More original Xbox games come to Xbox One backward compatibility today

During Aprils' Inside Xbox show, Microsoft announced a raft of new original Xbox games were headed to the backward compatibility programs throughout the month. Last week saw the first batch arrive with eight new titles, including Jade Empire and The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. Today, the second batch is now available.

In all, Xbox One owners can now play eleven more original Xbox titles via backward compatibility, including several from the Star Wars universe. Here's a full look at today's latest additions.

All of the new titles can be picked up through the Xbox Marketplace or by using the original discs, if you have them. Each game also includes visual enhancements on Xbox One, including a sixteen-times resolution bump on Xbox One X and a four-times increase on Xbox One S.

OG Xbox Back Compat April 24

Are you planning to dive back in to any of the new original games? Personally, I'm pretty stoked to get back in to some of the older Star Wars games that are now part of the program.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Do you know what time? Can't find anything off the new list on the market place
  • Why is destroy all humans 20 bucks while the rest are 10?! Is this in error?
  • Now I'm torn between finding my original Xbox discs, which are buried deep in a big closet under lots of heavy boxes; or spending money to download games I already own. The battle of laziness vs cheapness is one for the ages...
  • Rather win the battle of laziness.
  • Exploring big closets is fun sometimes, you know 😉
  • But there's also the benefit of not needing the disc in the drive whenever you need to play (for example, if you have 2 or more Xbox ones)
  • Good job MS. This is something Sony should offer. Yes they have exclusives but people are only buying that one big AAA game of theirs. They aren't buying any others.
  • LOL so it's gone from no one is buying exclusive to "they only buy one". How about providing proof for that statement? Anyway, I do agree with the initial part. Sony could do with having BC on it's platform and MS have one up as far as that feature goes...
  • Where is the Lollipop Chainsaw