was a ZX Spectrum back in 1984. I upgraded it to a Spectrum +3 with a disc drive a few years later in 87 i think.
    You should download the free version, and see if you can find yourself some .Z80 / .SNA game files to play