Mozo leather backs for Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL due in at Clove for £35

If you're in the UK and you've got a hankering for one of those super hot looking Mozo leather backs for your Lumia 950 or Lumia 950 XL, online retailer Clove might be able to help. If you head to the Mozo store right now you're looking at a 3-4 week wait in most cases but Clove is currently indicating first stocks arriving from November 30.

The backs have been something of a sensation among Lumia fans since they were first shown off at the big 950 launch out in New York City. Replacing the original back cover of the phone they add a little extra style and a whole lot of leather.

These dates could still change, especially if Mozo is struggling to meet demand. In any case, head on over to the link below where you'll find the full listings. If you're looking for the flip case you'll find those there too for £45. And for more check out our first impressions here

Buy Mozo Lumia 950 accessories at Clove (opens in new tab)

Richard Devine
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  • I'm bought all of them
    (but I don't have the phone tho')
  • don't have the phone yet!
  • Bad Meets Evil - Raw
  • Amazon too.
  • Amazon just says out of stock for me. Where did you get the date from?
  • I will wait until they have something other than leather like Carbon Fibre or maybe just a cyan case for the xl like the prototype had
  • Carbon fibre would look good
  • Nice, Microsoft should have promoted these types of covers in their marketing. The Lumia 950 might then have got better reviews.
  • The custom MOZO covers look like they can help upgrade the look of the rather bland 950, and 950XL phones.  Though, if you're like me you might prefer a cover from SPECK - if so, let them know!
  • White is beautiful. Brown not much, looks like LG G4 (nice phone tho). And Black one is just another black color
  • Cognac... COGNAC!!!!!!!
  • I wanted to get a Red one because I think it really makes the phone stand out, but I don't like the texture on the Red, White or Black, so I will get the brown one which has no texture and matches the leather from a cigar smoking room!!!! :p
    I have a 1020 and people mistake my phone for an Iphone all the time!!!! But I know what my phone is and what it can do, so if people mistake by phone for an LG G4, oh well!!! :p
    Not that the LG G4 is really popular either to be honest!!!! :p
  • I really want that brown case.... It needs to come back in stock asap!
  • Cognac...COGNAC!!!!!!!
  • Wish I could order the brown..
  • I almost ordered one of these to check the size, and how it suits me. Unfortunately, I am getting a little worried by the red tint to the screen that quite a lot are complaining about.
  • In Norway, Denmark and Sweden you can get them at
    In Norway I think they have free shipping. The are due to be sent out on Desember 2 in Norway, the same day the phone is shipping here.
  • Does the cover replace the original backend? If so, is it possible to charge the unit wireless (QI) with this on?
  • These covers replace the the original removable back covers of the phone and they include both wireless charging and NFC capabilities, so you don't lose any functionality of the phone!!!!
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  • Hey dear how r u all Lumia copny i like windows lumia 8.1and window 10 950 leather back is the best and my chose this god blessed u all good night Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • No phone or cover still, ordered the cognac one. not expecting either one for a few more weeks :(​
  • Are these leather backs available in Canada?